Philodo H7 Electric Bike Review


If you’re searching for an E-bike that can take you on beaches, woods, and country roads with ease, look no further. This model features sturdy components and an exceptional battery that can take you everywhere you need to go.

It offers three power modes and is incredibly user-friendly, featuring great brakes that respond well and surprising responsiveness.


This e-bike features a powerful 48V 22Ah lithium battery that provides up to 62 miles of range in pedal-assisted mode, along with a high-performance drive system and hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power on any surface, including snow and ice. Furthermore, its large fat tires reduce vibration from rough terrain for comfortable riding in cities or rural settings alike. This bicycle makes a fantastic gift idea!

The PHILODO H7 is an incredible value e-bike with dual 1000W high-speed brushless motors offering plenty of power and acceleration – it can climb hills that would slow down single motorbikes while reaching speeds up to 35 mph! Additionally, its suspension and hydraulic brakes make this ideal for off-road riding.

The Philodo electric bike features several other appealing qualities that make it an excellent choice for riders of any experience level. Its aluminum alloy frame boasts a sturdy and rigid design while remaining lightweight at just 78 lbs total weight – making it easy to maneuver and transport.

This e-bike features an adjustable front suspension and a giant shock absorber rear fork to ensure maximum comfort and stability while riding at a steady speed without disturbing other riders. Furthermore, its powerful but quiet motors allow for a calm yet stable rate of riding without disrupting other riders on the trail. Again, its battery can be charged in around 6 hours for use by riders up to 330 lbs.

An electric bike is an efficient and fun way to reduce your carbon footprint and get some exercise while staying healthy. They make great commuter options for work or school as well.


Philodo has earned an exceptional reputation for its high-quality and reliable e-bikes, which blend traditional bike styles with modern technology to provide an eco-friendly riding experience. Their H7 Electric Bike stands out among them; it excels on most terrains with its powerful battery, sturdy frame, speed of 30mph (full-size e-bike) capability, and features such as a rear rack, phone holder, and proper fenders – but there are some drawbacks potential buyers should keep an eye out for. These issues include:

This e-bike does not feature particularly powerful brakes, making it challenging to stop quickly during rush hours or steep declines.


Philodo electric bikes feature robust and reliable 48V 22Ah lithium batteries with an estimated range of 100 km in pedal assist mode. Furthermore, their 21-speed Shimano drivetrain allows you to easily adjust the power of the motor according to individual needs, while their durable suspension fork can handle even rough terrain with powerful brakes, providing instant stops on demand.

This bike is among the most potent e-bikes available on the market and provides various power modes to meet your individual needs. Choose between fully electric, pedal assist, or classic bike mode – its frame is constructed of high-grade aluminum alloy for enhanced strength, and responsive hydraulic disc brakes are equipped with brake sensors that switch off power when applied, providing added safety when riding downhill.

A powerful and reliable 1000W brushless hub motor enables this bike to reach speeds of up to 35 mph when in assisted mode. The bike also comes equipped with a high-speed geared system for hilly or uneven terrain and features an LCD to show speed, power consumption, and mileage tracking capabilities.

The PHILODO H7 electric bike is an easy and enjoyable way to commute or explore nature. With a sleek design that can ride over almost any terrain, its battery has a lasting life span and comes with a warranty for added peace of mind. Additionally, if you’re interested in purchasing this e-bike, make sure to explore the Affirm financing offer for instant approval by entering some information at checkout – that way, it’s hassle-free.


Philodo electric bikes provide an enjoyable and effortless way to navigate the town and enjoy nature at the same time. Their powerful motor allows riders to reach speeds up to 35 mph comfortably while front and rear hydraulic disc brakes ensure rapid stops if needed.

This lightweight and compact frame was specifically designed to meet the needs of most riders, while its durable aluminum alloy components deliver excellent handling and durability. Furthermore, its suspension fork can be locked out to reduce shock from bumps or jumps, and its powerful battery can power you for up to 62 miles on one charge!

This e-bike boasts an innovative dual-motor design that makes it the ideal solution for traversing any terrain. Equipped with two 1000W high-speed brushless motors capable of powering pedal-assisted mode or full power mode up to 35 mph, cruising is effortless, or complete power mode is easily achievable. Additionally, its large 48V 22Ah lithium battery ensures long ride times and reliable performance.

Philodo is an innovative manufacturer of cutting-edge e-bikes. Combining classic bicycle designs with state-of-the-art technology, their bikes provide outstanding value and versatility. Established in 2011, their goal is to make cycling more convenient and enjoyable for all; as such, they have developed an array of products suitable for every lifestyle and budget; their flagship model, Philodo H7, provides exceptional riding experiences at an attractive price.


Philodo electric bikes feature an intuitive control system with five power settings for easy customization of how much power you wish to use while riding. We suggest starting by starting on setting one and gradually increasing it as you become more acquainted with riding an e-bike.

If you’re searching for an electric bike to meet all of your riding needs, look no further than the PHILODO H8. Featuring fast braking, cycle computers, and a powerful motor – this bike has it all.

This top-of-the-line bike comes from a company known for producing top-quality bikes at an economical price point, making it the perfect solution for anyone who wants to expand their cycling adventures without draining their bank accounts.