How to Make Mugs for Dwarf Fortress


Dwarf Fortress is an engaging simulator. Every dwarf in your fortress has their own personality – their mood, beliefs, skillset and needs all colliding to produce an immersive world with rich history of heroes, monsters and civilizations.

Mugs are essential to your dwarf’s well-being, so ensuring they remain well stocked should be top of mind. Making mugs has never been simpler with our new default routine which assigns it automatically when dwarves leave duty.


Dwarf Fortress is a city-building simulation game in which you lead a group of dwarves as they explore, settle and prosper in a procedurally generated mountain. They need your guidance in order to survive attacks from hostile civilizations or the wilderness while developing their culture through taverns, libraries, temples, honey, wax pottery and animal training – the inspiration for Rimworld Prison Architect and Minecraft games among many others! Adams stated he is satisfied with this arrangement as long as players continue enjoying playing and enjoy Dwarf Fortress! He stated this arrangement provided people continue enjoying playing it – this game has never been sold so long as people continue enjoying playing it – Adams is happy with this arrangement as long as people keep enjoying playing it!

To successfully make mugs in dwarf fortress, a potter’s workshop and dwarf with the “potter” labor enabled are necessary. You will also require clay from your fortress’ soil layers; once in your workshop select “add object” or “create mug” then choose your design before clicking create object or creating mug.

Once your design has been chosen, a dwarf will begin creating it for you. They may take some time depending on their skill level and complexity of the design, but once complete it will be added to your fortress inventory so it can be used either for serving drinks to dwarves in your fortress or trading with other factions.

Mugs are essential items in Dwarf Fortress. Without them, dwarves would not be able to consume alcohol and may experience negative thoughts as a result. Therefore, it’s wise to stock taverns and dining rooms with them; making mugs in Dwarf Fortress can be done quickly in just a few steps; just follow these directions to create one quickly!


Dwarf Fortress is an immensely complex game with layers upon layers of depth that is difficult to fully appreciate at first. At first glance it seems like a straightforward colony-building simulator, but underneath that lies an intricate network of systems and hidden features that makes for an immersive experience. One aspect that distinguishes this experience from others is how dwarfs drink; understanding how to craft goblets or mugs for them to drink from is paramount for their wellbeing and survival in your fortress.

To create a mug, a few things are needed. First is creating the design for it – this can be accomplished in the potter’s workshop by selecting “create object”. Once done, assigning your design to one or more dwarfs by selecting “add new task”. Wait for their completion.

Once the dwarf has completed their task, you will be able to use their mug. They can be placed in a tavern to serve alcohol, or used as decorations on your fortress. Mugs resemble goblets but can be made out of different materials – potter’s workshops and clay layers in your fortress can both help craft them! Once all materials are available to create your mugs.

Dwarf Fortress is created and maintained by Tarn Adams (aka Toady One). For almost 20 years now, this game has been around and continuously updated; recently adding pixel graphics and revamping its user interface (UI). He’s currently working on releasing it through Steam with an interactive tutorial, though some might find its complexity daunting at first. Give it a try now to see if it suits your fancy; just remember it’s essential to keeping your dwarves happy!


Dwarf Fortress is a game centered on mobilizing your population. Achieve success requires assigning each dwarve to their appropriate tasks, with many fortresses having been abandoned due to labor management challenges rather than enemy invasion. However, tools such as Dwarf Therapist and DFHack exist that can assist in this aspect.

To create mugs in your fortress, you will require clay and a craftsdwarf workshop. Clay can be found throughout the soil layers of your fortress or built using the build menu; once constructed, select it and choose “craft object” to open its menu; once open, select the option to make mugs and select your design accordingly.

Final step is assigning the task to one or more dwarfs in the potter’s workshop. To do so, select “Work Order” menu then “Add Task.” When adding task, a prompt will appear asking you to select an dwarf who will complete this task; once selected, your mug will be created!

Mugs are an integral component of life in Dwarven society, as dwarves can quickly become discontented without enough to drink. Therefore, it’s crucial that your taverns and dining halls always contain an ample supply of mugs stocked up on.

Mugs can be made of clay, wood and metal; each type requires its own amount. To increase efficiency in production you can designate multiple craftsdwarve’s workshops exclusively to mug production – this way they’ll be able to craft faster and more efficiently! Furthermore, having a highly skilled dwarf perform the task will increase its quality, giving them more chances to sell the mugs to traders at a profit.


Dwarves in Dwarf Fortress are known to enjoy drinking alcohol, so their presence must always be present to maintain positive attitudes while working on their fortress. Rock mugs and wood cups are essential drinking vessels; without one available they become very discontented indeed! These must-have cups must also be present at every tavern or dining hall within their fortress as without one drinking vessels will make Dwarfs unhappy and less motivated in their work.

Players require access to both clay and a craftsdwarf’s workshop in order to craft a mug. Clay can be found along river and lake beds or purchased from traders. Once enough clay has been amassed, craftsmen can head into the potter’s workshop and select “create object”, where they can select an existing design or create their own before assigning their creation to one or more dwarfs via the potter’s workshop menu and appear on their task list as completed objects.

Mugs are trade goods, meaning that they can be sold for money to traders in taverns and dining halls. Mugs also appear on the trade depot menu but do not count toward total production numbers; as such they tend to be produced multiples at a time and generally more lucrative than other trade goods.

Dwarf Fortress features an intricate world-building system and generates an endless supply of lore and history that can be generated. Additionally, its complex combat model takes into account skills, body parts, material properties, aimed attacks, wrestling matches, pain nausea effects as well as hundreds of animal monsters poetry musical forms instruments and dances that dwarves can practice or perform in concert with. Dwarf Fortress boasts a huge and loyal fan base and its creator has promised a Steam release later this year.