How to Choose a Demolition Contractor


Selecting the ideal demolition company requires careful research and consideration. Create a list of businesses you would like to contact and get comprehensive quotes; also, be sure to ask about compliance with environmental standards. Best way to find the Phoenix Demolition Contractor.

Self is hopeful the contractor can save some bricks to use in repairs to the former Phoenix fire station while selling any salvaged materials to Stardust Building Supplies, which uses them in its thrift stores.


Demolition contractors are specialized construction workers who specialize in the removal and preparation of buildings and concrete structures. Experienced in using heavy equipment safely, these specialists make for excellent candidates to manage complex demolition projects efficiently and with precision.

Demolition companies possess all of the expertise and experience to undertake all types of residential and commercial demolition jobs. Coming from clearing sites to losing debris and waste, and also concrete removal services if possible – demo companies supply comprehensive demolition solutions that will save both time and money in the end. This factor should definitely be taken into account; hiring the services of anybody can save both time and money down the road.

If you are interested in hiring a demolition company, make sure that you get an upfront quote so that you can compare prices among various contractors and select the ideal one for your needs. Furthermore, ensure you obtain a written contract outlining every aspect of your service agreement.

Christian Circuit Judge Andrew Self issued his decision Wednesday following a hearing with Hopkinsville City Attorney Doug Willen and property owner Bobo Cravens’ lawyer, with both men present for legal representation at that time. Christian Circuit Judge Self ordered that an outside contractor should raze the historic Phoenix Building that city officials condemned back in January.


Demolition contractors specialize in taking down old structures to make way for new development, using various techniques such as implosion, wrecking balling, and selective demolition to bring down buildings. No matter which method they choose to bring down the structure, they must adhere to strict safety regulations.

Arizona requires that any business contracting to build, alter, repair, add to, subtract from, improve, or move any structure such as buildings, highways, roads, railroads, or excavation sites be licensed as contractors by the Registrar of Contractors for one-year licenses that include passing a trade exam as well as having qualified personnel with experience, knowledge, and skills sufficient to carry out these services under their license agreement.

Depending upon the nature of your work, a commercial or residential demolition permit may be required for you. Applying allows the city to review it and decide whether to approve or deny your request; they will also determine whether asbestos abatement permits are needed.

The city will notify applicants if their applications are approved or denied; if denied, applicants have an opportunity to appeal this decision and must present evidence proving they qualify to complete any demolition works.


Insurance coverage is one of the cornerstones of a demolition contractor’s business. It protects them in case of accidental property damage or personal injuries, as well as legal fees and settlements should they face lawsuits. Selecting an adequate policy can be a daunting task, but it is essential for keeping your Phoenix demolition company running safely and securely. Getting recommendations from friends and colleagues, as well as looking up online reviews and public records to gain more insight into its history, will help when choosing an insurer for your Phoenix company.

Your demolition company should maintain both general liability and professional liability coverages to protect against accidents caused by employees while working at job sites and any legal costs or damages sustained as a result of an incident on site. These policies are often required in contracts to demonstrate professionalism and trustworthiness with clients and partners.

Your Phoenix demolition company should also carry workers’ compensation and property damage coverage to provide protection in the event that an employee is injured during a project, as well as cover any damages to neighboring properties caused by its work. These policies can be purchased through an insurance broker or agent.


Before hiring a Phoenix Demolition Contractor for your project, it’s essential that you conduct due diligence on them and their reputation. A great way of doing so is by checking industry reports and third-party reviews, as well as asking other general contractors (GCs) in your local area who they have worked with before and what their experience was like.

Another aspect to keep an eye on when hiring a demolition contractor is how they treat their subcontractors and suppliers beyond checking references; payment history checks on sites such as Levelset are an ideal way of monitoring this.

Christian Circuit Judge Andrew Self has ordered that the owners of the Phoenix Building must hire a contractor to demolish its historic downtown Hopkinsville structure condemned in January, following a hearing Wednesday morning between Hopkinsville city attorney Doug Willen and Ken Humphries representing Bobo Cravens’ family – Ken argued for delaying the city order due to state asbestos abatement regulations and salvage efforts to repair Woody Winfree Fire and Transportation Museum on Ninth Street.

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