PAFX Algo Review – Is PAFX Algo a Scam?


Earning money has endless possibilities; all it takes is the appropriate tool. PAFX algo is an automated trading system that can help you generate steady profits.

Price Action Forex Ltd provides telegram signals explicitly geared toward New York and London sessions. In addition, they offer copy trade services for those who cannot follow them directly.

It is a scam

PAFX algo is a signal provider with a claimed accuracy rate of over 85%, offering its services during New York and London sessions and providing 5-8 signals daily through Telegram channels. However, traders should beware as its strategy uses martingale that can cause your account to blow up quickly. Furthermore, no backtest results or verified live trading data can be provided to support its accuracy claims. So, traders should avoid vendors who do not offer accurate performance data or provide proof of accuracy rates to check fraudsters quickly.

It is not regulated

PAFX algo is a signal bot designed to trade during New York and London sessions, with particular attention paid to USDJPY, GBPJPY, EURUSD, and BTCUSD pairs. The program sends out between 8-9 signals per day via Telegram; each call based on price action provides an average daily profit of between 5-7 pips on an average per signal sent out; furthermore, there’s free VPS hosting and low spread accounts provided with free VPSs as well – although its vendor provides no backtest results or live trading data so its performance cannot be accurately assessed due to lack of verifiable backtest results or live trading data; making it harder for anyone evaluates its performance.

It is not a robot

PAFX Algo is a multi-currency Forex robot that trades the US30/DOW JONES and AUDUSD pairs. It uses a martingale strategy which could cause your account to explode if managed improperly; many traders have complained on FPA that this product is fraudulent as there have been no backtest or live trading results to prove their signals’ profitability, no client bot to use and no backtest results to show they’re profitable; all signs that PAFX Algo may be trying to defraud people!

This robot can be tested free of charge; however, a virtual private server and high-speed Internet access are required for optimal results.

It is a copy trade

Copy Trading (also referred to as Mirror Trading) allows you to follow successful Traders who are experienced in the markets, then copy their trades into your investment account in real time. It’s simple and efficient, eliminating the need to monitor investments from your computer screen continuously.

Price Action Forex Ltd provides a signals service via their Telegram channel that specializes in New York and London sessions, and delivers between 8-10 signals each day on various instruments for trade on both MT4 and MT5, focusing on scalping as well as long-term opportunities.

Start by opening a ZuluTrade account, then browse Trader profiles that match your investment level and risk appetite. Use filters to narrow your results further if trend-following or price action strategies is your preference; once you find one that speaks to you, click the “follow” button and earn money!