PZ Day Trading Indicator Review


The PZ day trading indicator is a forex trading system that uses various indicators to spot trade opportunities and can be applied across any instrument and timeframe. Additionally, multiple indicator plans such as Lopez Cup & Handle Wedge Head Shoulders Swing Trading may be included.

This indicator detects both regular and hidden divergences, using different colors to highlight them. Furthermore, it identifies pullbacks or breakouts within established trends.

It is compatible with MT4 and MT5.

PZ Divergence is an MT4 indicator designed to detect both hidden and regular divergences in price action. The software employs different colors to indicate each type of divergence; blue indicates bullish signals, while red represents bearish ones. Furthermore, this oscillator supports various oscillators such as RSI, CCI, MACD OSMA Stochastic Momentum Oscillators, and Accelerator Oscillators.

The indicator features several customizable options, such as a custom profile restore function. Furthermore, using this information, it displays position size calculations per trade on its main tab for easy trade entry. Finally, traders may utilize trading scripts with this indicator for more effortless position openings.

The software can identify price patterns and alert you when a breakout occurs without needing expert advisors or significant risks – it works within any timeframe. It will help improve trading performance while helping prevent bad trades, making it an invaluable asset when scalping intraday charts.

It is available for the price of $299

The PZ Day Trading Indicator expert advisor can be purchased for $299 and implemented into both MT4 and MT5 platforms, providing email, sound, and visual alerts and setting appropriate stop-loss and take-profit orders based on market levels, with a backtesting quality rating of 98% over five years using EURUSD currency pairs on H1 timeframe.

The vendor claims this indicator provides trading opportunities by taking advantage of established trends and recognizing pullbacks, breakouts, and early reversals. Their website features numerous screenshots as well as an in-depth description of their strategy and input parameters; additionally, users are given the ability to choose their preferred color for lines and price labels as well as actively monitor losing trades while recording them into statistics – however,, this website doesn’t offer refunds – which should raise red flags.

It has a short live trading history.

The vendor claims that this indicator provides reliable trading signals; however, there is no live trading history to substantiate these claims and no comprehensive strategy overview that would enable traders to comprehend better how this indicator operates.

This indicator automatically detects and alerts traders about harmonic patterns on the value map, with any currency pair and timeframe supported; additionally, it pays close attention to Fibonacci projections for accurate results.

The PZ Harmonic Trading indicator utilizes a straightforward calculation to assess trends. It compares total up volume minus down volume to determine whether price rallies are real and considers the book on any given day when determining pattern strength. Furthermore, this indicator will highlight and account for losing trades so you can improve your strategy, ultimately enhancing performance and winning more businesses in the future.

It has a small refund window.

Priced at $299, this indicator offers a highly hefty price tag – however you can rent it monthly at $49 or for three or six months at $199 and $399, respectively. With only a 7-day refund window offered by its vendor, opting out would likely be best.

This indicator is a trend trading system designed to identify trade setups. It detects good pullbacks, breakouts, and early reversals while scanning for hidden divergences using an oscillator of your choosing before waiting for a clear sign that it should signal trades.

The software also generates sell signals if prices move downward, and its oscillators suggest that momentum is gathering for such a trend. Moving averages and oscillators combine to filter out the noise and provide accurate signals; it has customizable settings so traders can tailor it according to their risk appetite and trading style.