How Old Is DD Osama?


DD Osama, an accomplished rapper and social media influencer based out of New York, has become widely popular with songs like “Without You” and “40s N 9s.”

DD Osama was born November 29th, 2006, and is currently 16 years old. His father is a businessman, while Crimsley Martinez is a Real Estate agent. Additionally, he has one younger sister named Melz Osama and three brothers.

DD Osama Age

DD Osama, an American rapper, social media influencer, and YouTube star known for engaging music, has gained global acclaim for his hilarious lyrics and catchy beats. With millions of views on his videos across social media channels such as Instagram, his videos have garnered great success with fans. He has collaborated with other famous artists while his singles remain fan favorites – his songs boast catchy beats with clever lyricism!

DD Osama hails from New York and currently stands 17 years old. A talented musician, his videos can often be found on popular social media platforms such as TikTok. DD has an ambitious goals list in mind and is working hard towards realizing them with help from family and friends – believing he can eventually reach the pinnacle of hip hop industry success.

In 2022, Notti Osama began professionally rapping, and his songs quickly found success. With lively rhythms and clever lyrics that immediately appealed to listeners online, he quickly amassed an immense fanbase. Along with Notti, Notti is also an established rapper in hip-hop; together, they have helped establish themselves as formidable contenders.

Harlem-born young rapper Jakku was heavily impacted by his experiences of growing up there; this experience informed his music. His lyrics cover love, heartbreak, and friendship themes, which resonated strongly with many listeners. Jakku has strong ties to his hometown community, which helped shape who he is today.

Crimsley Martinez raised him and two younger brothers; their father chose not to remain part of his life after they decided on separate paths when he was young. Crimsley Martinez often hangs out with friends at local parks and coffee shops. Sherrod is an exceptional basketball player, which earned her college programs’ notice for consideration of college scholarships.

DD Osama Height

DD Osama, a young rapper known for his unique style and captivating persona, has quickly made a name for himself in hip-hop through TikTok, whose entertaining content has amassed an enormous following.

Omar Khaliq is a skilled rapper and an ambitious businessperson with investments in various ventures. His upcoming project should prove highly lucrative and further his musical journey to new heights.

DD Osama is not only known for his music but is an engaged social media user as well. He often shares updates regarding upcoming releases on Instagram and YouTube, boasting over 100,000 followers on both accounts alone! DD has found himself at the top of his game by building strong foundations within his industry.

DD Osama hails from Harlem, New York, and was born David Reyes on November 29, 2006. Known for hits such as “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and 40s N 9s”, Osama has collaborated with notable artists like Lil Durk and Booka600 to become an influential hip-hop artist/rapper.

He boasts a fantastic family background and leads an exceptional life. His father is a prominent businessman, while Crimsley Martinez, his mother, is an accomplished real estate agent. Although his parents divorced when he was very young, his stepdad remains crucial in his life. Two of his elder brothers are rappers, while another inspires models. Additionally, Naughty joined their home-based studio at their grandmother’s place, with them all running it successfully.

DD Osama found his passion in rapping at an early age. Starting his career in 2022, Osama has established an outstanding career for himself – dedicating one song in memory of Notti (deceased). Furthermore, this young rapper serves as a role model to other youth and has an optimistic view of life.

DD Osama Weight

DD Osama, an American rapper, social media influencer, and YouTuber, rose quickly to fame early. Now, with millions of followers across his social media accounts and over 1 Million plays of his songs on YouTube alone, his fans are eagerly waiting to learn more about him as an individual.

DD Osama is not only a rapper; he’s also an actor and model. With a beautiful face and many female fans, he often wears the latest designer clothes and accessories. Although short in height, his lean build makes up for it; additionally, he enjoys sports in his free time and stays active with them during his leisurely pursuits.

David Reyes, more commonly known by his stage name DD Osama, is an American hip-hop musician and social media star from New York. Since launching his career as a rapper back in 2021, DD Osama has quickly gained widespread fame within music circles for hit tracks such as “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s.”

In 2022, he collaborated with his brother Naughty on the song “Dead Opps,” which addressed Notti Osama’s tragic death during an altercation in Manhattan. This song quickly became an instant classic – its video being watched over 1.2 million times on YouTube alone!

After the release of “Dead Opps,” DD Osama became even more well-known and received recognition for his talent; today, he is among one of the most celebrated rap artists worldwide.

Though DD Osama is quite famous, he remains very private and does not like discussing his personal life in public. Being so young, with much potential, and wanting to focus on his career now, no doubt great things will follow in the future. Aside from music, DD is also an avid TikTok user who amassed an enormous following on this app, making appearances on television shows and fashion shoots!

DD Osama’s Net Worth

DD Osama, an American rapper and social media influencer who has taken the world by storm with his deft yet powerful bars, has amassed an army of followers worldwide and become an emerging star in the music industry with hits like Without You, 40s N 9s, and Dead Opps that have won both critics’ approval as well as audiences worldwide.

Even at his tender age, he has amassed an immense following across social media platforms and become an innovator in the hip-hop genre. With an income stream diversified between music, real estate investing, endorsements, etc., he has amassed wealth that exceeds many individuals.

Teen sensation David Reyes was born November 29th, 2006, in Harlem, New York, to Crimsley Martinez (mother), part of an extended family with many members. Despite the separation between his parents when he was younger, he still maintains close ties to both of them.

He is dating fellow TikTok celebrity Aniyah, and they enjoy a solid chemistry on-screen. Together, they entertain their followers with entertaining content, often wearing matching outfits for events or live performances.

Starting, he found it difficult to make his name known in the rap industry; however, he persevered and never gave up, fighting hard until his goals were accomplished. Today, he is immensely proud of what he has accomplished!

DD Osama is an award-winning rapper with a diverse portfolio and flourishing business. He has generated significant earnings through music sales on YouTube and social media and fashion modeling contracts with magazines like Glamour.

DD Osama has an estimated net worth of over $1 Million, gained through earnings primarily from his rap career, music sales, and endorsements. His earnings come mainly from these sources, and his slim yet athletic physique with a buzz cut featuring a vibrant streak in front. He is a highly gifted and versatile teenager with a bright future ahead of them.