KBS Tour Lite and KBS Tour Steel Shafts


Selecting the ideal golf shaft is an integral component of playing well. Consulting with a professional club fitter is critical in selecting one that best complements your swing speed and can assist in helping you determine what option suits you best.

The KBS Tour Lite steel shaft is the latest addition to their family and was specifically created to address players looking for tighter dispersion, higher trajectory, additional spin, and precision control in an ultralight package. Independent testing reveals it can add up to 9% more distance!

Lightweight design

The KBS Tour Lite shaft provides golfers looking to improve their game with performance benefits, versatility, and customization options. This lightweight design and balanced flex profile allow golfers to maximize swing speed and distance. In addition, its responsive feel provides increased feedback. Furthermore, various weight and flex options are available so it can fit a wide range of swing speeds.

The KBS Tour Lite golf shaft utilizes advanced materials to reduce its weight, helping increase swing speed for greater distance and control, as well as offering more controlled shot-shaping capabilities due to a more controlled flex profile. Furthermore, this versatile shaft fits various swing speeds and ball speeds, making it ideal for beginners.

Comparative to its KBS Tour counterpart, the Tour Lite shaft is 20% lighter. It features a mid-trajectory trajectory and moderate spin rate production for increased swing speed and distance gains. Furthermore, its easy handling makes it an excellent option for beginner golfers who wish to upgrade their iron and wedge shafts.

This shaft comes in various flex options – Regular, Stiff, and X-Stiff – making it suitable for players who prioritize control, shot shaping, and traditional steel shaft feel. Furthermore, its consistent and balanced feel enhances your ability to judge impact shots accurately, while its responsive feel increases confidence in clubhead adjustment and allows more precise adjustments – qualities that have made this shaft so popular among golfers.

Balanced flex profile

The KBS Tour Lite shaft is a balanced shaft suitable for irons and wedges. At up to 20% lighter than the regular KBS Tour steel shaft, this option makes for easier clubhead speed generation while increasing distance on the course. It is an excellent choice for players with slower swing speeds who wish to increase space on the system.

The balanced flex profile of the KBS Tour Lite shaft was explicitly created to promote more consistent and accurate ball flight while providing golfers with an engaging, responsive feel to help analyze shots and make necessary adjustments. These features make this shaft suitable for golfers of all levels – beginners to experienced pros alike! Nevertheless, for best results, it is wise to undergo a custom fitting session prior to purchasing this shaft so as to ensure its compatibility with its swing style and tempo.

KBS shafts are known for their smooth feel at impact, and the KBS Tour Lite shaft is no exception. It features a low kick point that facilitates versatility for various shot shapes and a mid-trajectory that maximizes energy transfer, as well as being lightweight with a responsive feel, which increases accuracy with every shot taken.

Many golfers have reported significant distance gains when using the KBS Tour Lite shaft due to its lightweight design and balanced flex profile. Furthermore, this shaft retains air for longer and resists wind gusts more effectively, helping golfers hit further down fairways or reach greens more efficiently while increasing accuracy by producing moderate spin rates.

Responsive feel

The KBS Tour Lite shaft is 20% lighter than its counterpart and provides a balanced blend of performance attributes. Its smooth feel is ideal for shot shaping, while its low weight helps generate more clubhead speed for greater distances. Furthermore, this shaft delivers mid-trajectory launch for optimal control over ball flight trajectory – though professional fitting advice should always be sought to ensure you get the ideal post for your game.

KBS Tour Lite shaft’s responsive feel enables golfers to produce a variety of shots, such as low-launching draws and fades, with ease. Furthermore, its versatility contributes to tighter shot dispersion that reduces wayward balls while providing more control of one’s swing – an invaluable characteristic in reaching maximum distance and successfully navigating challenging courses.

The KBS Tour Lite shaft is engineered using an advanced steel alloy that ensures optimal energy transfer while still offering strength and stability, creating a lightweight yet durable post suitable for various swing speeds. Furthermore, its balanced flex profile enhances shot shaping and control. Plus, its low-profile design helps golfers gain more carry yardage on off-center hits.

Increased swing speed

The KBS Tour Lite Series shafts are 20% lighter than their predecessor, offering increased swing speed thanks to advanced materials used in their construction – this allows golfers to play at higher speeds without losing control or stability. It also features an energy transfer-enhancing balanced flex profile for maximum energy transfer and smooth feel.

The KBS Tour Lite shaft comes in several weights and flexes – regular, stiff, and X-Stiff. This variety makes it easier for players to find one that meets their specific needs while being the lightest steel shaft available makes it perfect for fast swingers.

Although 20% lighter, the KBS Tour Lite still boasts all of the performance characteristics of its counterpart shaft – and can accommodate players of all skill levels – as seen through independent tests. Test results demonstrate an average increase of 9% more distance over its competitors due to an optimized launch angle designed to provide both space and control, wherein KBS Tour provides mid-trajectory launches while Tour Lite produces slightly higher launches.

KBS Tour Lite’s balanced flex profile delivers versatile shot shapes for golfers to use, from controlled fades and draws to tighter shot dispersion. Furthermore, its responsive feel helps golfers quickly receive feedback from their clubs so they can make adjustments more effectively and consistently throughout their rounds. Consistency is of the utmost importance in golf; KBS Tour Lite was created to assist your goals by always performing from shot to shot.

Tighter shot dispersion

The KBS Tour steel shaft is one of the most beloved in golf. Professional players rely on it, renowned for its feel and shot versatility. Now comes KBS Tour Lite, which offers similar performance in a lighter package while helping players maximize their control without compromising distance.

The new KBS Tour Lite is 20% lighter than its counterpart, making it suitable for more players across all skill levels. Its balanced flex profile ensures optimal energy transfer throughout each swing – enabling players to increase swing speed and accuracy, as well as increase swing velocity. Furthermore, this lightweight construction makes the KBS Tour Lite perfect for high-velocity swing speeds.

Golfer stance and tempo can have a dramatic effect on shot shape and distance, so selecting the ideal shaft based on personal swing and preferences is critical to their game. A professional club fitter can assist with selecting which post best meets their game’s requirements.

KBS Tour Lite’s superior feel makes it the ideal solution for golfers who seek to maximize their iron performance. Its mid-trajectory launch allows golfers to execute various shots, from low-launching pulls to high-launching fades, and its moderate spin rate helps ensure your ball stays airborne longer, resisting wind gusts for increased distance.

The KBS Tour Lite comes in regular, stiff, and extra-stiff flexes to meet every golfer’s needs. R+ and S+ half flexes provide ideal solutions for those unsure between regular or stiff flexes – eliminating confusion over which option best serves distance or accuracy goals. Plus, its consistent step pattern makes this perfect for more controlled transition players.