Designer Harnesses For Dogs


Designer dog harnesses for dogs are essential accessories for owners seeking to improve their pups’ leash manners. Many of these pieces include front and back leash loops to correct pulling. Sort out the designer harness for small dogs.

For optimal results, take your pup to a pet store and check out various styles in person before making a decision. This can ensure the size chart and adjustable features match up perfectly with their torso shape.


Designer dog harnesses are often constructed of premium-quality materials and feature ergonomic padding to keep your pup comfortable. In addition, many designer dog harnesses also include matching leashes, collars, or bandanas to complete the coordinated look.

If you want a designer dog harness that will withstand even the toughest of adventures, choose one made from durable and rip-resistant materials like nylon and polyester. Also, ensure it has sturdy stitching as well as a D-ring made from stainless steel or another sturdy metal to guard against wear and tear.

Designer dog harnesses come equipped with front and back straps to assist with control, so you must measure your pup’s chest girth (the circumference around their sternum) to determine their ideal size in accordance with manufacturer sizing charts. Too loose of a harness could cause it to slip out, while too tight can restrict circulation or cause discomfort for both you and your pup.

Select a designer harness that makes donning and taking off easy for both of you. Some have buckles that go over the head, while others use step-in styles with clips at their shoulders that you lift through to attach.


Designer dog harnesses are typically constructed of solid and rip-resistant materials designed to withstand frequent use and washing. Some feature extra padding or additional features to increase durability. Nylon and polyester are usually the most reliable choices, standing up well against chewing, tugging, and everyday wear and tear; many even include metal D-rings for leash attachment that are sturdy and unlikely to break.

This padded harness is ideal for deep-chested dogs like German Shepherds and Boxers. The back strap sits higher up your dog’s torso than a collar would rest and can be clipped to either the front or back for no-pull training. Plus, its padded chest helps prevent pinching and chafing; adjustable straps ensure an ideal fit!

Back and chest leash rings are secured with locking clips to help prevent escape, and this step-in harness comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large with plush fleece material and super strong Velcro fastenings for all-day comfort and stylish patterns that add a splash of personality to any look.

For an ultra-luxurious and indulgent look, this designer harness is reserved for only the most pampered canines. Boasting an eye-catching saddle-inspired design and removable quilt padding to offer maximum comfort, this piece makes a stunning impression and serves as an investment piece for your best friend.


While many designer harnesses are designed purely for style, some also boast intelligent features that set them apart. The ACD Performance harness stands out with its Y-neck design that fits higher up on the neck than where a collar typically sits, thus preventing its front legs from interfering during movements such as lunging or charging after squirrels. Furthermore, its leash holder makes it easier for owners to refocus and redirect the dog, making this harness an excellent choice for no-pull training and other adjustments to leash etiquette adjustments.

This designer harness offers many great features, including easy cleaning fabric that can withstand even muddy walks and other outdoor adventures, 360-degree reflective piping to keep your pup visible at all times, and an adjustable back leash attachment point with lockable closure for added safety.

Pupteck offers this designer harness in multiple colors and patterns so you can find one that complements your pet’s individuality. It features a comfortable spongey foam layer with breathable mesh lining to provide all-day comfort for your pup; lightweight construction provides for daily walking needs, while strong handles and connection points provide ample control. There are multiple sizes to choose from, so be sure to measure both neck and chest measurements before selecting one from their size chart and purchasing.


Safety features of designer harnesses vary between brands, and it is essential to select one that meets the needs of your pet. Many harnesses feature a back strap designed to wrap around their torsos to distribute pressure evenly and prevent choking; additionally, they’re easy to adjust and accommodate various sizes, while some even feature locking attachment points for added security – features that ensure your pup will remain comfortable throughout a walk, run, or outdoor activity.

Before purchasing a harness for your pup, it’s advisable to visit a pet store and browse its selection in person. That way, you can compare designs and decide which fits your canine best; also, ask store staff members for recommendations; try out different leashes with each harness to make sure everything will work smoothly together.

Designer harnesses can make an excellent addition to any dog’s wardrobe, with various styles and colors to suit each personality of your pup. Some come equipped with matching leads and collars, while others feature additional accessories such as poop bag holders or bandanas.

Trainers frequently recommend harnesses as a more accessible and less stressful solution than collars for keeping control of your pet. A designer harness may be especially suitable if your pup pulls on a leash or has mobility issues, making this option worth considering.

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