New Family Farm and Home in Muskegon


Greenville customers now have access to tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work, and casual apparel and footwear, as well as lawn and garden items and farm supplies more conveniently close to home thanks to Family Farm and Home’s new store in Greenville – their 71st since its founding in 2002 with headquarters located in Muskegon.

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Lesley and Chris Jones recognize parts of North Ferriby, an English village where they were raised, in Allendale, the manicured New Jersey suburb where they have established roots. Hailing from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, they sought a town with pubs and three-block downtowns; additionally, they wanted their 10-year-old son to have access to hockey teams within Allendale.

Allendale was chosen because its population density is significantly lower than in its surrounding county, and homes tend to be set back on at least half an acre – homes often being Colonials or split-levels with Victorian twists, with median household income standing at $170,968.

But the borough boasts an unexpected resource in Family Farm & Home, a retail chain founded in 2002 that has quietly become one of the country’s premier farm-and-garden retailers. Their stores span Michigan and Indiana, selling tools, hardware, automotive parts, pet supplies, work apparel, footwear, lawn & garden, horse feed & alternative heating products.

Its Muskegon headquarters, located at 1753 Madison in an unassuming white-brick building, its 20 employees work in tiny cubicles amidst piles of paperwork stacked everywhere.

Family Farm leaders, such as CEO Jeff Fansler and vice president Tim Shearer, were once executives from Quality Stores Inc. of Muskegon before it merged with Central Tractor Co. through an unsuccessful merger deal that ultimately led to bankruptcy proceedings. Family Farm was launched as a spinoff from that merged entity and has grown into one of the nation’s premier farm-and-garden chains since.

The culture at this company is warm and welcoming, while the staff is highly goal-driven. Leadership aims to build the company while caring for employees, working hard, and having fun simultaneously! Additionally, this organization gives back to the community by supporting youth sports, 4-H clubs, and other worthwhile causes in its region – this sets them apart from other retailers in the area.

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Muskegon — When the Family Farm store opens at 1550 Whitehall Road in Muskegon on July 16, customers will find products comparable to those at Tractor Supply Co. and other big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes. At its opening, this store will feature unique offerings not available elsewhere – items like batteries for cars, trucks, and lawn and garden machines will be on offer, in addition to work and casual clothing as well as pet food/supplies/farm equipment/alternative energy sources, etc. Michigan-based Family Farm and Home stores operate across Allendale, Newaygo, Mason, and Manistee – totaling 300 locations – with the Muskegon store managed by Jared Loucks, who previously worked in Mason.

Our Staff

Family Farm and Home True Value hardware stores will expand by opening a Bowling Green, Ohio, location. They already operate 35 stores throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio – the Bowling Green store will mark their first outpost outside Michigan when it opens later in March.

Al Fansler founded his business in 2002 and currently oversees it with his son Tim and son-in-law Bob Tarrant. Estimates place annual revenue at about $28 million. Stores offer tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work apparel, casual clothing, footwear, lawn garden products, alternative heating, horse livestock feed, and bird food farm equipment supplies, among many other items.

Family Farm and Home employees who apply for jobs with them should be ready to learn from and follow directions from company managers while also upholding mission statements and values and upholding cleanliness, merchandising, cleanliness, and safety standards. Duties could include helping customers, maintaining awareness of promotions or ads, or even assembling zero-turn lawn mowers.

Zippia makes no claims or representations about the accuracy or conclusions drawn from self-reported employee information provided by people who have worked at each Family Farm and Home company on this page. All information on this page should only be taken as generalized data provided here for informational purposes, not as direct contact.

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Family Farm and Home, headquartered in Allendale, Michigan, opened its first store in April 2002. Since then, it has expanded to more than 60 stores located across Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, offering tools, hardware, automotive parts, pet supplies, casual and work casual clothing, footwear, alternative heating equipment, horse and livestock feed, bird food lawn garden supplies as well as farm equipment as well as an impressive variety of food including organic items.

Staffed by an elite team of dedicated employees who take immense pride in their work, the chain offers outstanding opportunities for advancement and rewards employees with competitive wages and benefits for their hard work and achievement. Furthermore, it promotes safety initiatives at all locations to create a safe working environment.

Family Farm and Home cashiers perform numerous payment-related tasks and demonstrate outstanding customer service, such as ringing up sales, using the Point of Sale (POS) system, upholding store cleanliness standards, as well as promoting various Family Farm and Home programs such as loyalty programs, extended warranties financing or item of the month.

As of 2016, this company employed 321 individuals. Their corporate office can be found at 900 Third Street, Suite 302, Muskegon, Michigan 49440.