Cell Phone Location Tracker


If you’d like to know where someone is on their mobile phone, you may want to use a cell phone location tracker. These apps usually work offline, which means that you won’t need an internet connection to keep track of them. However, you should note that these apps may not store any data off the phone.


SpyBubble is a cell phone spy app that allows you to track text messages. While most tracking apps only allow you to track messages that are sent or received, SpyBubble keeps conversation records for all messages sent or received on the targeted device. It displays these messages in conversation mode by default.

SpyBubble is best suited for iOS and Android devices. It has a mobile dashboard that allows you to control everything right from your phone. The app requires iCloud credentials, which you will need for your target device. Using this app, you can keep track of the targeted device and see its location in real-time. The app also works without an internet connection.


iKeyMonitor is an innovative phone tracking software that allows parents to keep a close watch on their children’s cell phone usage. The software allows users to view keystrokes typed on their children’s phones, as well as GPS location history. Users can verify whether their children’s locations are accurate, and can also view past location history on a map. They can even set up geofences so that they will be notified when their children leave these geofenced areas.

iKeyMonitor also allows users to monitor the voices and ambient sounds around a target cell phone. By remote accessing the microphone, the software records any sounds or voices in the surroundings of a targeted cell phone. Users can then listen to those recordings from the monitoring panel in the cloud. Other features of iKeyMonitor include social media monitoring. Users can track every activity performed on various social networking sites and messaging applications, as well as keystrokes and screenshots.


The GeoZilla cell phone location tracker app lets you keep track of your family wherever they go, using GPS and other technologies to keep you updated. You can even set up an automatic notification whenever your family member leaves or returns to a certain location. The app also allows you to check in on your loved ones and keep an eye on their battery levels.

This GPS tracker combines 3G and GPS services, which means it can locate your phone anywhere it’s on the planet. The hardware is only $50, and you’ll need a 3G data plan. These plans start at $5 per month and go up to $99 per year. Once the tracker is installed, it pings the phone at a certain interval.


Family cell phone location tracking is a simple way to keep track of the location of your family members. It works in real-time and provides updates on when each member enters or leaves certain areas. You can also set alerts for low battery life or the last known location.

This advanced cell phone location tracking app can also monitor other synced devices. It is available on both iOS and Android. It also includes features such as a speedometer and photo sharing. Family allows you to track your family member’s location all day long and is especially convenient if you have kids.


uMobix cell phone location trackers give you the power to keep track of your loved ones and find out what they are up to at all times. Using GPS technology, you can see a full map and zoom in and out of your target device to see where they are. This cell phone location tracker also lets you see points of interest around you and get directions. This app is great for parents who want to keep track of their children’s cell phones.

To install uMobix, first, you need to download the uMobix app to your target device. The download process can take anywhere from minutes to an hour. After the download is complete, the uMobix app will begin gathering information from the target phone.