Plants Vs Zombies Squash


Squash is a defensive plant from the Plants vs Zombies series that can be planted onto other plants to protect them.

ZomBotany features the Wall-nut and Peashooter zombies as one of its minigames, where it takes damage from enemy attacks.

Squash will jump and smash any zombie that gets near. Additionally, its larger hitbox protects nearby plants like Flower Pot or Gloom-shroom from being hit.

Squash (boss)

Squash is a plant version of Zombomb found in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and Battle for Neighborville that functions like its counterpart in Graveyard Ops: fighting “Stop the Squash.” You can engage it on both Graveyard Ops’ “Stop the Squash” objective as well as during League of Awesome Super Duper Brainz missions on the camp bridge during LSDB mission League of Awesome Super Duper Brainz mission League of Awesome Super Duper Brainz mission League mission. Squash offers a faster recharge rate and lower prices than Cherry Bomb or Doom-shroom; however, its area of effect is smaller, making it better suited towards targeting single high-threat zombies such as the Tombstone quest “Stop The Squash.”

Not like other ZomBotany bosses such as Catapult Zombie, Gargantuar, Dr. Zomboss, or Giga-gargantuars, Squash cannot be hypnotized; rather it doesn’t attack when attacked or when zombies approach it either directly or through proximity. Squash doesn’t eat either, so Giga-gargantuan can hit it without eating away its energy; additionally, it cannot be taken in by Lily Pads or Cattails nor absorbable by Lily Pads/Cattails while its flattened form can still be taken out from underneath its base by Bungee/Jack-in-the-Box Zombies but not in absolute terms; only its flattened shape can still be removed from its previous home base.

Squash’s sprite is inspired by Sechium edule, an edible gourd species from the Cucurbitaceae family. He is one of the game’s only bosses with non-Pumpkin plant-inspired visuals.

Squash deals 1800 damage to zombies within a 3×3 area surrounding itself and disregards armor. Spring Training can temporarily boost its attack power; however, planting the plant must first take place to receive this benefit. Squash serves as the second boss in the Pool area and the 18th plant unlocked overall in Adventure Mode.

Jack-in-the-Box or Jalapeno may also be able to hack Squash when it attacks zombies; however, this will only kill its sprite since zombies remain alive. Squash can destroy Pumpkins with plants inside when squashing them by attacking with its head already on the ground; another advantage when dealing with bosses like Jalapeno or Jack-in-the-Box as bosses!

Squash Zombie

Squash Zombies appear in the ZomBotany mini-game and feature a regular zombie body with the head of a squash. They possess high health levels and can take significant damage from plants; to complete the mini-game successfully, the player must destroy this zombie by shooting at it with explosives or by normal means.

As it moves slowly and is vulnerable to considerable damage, players should aim for this zombie using ranged plants or explosives. Its reload time after taking damage should also be monitored carefully; for optimal performance, use a powerful ranged weapon such as ZPG or the Bedazzled Bolt Blaster as your attack method against it.

This zombie is found in the Garden Ops objective wave and is a boss zombie for the ZomBotany mini-game, taking inspiration from squash regarding movement speed and hardiness. Attack it from a distance using long-ranged plants such as Parrot Pal or Barrel Blast for maximum damage potential; close-range attacks should be avoided since close attacks could do significant damage very quickly.

The player can quickly destroy this zombie using explosives and fast-moving plants. It is one of the few zombies that can be effectively killed with explosives, alongside Tall-nut Zombie, Peashooter Zombie, and Jalapeno Zombie. A Defiant or Explosive Frozen Zombie explosion will instantly kill it.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes features a variant of the Squash Zombie as part of its Basic Common Plant Trick in Solar class, unlocked upon the defeat of Level 3-1 at five sun cost. This Squash Zombie boasts identical stats to its original but does not explode upon defeat; damage dealt is subtracted from its health.

Squash Hero Plant

Squash Hero Plant is an incredible addition to any pool day deck, capable of quickly taking out zombies when placed on the ground. It will also destroy any adjacent ones if set correctly. As it can also kill any that have special abilities or powers when destroyed, Squash Hero Plant should be used sparingly as other plants or tricks can quickly take it down during play – but be wary when playing it as its cost can quickly become prohibitive if other players catch wind of its abilities and use different strategies against you! However, as with anything expensive comes an increased chance that other players may come into play when using Squash Hero Plant is costly enough. However, please take caution when playing it to avoid being taken down by other plants or tricks, so be cautious when playing it to maximize effectiveness!

Squash first debuted in the original Plants vs Zombies game and subsequent Chinese spin-off games based on it. He can be unlocked by beating level 3-1 for 50 suns, serving as an advanced potato mine that can tackle armored zombies without needing to arm itself before attacking them.

He returns in both Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and later Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville as the plant version of Zombomb, approaching zombie tombstones during Graveyard Ops attacks and dealing massive damage. He can also be found near camps near lakes as a mini-boss in “League of Awesome Super Brainz” missions.

Squash, a Basic Common Plant Trick of the Solar class in Plants vs Zombies Heroes for mobile gaming platforms and collectible card game consoles, costs five coins to use and instantly destroys zombies placed on the ground. It can be beneficial against powerful or dangerous zombies such as Zombot Hero-Tron 5000 and Nurse Gargantuar. However, if necessary, it could even be used on already damaged Zombbots; it is best reserved for your most dangerous enemies!

Winter Squash is a Premium Super-Rare variant of Squash that shares similar abilities as its regular version. A vital part of any Plant Freeze deck, Winter Squash can quickly destroy zombies and gravestones that become frozen if placed into them.

Squash Variant

Squash is an enhanced version of the Hero Plant first seen in Plants vs Zombies, acting as a mobile defensive barrier and capable of squashing zombies near it. He makes an ideal addition to any base as he protects plants further back on the map, especially in late-game scenarios when zombies may quickly rush down lanes.

Upgrade him with various abilities for maximum effectiveness on any defense team – he can gain a 3×3 area attack buff, similar to Pumpkin Bomb’s, or summon Garden Rakes; additionally, he can heal himself while attacking. Although unable to deal as much damage, he remains an asset to any defense squad.

Once players have enough sunlight, they can upgrade him with Plant Food to give him armor-ignoring powers that allow him to deal massive damage. They may also add the Gourdgeous ability, which boosts his damage while keeping him on the lawn after squashing enemies – this can be useful against high-health enemies such as Giga Gargantuars or Zombonis.

Peashooters should be used as your initial line of defense when beginning a game since they can quickly take out basic Zombies with relative ease and are worth keeping for early-game scenarios; however, other plants tend to outshone peashooters by mid to late-game methods.

Cattails should always be present in players’ bases as a robust late-game defense mechanism, protecting Pool lanes while devouring enemy zombies with their attacks while producing coins for fast coin gains. Players should place these cattails near the tops of their bases to reach Roof maps and the Gold Magnet faster.

The Squash Variant hero can be purchased in Plants vs Zombies 2 Premium Shop for 100 gems, serving as an adequate replacement to Potato Mine in terms of squashing zombies within 3×3 areas even when behind it.