Marlborough App – Stay Up-To-Date With Everything That’s Happening


It’s easy to use

Marlborough App offers all of the information you need in one convenient place, making it simple to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at school and within your community. From events to the latest news, accessing social networking accounts has never been simpler! Additionally, tracking class schedules is another convenient feature that lets you leave your planner at home!

The Marlborough District Libraries App allows you to explore their collection from any device at any time. Search titles read reviews, and compare prices before checking out your book for personal reading enjoyment. Alternatively, explore their library catalog, which shows what books are currently available and when their due dates are.

Those with library cards can even use this app to reserve books online and then, when visiting, show their card to one of our staff members to help find whatever it is you’re searching for. It is an invaluable resource that benefits library users of all ages and skill levels alike! The Marlborough District Libraries App offers something unique: we encourage users of all ages and skill levels.

Marlborough is committed to operating more sustainably, with a goal of zero waste. Part of this endeavor includes investing in protecting trees and greener spaces – for instance, in partnership with Hackney Council, it recently planted 5,000 saplings over two years in one of Britain’s largest tree-planting schemes! These initiatives demonstrate Marlborough’s dedication to sustainable practices – such as cutting paper waste by 20% while using more energy-efficient heating.

Staying informed in the Marlborough region can be made even simpler by downloading the new Nelson Weekly app, which features local news, sports updates, and information about the Nelson community. Free to download and easy to navigate!

The SeeClickFix app also features a “Report It” function for reporting issues or concerns in your neighborhood. Service requests can also be submitted online from desktop computers by visiting the SeeClickFix page; when reporting a problem, you should select an appropriate category and upload any images that help describe it better.

It’s free

Marlborough, New Zealand, is an alluring destination featuring spectacular natural landscapes and world-class wineries. Additionally, this picturesque location boasts plenty of free Wi-Fi spots, allowing travelers to stay connected without incurring data roaming charges. Additionally, Marlborough provides plenty of family-friendly attractions ranging from shopping and dining experiences to hiking and kayaking adventures, and everyone will find something of interest here.

The MPS Connect mobile app allows effortless and timely access to district news, announcements, and activity calendars. Plus, customize your preferences and receive notifications of importance directly on your phone or tablet! Downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play, this convenient tool makes staying up-to-date easy!

This app allows students, parents, and community members to stay informed with school and district announcements, schedules, events, social media feeds, lunch menus, and other helpful information such as staff directories, photos, Aspen Portal athletics information, Superintendent messages, and School Committee meeting details – all without incurring a cost! Available for iOS and Android devices alike – and completely free to use!

Marlborough Works app makes reporting potholes, downed tree limbs, missed trash pickups, and other issues online easily accessible. Download it onto your smartphone or computer – and it will autoload once within city limits – or visit Marlborough’s SeeClickFix page on your desktop computer to submit issues online.

The City of Marlborough Public Works Department is committed to providing high-quality service for its community, and you can help us by reporting issues or suggesting improvements via the Marlborough Works app or directly calling them. Their website also includes current and ongoing projects – a fantastic way to become engaged and make an impactful difference!

It’s secure

The Marlborough app keeps you updated with everything happening in the Marlborough/Blenheim area in one convenient place, including local news, sports, information, and events. Locally owned and operated by Top South Media (publisher of Nelson Weekly and Farming newspapers) using the KERE platform top New Zealand media used.

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It’s fun

Downloading the Marlborough App is a fun and easy way to explore your region, featuring maps, local news, sports updates, events calendar, information about local businesses, and much more! Created by Top South Media (TSM), one of the Nelson/Marlborough area’s largest regional news publishers, TSM offers the latest in news updates as well as sports, events, and information from Nelson to Marlborough/Blenheim regions as well as various advertising options that keep local businesses visible to local communities.

The Marlborough App can be an invaluable starting point for those new to the game. Offering detailed descriptions of each town and its attractions as well as search capabilities for nearby restaurants, hotels, amenities, as well as event and attraction info such as maps, directions, photos, and videos – the Marlborough App can be downloaded onto both Apple and Android devices for convenient browsing!

The MPS Connect app is open to all district residents, offering instantaneous access to crucial information regarding MPS. The app features district and school-specific announcements, calendars, lunch menus, social media updates, contact info, and notifications related to their child’s school. Parents can customize this application with reports from specific schools for maximum relevance.

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