Free MP3 Download Sites


The top free mp3 download sites feature legal music of the highest possible quality for free use without advertisements and with user-friendly navigation features.

Bandcamp provides access to an expansive library of CC-licensed music. Their Discover page helps users quickly locate popular tracks or new releases from artists.

YouTube Studio is another source for royalty-free production music that you can use in your creative projects. Here, you’ll find high-quality CC-licensed songs for your videos or projects.


MP3Juices is an excellent resource for downloading high-quality music in MP3 format for free from virtually every artist and genre imaginable. Furthermore, this site enables offline listening with its high-quality MP3 files that play seamlessly on most devices – no apps or software installations are necessary!

This website is straightforward and does not require registration or signup – enter a keyword into the search box, and a list of matching results will appear in a list view. Once you find an mp3 you like, click the download button to save it to your computer; our files are safely stored away for safekeeping; plus, you can share any you have found with friends and family!

Many people love Mp3Juice for its intuitive design and user-friendly functionality. With an expansive library of music from all genres and periods available to search through easily, browsing by song or album has never been simpler! Additionally, multiple languages and eras are supported, making Mp3Juices the go-to site for all your musical needs!

Mp3Juices has become one of the go-to platforms for MP3 conversion and download since its establishment in 2010. Over the years, it has built up an excellent track record, expanding into mobile apps, radio broadcasts, streaming radio stations, and radio streaming radio services – but some question its legitimacy due to concerns it could facilitate the illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

Mp3Juice uses search algorithms to search the web for MP3 files based on user searches, searching through various sources like music blogs, user-uploaded content sites, and MP3 repositories to make available only those MP3s that match users’ queries – therefore, this service should not be used by children.

Mp3Juices provides access to an expansive library of music via the TIDAL streaming platform. Their free tier allows for high-quality audio without ads – perfect for anyone who enjoys listening. Plus, they have a free trial period so you can experience it before deciding whether to to subscribe!


Bandcamp is an innovative music sales platform offering high-quality digital tracks at reasonable sale prices. Specializing in helping independent musicians and bands promote their music while forging relationships with fans, this site boasts an outstanding reputation for both quality and service, making their platform user friendly. whether it be a single song or entire albums you are looking for, Bandcamp will have something you are searching for!

Our site is safe, using industry-standard SSL certificates to safeguard your privacy, without malware or viruses, with no advertisements, and free, unlimited use. Plus, songs in various formats such as MP3, FLAC, or WAV can be easily downloaded – enter their link into the box provided!

Locoloader makes downloading tracks from Bandcamp easy with just one click – all it takes is browsing to their page and playing the song you wish to save, right-clicking it, and selecting “Save Link As.” Plus, with unlimited song downloads available through Locoloader!

Contrary to other free Bandcamp downloaders, this Bandcamp converter works directly in your web browser without needing extra applications to be downloaded and installed. Furthermore, it’s compatible with all major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari, and others making it simple and effortless for all devices – fast with no ads or distractions present!

This free Bandcamp downloader allows you to convert any track or album purchased on Bandcamp into MP3 format for easy playback on any device and at any time – saving it for offline listening or syncing with another playlist or player. Choose between multiple bitrate options ranging from basic 128kbps to HD 320kbps so you can enjoy all your Bandcamp music anytime, anywhere, any day!

This Bandcamp to MP3 online converter is free and fast – copy and paste any Bandcamp URL to convert it to an MP3 file, saving it for offline listening or saving directly onto a portable media player for playback later. Furthermore, this converter supports many other streaming websites including Jamendo, Audiomack, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.


Amazon Music Download offers various methods for users to listen and download MP3 files, from browsing songs by genre, artist, playlist, and playlist recommendations to free podcasts and radio shows. In addition to offering free MP3s as part of its service, offering a large library for a monthly fee.

Amazon Music Store stands apart from other music download services by permitting customers to legally use downloaded tracks for commercial purposes as long as proper credit is given to artists and creators of each way downloaded. Not all Amazon music is free however; some popular artists do not permit their songs to be distributed without first receiving an appropriate license from Amazon.

CCTrax offers free MP3 downloads from independent and lesser-known artists, as well as remixes and tracks that are royalty free for commercial use. If you are seeking royalty-free production music, Bensound provides an ideal resource – offering cinematic, ambient, rock, and hip-hop genres among many others.

NoiseTrade provides another site offering free mp3 downloads, providing access to an expansive library from multiple artists. In addition to offering these downloads for free, NoiseTrade gives its users the chance to support artists through donations or buying albums directly.

Some sites come with the added requirement of subscribing to an artist’s email or social media account before downloading their music – which while generally acceptable can sometimes become annoying.

Free mp3 downloads can be an ideal way to relax or energise and are an affordable alternative to paying for music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. What’s great about these sites is they offer high-quality audio in multiple file formats and playlists tailored for different occasions.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library offering free MP3 downloads of books, movies, software, and more. Their mission is to build an online library and offer access to digitally stored collections such as books, films, television shows music websites – many of these belong to the public domain and can therefore be legally shared and downloaded without restrictions or limits.

The website’s library is divided into collections known as “Archives,” organized according to media type and year. For example, its music Archive offers thousands of live recordings, while its audio library features millions of songs by different artists. Furthermore, there is a search function that makes finding specific tracks easy.

Internet Archive provides more than just music – it also serves as an invaluable resource for research and education. Its archives of historical web pages, films, videos and audio make this invaluable for any history or research enthusiast, while the Archive’s collection of public domain works can also benefit both students and teachers alike.

The user interface of our site is clean and straightforward. Everything you need for searching can be found on its home page, including a search bar and menu to select media types; additionally, this menu also gives users the choice between searching all media types or narrowly subcollection chosen content.

Additionally, this site provides links to other free mp3 download services like Bandcamp, SoundClick, and TikTok that offer similar offerings. While these websites may not boast quite the same selection as Internet Archive’s offerings, they’re worth taking a look at nonetheless. Furthermore, payment options on offer at this website range from paying with credit/debit cards or PayPal to other forms of payment such as direct bank account deposits.

This user-friendly website easily supports multiple devices and formats (mp3, FLAC), offering easy download management to batch download music. Furthermore, its ads-free nature makes it an excellent choice for those seeking free MP3 downloads.