Phoenix Excavating – A Trendsetter in the Industry


Phoenix Excavating is an experienced construction company that has worked on many local projects. Their quality craftsmanship results in superior finished projects. What is the perfect way to find the Phoenix Excavating Contractor?

However, this company has also been involved in controversial projects. Residents living near South Mountain Park have complained about dump trucks from a construction site dumping debris throughout their park.


Phoenix Excavating provides comprehensive excavation services for both residential and commercial projects, from site preparation to excavation, trenching, grading, and more. Their fleet of vacuum excavation trucks is also on hand to detect underground utilities.

Luke, the owner of Phoenix Excavating, has over 15 years of experience with heavy equipment operations and estimates. Starting as a mechanic before transitioning into field operations to learn how jobs are built and how different pieces of machinery operate. After gathering enough experience, he decided to strike out on his own by founding Phoenix Excavating.

This company takes great pride in going above and beyond customer expectations to deliver quality work, such as excavation, grading, site preparation, utility repair services, home septic installation/repair, and snow plowing services.

BuildZoom has verified that this company is licensed to work on construction projects in Arizona. Their licenses can be verified by viewing their building permit history on our online map or by reaching out to the Arizona Department of Construction directly.

About Us

Phoenix Excavating was officially founded in 2020 but has been operating since 2007. Owner Luke Lametti gained experience through working at several large companies as a heavy equipment mechanic before progressing through operator, estimator, and, finally, estimator roles on job sites. Passionate about excavating, Luke decided to venture out on his own with Phoenix Excavating LLC, serving the valley and beyond for excavating, grading, and site prep services for home septic installations/repairs, as well as snow plowing.

Reviving projects

Phoenix is home to hundreds of prehistoric and historic archaeology sites that span prehistory through today – from desert rivers and washes, parking lots, playing fields in city parks, and historic buildings, all the way out into its desert ecosystems.

Contact Us

Phoenix Excavating has long been at the forefront of their industry, setting trends with their quality work at fair prices. If you have questions or would like to schedule services such as excavation, grading, site prep, utility repair work, and snow plowing, then contact Phoenix today – they offer all these services plus more!

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