Excavating Services


Excavation services consist of digging, trenching, and dirt removal for construction projects like home foundations. Excavators also prepare land for landscaping or install septic tanks and gas lines as part of this task – land grading/leveling may also be taken on, but this service typically incurs additional charges. Best way to find the San Antonio Excavating Contractor.

Sundt’s team discovered an 1850s soap factory foundation while excavating a public plaza for a cultural park, which dramatically decreased project costs and changed project requirements. Discover what its impact was.

Day Lighting

Day Lighting is a non-destructive hydro excavation service that exposes underground utilities and pipelines to daylight without damaging them. It offers an alternative to traditional excavation methods while simultaneously cutting project costs by eliminating repairs, downtime, and rerouting costs. Hydrovac equipment also works well in remote or frozen locations that would otherwise not be accessible with conventional machines. With their expansive fleet of vacuum trucks (badgers), Badger Daylighting boasts the largest fleet in North America for servicing customers across oil & and gas, industrial, construction & and transportation industries as well as government agencies across both nations.


Locating underground utility lines is an essential aspect of any construction project and a significant safety concern for work crews. Digging without knowing exactly where existing utilities exist could result in costly damage or an unsafe situation for work crews. To combat such potential dangers, excavation companies provide potholing services – also called daylighting – which help locate and expose subsurface utilities by digging small test holes with vacuum excavation equipment to verify their exact locations.

Air or hydro vacuum excavation enables crews to navigate hard safely, compacted dirt, rocky soil, and clay in order to uncover underground utility lines more quickly, non-invasively, and at less expense than traditional excavating techniques. Furthermore, this approach is environmentally friendly as the soil remains intact after excavation is complete and can return to its original condition.

This estimate takes into account the costs associated with minor sloping and grading services, backhoe rental (with operator), as well as materials re-location/movement using backhoes. Additional charges may arise depending on factors like large projects, steep hill topography, dump fees, or tree removal services.

Green Demolitions

Demolition contractors offer an alternative solution if you don’t wish to devote the time and money required to repair old homes, fences, barns, or garages yourself. They will tear them down and haul them away for you, leaving an open site where you can build whatever your heart desires. Hiring such services saves you the hassle and cost associated with renting expensive machinery.

A good demolition contractor will ensure the recycling and repurposing of as many different materials as possible, such as doors, floorboards, and windows, that could be sold to new homes or structures while disposing of any hazardous waste contained within their demolition debris.

JR RAMON uses heavy equipment to perform its many demolition jobs, relying on over 38 pieces. They possess both electric and diesel-fueled Brokk remote-controlled demolition machines, which enable them to complete specific tasks not possible with other machinery – for instance, high-reach demolition (up to 10 stories), asbestos abatement, site preparation, wrecking, concrete removal services as well as support services related to demolition support services.

A reliable demolition contractor will respond swiftly when you call for an estimate and remain in constant communication during your project. They should also be more than willing to answer any of your questions and detail how they intend to approach it.


Backfilling may be required in specific construction projects after excavation has been completed, gathering any excess dirt that remains and placing it back over the foundation or other structural areas of the project. Soil conditions, specifications, and contract requirements must all be taken into consideration during this process to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Prior to backfilling beginning, a soil sample must be taken to ensure it satisfies specific criteria, and all pipes and utility lines should be flagged to avoid digging them up during this process. To learn more about this step-by-step procedure, reach out to a local excavation contractor.

Selecting the ideal excavation company is essential to the success of any project. Be sure to hire a reputable, licensed, and insured provider. Also significant is getting written estimates, contracts, and warranties before work commences, as well as finding out their experience working on different types of projects in San Antonio. Hiring excavation services doesn’t need to be complicated – ensure that they come from a dependable provider with knowledgeable employees who provide trustworthy excavation services in San Antonio.

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