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Houston Excavating provides professional excavation services for commercial construction projects. Their licensed and insured team offers trenching, excavation, and land grading. What is the perfect way to find the Houston Excavating Contractor?

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Trenching is a construction process that uses dirt-moving and digging machinery to form trenches in the ground, which are then used for placing pipes or cables. Trench companies should hire professional managers so they can ensure the safe installation of lines and pipes.

Trenching contractors also specialize in land grading, which involves shaping dirt to fit within your plan’s specifications. This step must be executed successfully for foundation building and landscaping to go according to plan.

An excavation contractor works to prepare land for both residential and commercial projects by clearing away grass, trees, stumps, and debris. They may also reduce parts of the earth that are too high. Any remaining dirt is then moved where needed before being compacted down with a bulldozer for further use.

Houston excavation contractors also offer potholing as a service, which is used to locate known underground utilities. Also referred to as hydro excavation, potholing uses pressurized water and an air vacuum to excavate utility lines without disrupting their surroundings and damaging surrounding soil. Click here for more information on Houston Excavation; this service can help prevent pipe or wire damage in both homes and businesses alike.


No matter whether you are building or expanding commercial property, excavation services will help make sure the job gets done right. Contractors use heavy equipment to dig holes and trenches for foundations, basements, roads, driveways, and more – as well as transport any leftover soil to a different location.

Before the actual excavation can begin, Houston excavating contractors must perform some grubbing and clearing of the land. This involves clearing away undergrowth, trees, and any debris that has accumulated at the site. Once this work is done, Houston excavating contractors will cut and fill the land according to civil plan specifications laid out for their building project – this process is known as rough grading.

When selecting an excavation contractor, you must find one with experience and an impressive portfolio. Ask about their past projects and read customer reviews to get a sense of what to expect from them. Also, make sure that they are licensed and insured – this will limit liability should anything go amiss during the project.

Houston Excavation has been providing excavation services for over three decades and possesses all of the experience required to get any project completed on time and within budget. They are family-owned and operated, and owner Lance Houston personally oversees every project that comes their way.

Site Preparation

Site preparation services ensure that any construction project can proceed without interfering with its surroundings, from single residential homes to massive commercial structures. They remove natural obstructions such as rocks, trees, or overgrowth so construction equipment can access every part of the build area with ease – not only for safety reasons but also because this helps increase overall efficiency during the build.

Shilling Excavation can provide expert site preparation services for your construction project, from land clearing to installing drainage components and utility lines.

As well as basic site prep and demolition services, our knowledgeable team is also on hand to assist in securing necessary permits and insurance for any construction project. We understand the nuances involved with such work, so rest assured that we’ll get it done right!

The cost of site preparation depends on its size and scope; typically priced per square foot but sometimes also calculated acreage-wise. Our team is happy to walk you through our pricing model and answer any of your queries regarding it.


A quality demolition company provides many services to prepare your property for construction, from debris cleanup and pool removal and fill-in, yard leveling and garage demolition to excavation, site preparation, and more. They may even offer environmental services like asbestos abatement and mold abatement, as well as lead and mesothelioma removal; all contractors providing such services must be licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.

Demolition is a critical element of excavation and should be performed by an experienced contractor. Heavy equipment should be used to excavate soil, rocks, and other debris from the ground before grading to prepare the land for building purposes and reduce risks such as erosion and flooding control issues. Grading will also make sure water and sewer lines can be installed without risking problems of erosion and flooding.

Selecting the ideal demolition contractor is a critical component of any home or commercial renovation. Working with a certified and insured company will ensure the work is carried out safely and efficiently, so look for companies with extensive experience in the industry, check their references thoroughly, and read reviews on BuildZoom to gain a fuller picture.

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