How to Remove Scrashes From Eyeglasses


If your eyeglasses have scratches, you can use a few simple tricks to get them to look like new again. These methods include vinegar, glass etching cream, and car wax. However, you should avoid using anything too harsh on your lenses. After all, they may end up scratching them more than you’d like.


Vinegar is an excellent way to remove scratches from eyeglasses. It can be used on lenses and other surfaces. Mix it with warm water and apply it to the scratches using a cotton ball or a microfiber cloth. Rub the scratched area with the mixture in circular motions for about 10 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat the process if necessary.

Another helpful solution is to combine baking soda and vinegar with cleaning scratched eyeglasses. You can buy white vinegar in any corner store or even online. You should add baking soda to the mixture and apply it to the scratched area. Once done, rinse your glasses and lenses using lukewarm water.

You can also use vinegar to cover scratches on plastic lenses. Apply a paste of vinegar and baking soda to the scratched area and rub it gently. After applying the paste, wash and dry the lenses thoroughly. Afterward, you can wipe them with a soft cloth to remove any excess vinegar.

Other everyday household items that can help remove scratches include baby oil and toothpaste. If you use toothpaste, choose a brand that does not contain gel or whitening agents. Gently massage the toothpaste onto the scratched lens for 10 seconds and then rinse with water. You can also try rubbing alcohol or baking soda. The latter is mildly abrasive and will not damage the lens.

Glass etching cream

You’ve probably heard about glass etching cream, but do you need to use it on your glasses? This product is acidic, so that it could damage the lens of your eyeglasses. Use it on plastic lenses only if you can safely use it. Otherwise, it may damage your lenses and permanently ruin them.

To use this product, ensure you rinse your glasses thoroughly and follow the directions. The etching cream isn’t designed to be rubbed into the lenses; instead, you apply it on the surface of the lens. Allow it to sit for five minutes, then rinse the glasses under warm water. Afterward, dry them with a microfiber cloth.

Before using glass etching cream, make sure that you wear protective gloves and eyeglasses. First, apply the cream gently to the lens of your eyeglasses. Be sure not to apply the cream to the frame of the eyeglasses, as this will ruin it. Once you’ve applied the cream, you should clean it off with warm water or a microfiber cloth. You can apply the etching cream again the next day if you wish, but you shouldn’t apply it to the frame.

You can also apply baby oil to your glasses to polish them. It will remove the scratches and polish the coating. Apply it using a microfiber cloth and rub it over the scratch in circular motions. Once the oil dries, you should wash the glasses with water.

Car wax

Car wax is a great way to remove scratches on eyeglasses. You can apply a thin product layer on your glasses and then wipe them off using a microfiber cloth. You may have to wash your glasses later. Applying a thin layer of the product can remove shallow scratches. You can also buff the lenses to remove fine scratches. Use a cleaning cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove more severe scratches.

Another way to remove scratches is to use a glass etching substance. Most people recommend Armor Etch, which has consistently good user reviews. When applying the substance, wear disposable gloves and use a cotton swab. If the scratches are intense, you may need to repeat the cleaning procedure several times. This method is not recommended if your eyeglasses have anti-scratch coatings.

Sandpaper is another option to remove scratches on eyeglasses. However, you should avoid sandpapering your glasses, as this may damage the lenses further. Sandpaper also ruins UV protection and could ruin the clarity of your sunglasses. It also may scratch the surrounding area, making the scratch worse.

Another option is to mix a baking soda paste with water and apply it to the scratched area. Then, you can use a microfiber cloth to polish the back of your eyeglasses. It is essential to wear gloves while working with the baking soda paste. If the solution is too thick, add more water to thin the paste.