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Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers is one of the fastest-growing publishers in Health Sciences Education and Information. From undergraduate to postgraduate levels, from ward round handbooks to professional and reference books – Jaypee offers something for every healthcare practitioner. Additionally, E-Jaypee provides access to complementary online content using redeem codes found on book covers.

About Us

Jaypee Group takes its promise of “growth with a human face” seriously and is dedicated to contributing towards the socio-economic development of communities where it operates. To this end, they established Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan in order to foster education and health care services and alleviate poverty within their working environments.

JP Medical Publishing in London (UK) is a full-service publishing subsidiary that collects intellectual resources from KOLs across Europe and North America to publish them as Jaypee learning solutions for doctors. JP Medical also acts as a distributor for McGraw Hill Arnold FA Davis Thieme Elsevier products in India.

Jaypee has long been recognized as an indispensable source of knowledge, education, and information to doctors – from undergraduate courses to postgraduate ones, from ward-round handbooks to professional reference works, and more for over 50 years now.


This online learning platform is user-friendly and accessible. Sign up using the redeem code provided with your book to access its content immediately, from reading books to watching videos or listening to audio files – beneficial online content enhances and enriches the experience even further!

This company boasts more than 60 open-access journals and 5000 health science books in its portfolio, with editorial offices located in India, London, Panama, and globally to ensure accurate information is being published for KOLs of every specialty worldwide. In addition, titles are made available in both English and Spanish editions to ensure the accessibility of publications across multiple platforms.

Jaiprakash Gaur is an engineering and business entrepreneur. He founded the JIL Group, which comprises various businesses. This conglomerate operates highways and railway tracks as well as two thermal power plants in Bina and Nigrie; Bina houses four thermal power plants, while Nigrie boasts six. Although faced with various challenges over its 37-year existence, JIL continues to flourish thanks to its commitment to giving back to society by educating young people while developing new skills, with an aim to make its products accessible.

JP Medical

JP Medical, the publishing arm of Jaypee Brothers, publishes books and journals covering all subspecialties of Health Sciences with an extensive presence across South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Adhering to all ethical guidelines set out by the Committee on Publication Ethics and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, as well as attending global conferences where KOLs share knowledge and innovations, JP Medical is like a buzzing bee that gathers pollen of information to spread throughout its garden of Health Science education for every learner seeking it!

Digital Learning Centre (DLC), equipped with discussion and chroma studios, 100 seater review cum lecture room, automated control, editing, and simulation infrastructure, is geared to enriching national-level educational ecosystems by offering high-quality engineering, science, and social science content through an integrated learning platform – going beyond classroom recordings of lectures to deliver holistic and engaging interactive learning experiences powered by simulation, animation and holistic publishing formats such as print books, e-books, and mobile applications.


The Jaypee Group is an industrial conglomerate with a presence across engineering and construction, power generation, cement manufacturing, real estate development, hospitality services, expressways, and education (not-for-profit). Established by Jaiprakash Gaur and operating both domestically and abroad. Hydrocarbon and thermal power plants are in its pipeline, while its flagship company, JIL, boasts several business units involved with large infrastructure projects.

Jaypee Group’s Health Science Publisher is home to its cerebral resource collection centers in the UK, USA, and Panama and produces a wide array of medical books, journals, and procedures videos across all essential branches of medicine. Their team of eminent authors and academicians collaborate closely with renowned physicians from around the globe in producing quality healthcare publications; its extensive international network allows it to connect with KOLs from all disciplines of medicine in order to collect reliable information that keeps pace with current knowledge.

Health Science Publisher is also an established player in digital media. Through its eLearning division, JP Medical offers digital knowledge products like eBooks and video-based medical education. Furthermore, its soon-to-open Digital Learning Centre will provide digital content beyond classroom recordings, such as simulation and animation infrastructure.

JP Medical has made a substantial commitment to open access by publishing three collections on ScienceOpen as part of its open-access mission. These collections give medical professionals and students access to some of the latest research and practice available within orthopedics while being embedded into the Research and Discovery Network so that other researchers and scholars may quickly discover them.

The Jaypee Group utilizes Polycom’s Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions to improve internal communications among its various businesses in India, which has helped reduce travel expenses and increase productivity while simultaneously allowing employees to collaborate face-to-face regardless of location or time zone.