Teaching Survival Kit


Teachers face classroom emergencies on a daily basis, and a teaching survival kit provides essential tools to deal with them effectively. survival kits

Pens in multiple colors (which tend to disappear faster than they come back!), scissors, sellotape, and stapler are essential tools for an efficient teacher. A supply of pain relievers may also come in handy on days when headaches strike!

First Aid Kit

Teachers need a well-stocked first aid kit. In a classroom environment, cuts and scrapes can happen at any time; therefore, having band-aids, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, and antihistamines on hand is necessary.

Headaches are another frequent teacher issue. Between high-pitched cheers at pep rallies, PA announcements, and chatty students, it is no wonder many educators experience headaches on a regular basis. A supply of aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen can help relieve their discomfort so they remain on their feet throughout their work day.

Teachers need a reliable method for keeping survival supplies close at hand, and toolboxes make an ideal solution. Their multiple compartments will enable them to organize survival kits quickly without hassle; their explicit material makes identifying contents straightforward; plus, there’s even an accompanying set of labels so the teacher can mark which kit each item belongs to.


Teachers often need to sanitize their hands multiple times throughout the day, which can leave their skin dry. A small bottle of hand lotion would be an invaluable addition to their kit; perhaps you could also include something like a Tide pen for when disaster strikes!

LifeSecure’s teaching survival kits are intended to equip classrooms and teachers with all of the tools necessary for survival during a lockdown situation until emergency rescue and response supplies can be fully deployed. Each classroom/teacher kit includes items to provide warmth, shelter, communication, light, and sanitation – as well as first aid items in case minor injuries arise until professional medical assistance arrives.


A flashlight can serve many uses: signaling for help, finding one’s way in the dark, or temporarily blinding an attacker. An ideal survival flashlight should have several settings – from brightly signaling for help to lower battery-conserving settings that save battery power for future emergencies.

Emergency lockdown situations place teachers and their students in their classrooms for several days at a time and require supplies that will keep them comfortable and safe during this period. A teacher classroom lockdown kit contains emergency instructions, search and rescue tools and supplies, dust masks for easier breathing, first aid supplies [five-year shelf life], water [5-year shelf life], as well as items to provide warmth, shelter, communication, and light sanitation supplies.

This teaching survival kit makes an excellent present for a new teacher, credentialed graduate student, or substitute teacher transitioning to a full-time position. This classroom essential will equip them with everything needed for the challenges a school day may bring! Download a free printable Teacher Survival Kit gift tag as the finishing touch (click HERE for them!).

Grooming Supplies

Teacher survival kits are more than just cute; they help teachers overcome everyday classroom life. Giving one as a thoughtful present shows your support of their teaching journey with an ideal toolkit they’ll be using all year.

A teacher survival kit should also contain travel-sized toiletries to keep teachers feeling fresh and clean throughout their workday. Include a travel-size hairbrush and comb, deodorant, makeup remover pads, slippers for classroom wear, and nail files with remover pads in them to treat chipped nails as needed. If making multiple teacher survival kits at once, consider packaging them up in cute baskets or totes to facilitate transport.

Other valuable items for a teacher survival kit may include hand lotion to combat dry hands from using too much hand sanitizer, water bottles for hydration purposes, and some Tide stain remover for accidental spills. For an easy yet enjoyable way to put together one, this berry basket teacher appreciation gift could serve as the ideal example (complete with a free printable tag!).


Survival kits can help prepare individuals for dangerous excursions or disasters, so teachers, too, should create their teaching survival kits to get through their day successfully. This may include items such as blankets (if teaching in cold climates) and sweaters to get through those cold classroom days.

Teachers often find extra pairs of socks functional – teachers spend all day on their feet and must keep their socks comfortable and fresh! A cheap yet valuable addition to a classroom survival kit would be several inexpensive pairs.

Hand lotion is another great addition. Teachers sanitize their hands multiple times daily, which can leave their skin feeling parched and cracked. A small bottle of hand lotion provides an easy fix. A stress ball may also help teachers relieve tension during stressful moments or find comfort from stress during tough moments; and personalizing mugs makes for fun additions that add some flair and excitement to any teaching survival kit.