How to Join a Minecraft Server on Xbox One


Minecraft allows players to connect to servers via consoles; however, the process varies depending on your platform.

Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch users are limited to joining only Mojang/Microsoft-approved Featured Servers; to circumvent this restriction, you can use BedrockConnect. Best way to find the best minecraft servers.

Works on Windows PCs, Android and iOS devices, Xbox 10/11 consoles, and the new Xbox Series X and S consoles.

1. Find a server

A Minecraft server is an online multiplayer gaming world accessible to players worldwide. It can either be run from the home computer or rented through hosting providers; once access has been granted to other players, it can be used for socializing, building, or exploring – any number of servers can be found by searching “Minecraft server” in the game’s search bar; when you find one that appeals click its name to view more information such as player counts, IP addresses, player count limitations and any other pertinent details needed to connect.

Join a Minecraft server from any supported platforms: Windows PC, Android and iOS mobile devices, Xbox Series S & X, PS4, or PS5. Regardless of which device to join a server, joining is generally straightforward in-game process-wise across platforms.

To access a Minecraft server on a console, you will require a gaming-grade router that supports port forwarding. In addition, Xbox Live Gold ($9.99/month for Xbox One users and PlayStation Plus ($3.99/month for PS4/3 players) are required subscriptions that may offer discounts by purchasing them as part of a bundle or annual membership plan.

Once connected to a server, you can easily access it from your Friends tab in-game. There will be a Realms option under Friends, from which you can invite other players onto your server, or if someone asks you, they will be displayed here with an envelope icon.

Check your own server’s address by accessing the Settings Menu and choosing Network; from there, select View Connection Status and view Connection Status to display your current IP Address in a black window – this may come in handy if you are having difficulties connecting to any servers and need to identify what the problem might be.

2. Log into the server

Minecraft server joining processes vary slightly between platforms; overall, the in-game process remains similar. First, locate a server using the featured servers list or click “Add Server.” Once added, Minecraft will ask you for its address and name along with any required resource packs (if any) before prompting you to hit either “Play” or “Save” so you can join up and connect to that particular server.

If you are playing on a console, an Xbox Live Gold subscription ($19.99/month) or PlayStation Plus membership (3.99/month) is necessary to play on servers. Otherwise, an external DNS service like Geyser may help connect you with servers.

Once you are ready to play Minecraft, open up the program and choose a world. If it is hosted on a private server, a password may be required to join; otherwise, an invitation from your friend might suffice.

A unique Bedrock Together app must first be installed on your device to connect to a Minecraft server in Bedrock. After downloading it and opening it up, choose “Add Server,” enter your server name, address, and port number (which should generally be 19132 unless specified by its manager), and press either “Play” or “Save” button to join the server.

As with the Bedrock and Pocket editions of Minecraft, connecting to a server in the Java edition requires selecting “Multiplayer,” located below “Singleplayer,” and then reading and accepting its warning message about online servers may not suit everyone. After reading through and accepting, click “Proceed.” Additionally, to make connections directly through the Geyser DNS server as Java edition does not support direct IP connections like Bedrock/Pocket edition does.

3. Join the server

Once you find a server of interest, the next step is joining. To do this, open Minecraft and navigate to the Friends tab. Select the LAN option, then enter the server address, which the host should have provided you (usually a six-digit code). Lastly, click Connect to initiate connection – once connected successfully, you can begin playing!

To join a Minecraft server on consoles, you need both a compatible copy of the game and the Bedrock Edition app – this third-party program connects your console directly with a Minecraft server – as well as valid gaming memberships (Xbox et al. or PlayStation Plus membership will suffice), such as monthly fees for PlayStation Plus.

Minecraft features cross-platform play, allowing players on various platforms to enjoy it simultaneously. This includes Windows PCs, Android phones and tablets, Nintendo consoles, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox Series X|S and One consoles, all capable of joining one server simultaneously. Joining a server process varies slightly between platforms, but all should follow similar steps.

For offline gameplay, Java Edition players can access online servers using the Multiplayer button below the Singleplayer button. After reading a warning that online servers may not be suitable for everyone, players will be asked to enter server name/address information along with port number (19132 unless specified by server manager). When all details have been entered successfully, click either the “Play” or “Save” button to continue playing or saving their game session.

To join a Minecraft server on Xbox, all required is a compatible console and Bedrock Edition app, or Geyser as an alternative method – although Geyser may need to be more secure. To get started with either technique, launch Minecraft and select the Servers & Servers Tab on the extreme right of your screen before clicking Featured Servers and selecting Join Server to join servers of interest.

4. Start playing

Minecraft is a top-rated video game that allows players to explore virtual worlds they create. With such a large fan base and regular updates providing new content and features, starting can be daunting; this guide offers tips to get players going in Minecraft.

Initial steps should include verifying they have an Internet connection and the appropriate version of Minecraft for their device, then begin playing the game. They have various options for private and public servers; players can select whether friends and family or professional administrators of Minecraft servers will run their server.

Players looking to access public servers can connect using the “Multiplayer” button in the game’s pause menu, entering their server name, address, and port number (19132) before selecting their resource pack if applicable, and clicking “Done.” Once connected, they can then start playing!

On consoles, players can access servers by signing in to their Microsoft Store account and selecting the Minecraft app. They may join via a friend list or IP, Realms server selection from the world list, or create their world using the Pause Menu Create New World option and alter other world options accordingly.

Once ready to explore, players can select one of five modes in the game. Creative mode is ideal for newcomers as it lets them experiment with its mechanics without worrying about survival; on the other hand, those looking for more of an adventure should check out survival mode – here, players must battle for survival against an ever-shrinking health bar and eventually be forced back at an appointed world spawn point before being revived back into creative mode.

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