Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pages


Coloring can be an enjoyable activity that helps kids develop their creative side and fine motor skills while being both relaxing and therapeutic for adults.

Plants vs Zombies is a viral video game featuring various plants and zombies. The video game has quickly become a global sensation, inspiring extensive merchandise worldwide.


Wall nut is an iconic plant in the Plants vs Zombies game series modeled on walnut (Juglans regia). It can absorb attacks from zombies while protecting plants behind it from potential attacks from hostile invaders; it was the first plant unlocked in both original PvZ games and all Chinese spin-off games; additionally, it serves as the final objective in the Wall Nut Hills map.

Before the 1.7 update, King Nut and Shell on Wheels achievement icons also included Tall Nut as an achievement icon. In PopCap’s bejeweled Blitz game on Facebook, it appears as Tall Nut instead.

Kids of all ages will enjoy these free printable Plants vs Zombies coloring pages, bringing their favorite characters off the screen and onto paper! The pages will keep kids busy for hours of coloring fun, and they can also learn more about this exciting game while having a blast!

Pirate zombie

The Pirate Zombie is one of the main characters from the Plants vs Zombies video game, making this coloring page perfect for helping kids develop fine motor skills while learning about this exciting franchise.

The Snorkle zombie is an entertaining character to color as its nose expands when struck and floats above the ground like a balloon, making it hard to kill. Additionally, this coloring sheet includes the hilarious Buckethead mummy zombie who always finds its way into your home!

Kernal Pulpt is a small but powerful character. He looks similar to Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, and his attack can be one of the most damaging in-game.

Cherry bomb

Cherry bomb is an instant-kill plant in Plants vs Zombies that unlocks after completing Pirate Seas, dealing 1800 damage per hit to any zombie it encounters. Furthermore, it can be upgraded using Bombard Mint for increased speed and damage output; additionally, it defrosts zombies faster and potentially harms aerial enemies.

Coloring pages offer children an entertaining way to immerse themselves in the worlds of their favorite characters while at the same time developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, coloring can be relaxing and therapeutic – these benefits make coloring an excellent activity choice for children of all ages – especially children who love plants and zombie coloring pages! They will eagerly use their crayons as they watch their masterpieces appear on the page!

Bonk Choy

Kids love coloring, and this printable plants vs. zombies coloring page allows them to bring their favorite characters from the popular tower defense game from the screen onto paper for creative enjoyment and to keep busy while exploring their artistic side. It’s the ideal way to keep kids occupied while providing an outlet for their artistic side!

Bonk Choy is a melee attacker who punches zombies rapidly with his leafy fists. First appearing in Plants vs Zombies’ original release and reappearing in all subsequent games since, Bonk Choy remains a mainstay character today.

Bok choy is an excellent source of calcium and may help ease symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. Furthermore, it contains plenty of fiber and vitamins C and K, making it an excellent addition to low FODMAP diets and boasts antioxidant protection.


Cacti are famous characters from the Plants vs Zombies game that come in multiple color options. Cacti can help kids and adults relax while learning more about different plants and zombies; plus, it provide a fun, meditative way of passing time while strengthening fine motor skills!

Cactus is a third-person shooter character that deals damage to zombies from range by firing spiked projectiles at them, similar to Peashooters. Her shots deal the same damage as Peashooters; she can even stretch to hit flying targets such as balloon zombies. Pairing her up with Pepper increases critical chance, while using members from Coffee Line or Bomb Line adds damage bonuses; she even makes a comeback in Plants vs Zombies 2 as a premium character!

Flag zombie

Plants vs Zombies is a viral video game that has won players worldwide. The colorful characters have inspired merchandise, including coloring pages that allow children to participate in creative activities while developing fine motor skills.

Flag zombies can be found in the original Plants vs Zombies game and its Chinese spin-off games, representing new waves in every period defined. Similar to Basic Zombies in terms of health and speed.

Flag zombies have also returned in Plants vs Zombies Heroes as Premium Uncommon professional zombies in Hearty class for 2 and 1/3, respectively, costing two and waiving their flag when summoned to speed up other zombies in their path.


Kids love playing this popular video game; these printables will keep them entertained for hours! With line art of zombies and plants to bring their favorite characters to life – from Peashooter and Cactus to Kernal Pulpt there is sure to be something perfect!

Sunflowers offer some fun facts, like their seed spirals resembling the Fibonacci sequence. Sunflowers make a striking addition to any garden, making a statement without overwhelming it with color.

The flamboyant pirate zombie is an engaging character for children to color, with his beard being one they can make either funny or terrifying. They will also enjoy coloring the football zombie trying to break through their front door! These coloring sheets provide hours of entertainment while simultaneously developing fine motor skills and keeping their minds occupied while stimulating creativity.


These free printable Plants vs Zombies coloring pages feature many plants and zombies for kids to color! It is a great way to keep them entertained while developing fine motor skills; plus, it is an effective teaching tool about the game itself!

Snorkle Zombie from Plants vs Zombies is an adorable character with an incredible, ever-expanding nose! Your kids will enjoy coloring this page and learning more about him.

Buckethead Mummy from Tower Defense video game. This coloring sheet depicts this charming zombie who will make your children giggle and smile! He is one of the most well-liked characters, remaining on board even after being squashed while dealing extra damage against any enemies that invade his original tile.

Ra zombie

Ra from Plants vs Zombies is an enjoyable character who resembles an Egyptian god, making him one of the many special zombies you’ll find and making great opponents for your plants. Additionally, his shirt displays Roman numerals to help your children learn math!

Snorkle Zombie from Plants vs Zombies is so entertaining because his nose grows! Plus, he can teach your kids about different shapes! This coloring page is sure to delight any fans of Plants vs Zombies!

Peashooter is one of the favorite characters from Plants vs Zombies because he helps defend your home from invading zombies with his peashooter gun, keeping them at bay from your property. This coloring page features him alongside other beloved characters from this game – your children will have fun coloring it while practicing fine motor skills, too!

Double trouble zombie

Zombie brains on legs must be hit on the head to neutralize them – using sharp weapons such as sledgehammers or axes is effective! Here’s a page that can help your children learn this technique!

Snorkle zombie from Plants vs Zombies can be enjoyable to color as his nose grows over time – an effective way of teaching kids anatomy!

Peapod is one of the most adored characters from this game, using his deft tactics to keep zombies at bay so as not to come inside your house and cause havoc! Give this character some vibrant hues – they will stand out at any Halloween party! Additionally, kids can use these coloring pages as inspiration when creating gift bags – they’re easy and look fantastic!