How to Use the MTA Bus Finder


Stay informed on school bus locations, arrival times, and detours with alerts sent directly to your email and mobile device via text and email. Plus, subscribe to email/text alerts and provide feedback now through apps like this!

Fill in the address information of your student to view their bus stop times during both morning and afternoon commutes, and search the map directly for routes or stops that match them.


The MTA bus map displays routes available in each borough. Each way is identified with an alphabetic letter and number combination: Manhattan (M), Brooklyn (B), Queens (Q), and Staten Island (S). There are five separate routes so that you can choose one that best meets your needs, along with details regarding limited or regular service – it is wise to refer back to this map frequently in case there are changes made to routes.

MTA online maps simplify navigating your destination, mainly if you are unfamiliar with an area or your school has changed its bus schedule. Our daily updated maps guarantee accurate information at any given time.

Changing bus stops? No problem; ask the driver to drop you at any safe location along the route from 10 pm-5 am, working on all local and limited-service buses. Pay your fare in advance; your transfer is only valid for one hour from purchase.

All buses can kneel or tilt downward toward the curb to make boarding easier for people in wheelchairs and those unable to navigate up steps. All have lifts available. As a parent of a student, it is vitally important that you know their transportation services. You can access this information either through their student profile or with their district enrollment office.

Parents must be mindful that their child’s school enrollment may change at any time, particularly if their attendance zone changes or home address shifts. Therefore, verifying the student’s address with their school registrar is vital to ensure he or she reaches school safely and on time; MTA will contact any affected families directly regarding any updates to enrollment details.


There are multiple ways to estimate when the bus will arrive at your stop. Use the official MTA website or download an app with real-time transit info that gives an estimated arrival time for your route and stop. Some apps combine scheduled and real-time transit data, accurately showing when it will reach its final destination.

Google Maps makes it easy to view bus stops and routes by offering downloadable maps you can use offline on iPhone and Android devices, with features including offline use even without Wi-Fi or data service. While these applications may prove helpful in planning your route, keep in mind that some information may be incorrect, and be sure to contact the bus drivers if there is any doubt, as their information might differ from that provided here.

Once you enter your address, a list of nearby bus stops will appear – these should typically be within walking distance; some may require further travel. As this list is regularly updated, make sure that you check it periodically.

New York City buses offer an excellent means of travel in New York. Operating 24 hours a day and following streets and avenues east to west, they provide an efficient means of moving through town at reduced costs than taxis while being more environmentally friendly than driving a car.

Winter means snow routes! Our district implements “Snow Routes” so students can safely arrive at school when adverse conditions threaten. Parents will be informed as soon as the streets have been activated; depending on where their student lives, their bus stop could change accordingly.

The MTA provides various fare cards, such as MetroCard. You can use this fare card on all forms of public transportation, including buses, subways, and trains; it also works locally. Therefore, it makes an excellent choice for anyone planning to take public transit frequently.

To use the MTA bus finder, enter your address and press “Search.” This tool will show all possible buses near you with estimated arrival times displayed on your Student Home Base account – similar to how homework and assignments can be accessed through this account.


Traveling to New York by bus can be the most economical and eco-friendly means. According to calculations conducted by Act-On CO2, each trip by bus emits only 4.8 kilograms of carbon dioxide per passenger, which helps save on gas, tolls, parking fees, and airport transportation fees.

New York offers numerous fare options for local bus travel. Cash or the MetroCard can be used to pay your fare; the latter offers unlimited trips within two hours of the initial payment. Should two routes intersect, ask the driver for a transfer ticket upon boarding a different one for a free transfer between buses along that same route if one happens to cross.

To save even more money, buying your tickets in advance online or using mobile apps will allow you to avoid long lines at bus stations and save yourself some hassle when purchasing tickets physically. When doing this, select a reliable website or app with secure payment methods.

No longer just limited to helping you locate cheap buses to New York, Travelocity also makes booking your flight or train ticket easy! Simply enter your desired departure and arrival dates for best offers from FlixBus, BlaBlaBus, and Eurolines travel companies, and our search feature will display them! With direct connections with over 300 travel companies such as these, we guarantee the perfect deal for every journey!

Be mindful of the rules and regulations surrounding bus travel in New York. Be courteous to other passengers by not blocking seats or aisles, leaving seats at the front for people with disabilities, not standing in stairwells or doorways while moving, and calling 511 for any assistance needed.


At first, actual bus stop arrival times may differ depending on when families adjust to routines. Once routes have been determined, parents can find estimated stop arrival times in their student’s Home Base/PowerSchool account.

Be sure to enroll your student in Home Base/PowerSchool today if they haven’t done so already, as parents can access his/her information as well as other features on our website, such as bus schedules and maps.

Once registered, once your student has signed up and their route and stop location are under “Student Info,” click “Stop Timetable” for their bus timetable. This timetable displays both today’s schedule and weekday or Saturday/Sunday views of that same schedule; select your preferred view before reading through from left to right across each column of arrival times to easily navigate your route.

Consider, for instance, you need to travel from San Mateo and Montgomery to the VA Hospital. On your route schedule, locate the time point at this intersection before looking across to arrival times to determine when you must be at VA Hospital (letter I on this particular route). If your appointment starts before 11 a.m, board before that or even slightly earlier so as not to miss it altogether. This should allow plenty of time for getting there while still meeting deadlines.