Care Pro Home Care Indonesia Review


Indonesia is experiencing rising morbidity and mortality rates associated with non-communicable diseases, which overwhelmingly negatively affect individuals’ quality of life and ability to participate in work or social activities. [1] These health challenges impose severe restrictions on participation. Get the Best information about care pro home care indonesia.

Research demonstrates that Indonesians living with chronic illness experience self-care in various ways; however, there remains an unequal divide between what patients want regarding healthcare provision and what arrives on their doorsteps.


The care team was exceptional. They assisted me with daily activities without making me uncomfortable and provided medical support in my home, and I would strongly recommend their service to anyone needing assistance. I cannot thank them enough and highly recommend them!

Indonesia presents unique challenges in providing quality home care services due to the absence of formal institutions such as hospices and respite facilities. Most often, patients with long-term conditions are cared for by family members without formal training in primary care skills.

Caregiver Training

Care Pro Home Care Indonesia places great importance on training and coaching caregivers. It offers one-on-one facilitation before group sessions, midway, and after programs to tailor sessions for individual family environments and goals. This approach fosters commitment and ownership from participants – critical ingredients in providing successful services.

The company was founded by a registered nurse with over two decades of experience in healthcare. She recognized a gap between staying home and institutionalization and created a service to fill that need. Home Health Aid hires, screens, and trains competent caregivers so patients can remain home – saving time and money through reduced emergency room visits or hospital admissions.

Reducing the anxiety associated with leaving loved ones alone at home reduces stress costs and provides caregivers with more insight into patient conditions – leading to better communication and more effective treatments – all key considerations when caring for an elder in Indonesia, where traditions support family involvement in caregiving.


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Suppose you are an expat working in Indonesia. In that case, you must register yourself and your family under the JKN or BPJS scheme, which provides primary state healthcare to those without private coverage. Although public facilities offer some quality of care, it may be limited due to a shortage of English-speaking doctors and nurses; to address this situation, consider adding medical evacuation coverage to your insurance plan as soon as possible.

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