Canik Rival S in Stock


Canik has taken the handgun world by storm with its innovative line of pistols, TP-9, Mete, and SFx Rival guns. Their first competition-oriented pistol claims to be ready for USPSA, IPSC, and IDPA right out of the box.

Features a lightened 90-degree aluminum flat trigger with 100% co-witness optic readiness, external mag well, ambidextrous controls, and forward indexing points, as well as three interchangeable backstrap sizes with aggressive grip texturing for ultimate ergonomic performance.


Canik’s Rival pistol line has quickly become one of the go-to guns for competitive shooting. Boasting an excellent trigger pull and ergonomic design, with high-capacity magazines to meet shooters’ demands for competition shooting, this popular pistol boasts some great qualities for competitive shooters. Now, improvements that make this iteration of this popular pistol an even more excellent choice – Canik Rival S – Canik Rival’s latest update brings further advancements that make this an even better option.

The Rival S features a steel frame, increasing durability and making the gun more resistant to wear and tear. It also comes equipped with a fluted barrel for enhanced strength and either hard chrome or nitride finishes on its slide to protect it against corrosion. Finally, its aggressive checkered grips provide secure holds.

Rival S is outfitted with many upgrades that enhance its functionality, such as ambidextrous magazine releases and an external mag well, interchangeable backstrap sizes, an aggressive grip texture, three interchangeable backstrap sizes, and two factory magazines that each hold 18 rounds for customized fit and feel. Additional magazines may be purchased through Mec-Gar for increased capacity.

The Rival S is designed specifically for competition, making it suitable for IDPA, IPSC, and USPSA matches without restrictions or limitations. Equipped with adjustable fiber optic sights as well as a removable rear sight plate to co-witness iron sights with red dot optics for co-witness iron sight alignment.

Canik Rival S stands out from other steel-framed competition handguns with its easy field stripping for cleaning. Pull back slightly on the slide and press down on its takedown tabs; the recoil spring and barrel can then be easily detached for cleaning, followed by recoil spring maintenance or customization using punches and screws provided with its tool kit.

The Canik Rival S is an ideal option for shooters without an unlimited budget who want to compete in pistol shooting events but lack an expensive Glock 34 or similar pistol. It boasts an outstanding double-action trigger and offers various accessory options to customize it according to your shooting style – while providing excellent value compared to similar steel-framed competition pistols in its price range.


The Canik Rival was designed to bring steel-framed competition pistols to a whole new level. Equipped with interchangeable backstrap sizes, magazines, optics mounts, and adjustable fiber optic sights for shooters of all abilities, its comprehensive set of accessories offers exceptional shooting experiences.

The Rival is equipped with an external mag-well, competition-spec slide, and reversible magazine release; its ergonomics are enhanced by serrated ports on its fall and aggressive grip texture; an optics-ready removable rear sight plate allows co-witnessing between iron sights and red dot optics for co-witnessing-purposes—;-as-; as well as its ambidextrous controls and forward indexing points making this pistol suitable for left and right-handed shooters alike.

This hard-hitting competition pistol can handle virtually all ammunition available today – it works particularly well with 115-, 124-, and 147-grain bullets of both coated and uncoated varieties – offering an enjoyable shooting experience and an excellent value compared to comparable steel-framed competition handguns such as CZ Shadow 2, Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame, or Sig X5 Legion models.

Maintenance for the Canik Rival is straightforward. Disassembling its trigger and taking apart its recoil spring and barrel are both simple processes; changing magazines out quickly is no hassle either; plus, its included tool kit provides punches and other handy accessories to assist with keeping it in tiptop condition.

The Canik Rival is an ideal option for individuals interested in competing in IDPA, IPSC, and USPSA. Legal to compete in all three disciplines simultaneously, its specifications make this pistol an unparalleled competitor. Rival’s all-steel construction, light trigger, and ambidextrous controls distinguish it from other steel competition guns. Furthermore, its well-balanced ergonomics make it a superior value. Furthermore, its lightweight frame construction with high-performance trigger and included accessories make this an outstanding value proposition. Unlike some steel-framed competition handguns, the Canik Rival was explicitly designed to compete at its highest level and offers exceptional accuracy and reliability. Perfect for shooters who enjoy competing on weekends but cannot afford three guns plus hundreds of accessories!


Canik Rival pistol aims to level the playing field for competitive shooters without breaking the bank. Featuring above-average standard capacity magazines and an exceptional trigger with customizable options at a very reasonable price point, its superior performance and versatility make it a top pick among shooters looking for an upgrade from entry-level competition guns.

The Canik SFx Rival S is an evolution of their popular Canik Rival polymer-framed handguns. Featuring a 9mm Luger cartridge and fully modular construction for enhanced durability and precision, this fully modular 9mm Luger pistol includes a fluted barrel for improved accuracy and optics-ready removable rear sight plates to support various optics; plus, it boasts ambidextrous controls and fiber optic iron sights perfect for competition use.

Canik SFx Rival S’s most notable trait is its versatility: users can modify it to meet various shooting styles and hand sizes with interchangeable grip backstraps and an adjustable mag release that can be tailored specifically to them. Furthermore, this pistol boasts an external mag-well and reversible magazine release to expedite magazine changes faster and more efficiently; two 18-round magazines and replacement aluminum base plates are included to expand capacity further.

The SFx Rival S is an ideal competition pistol for shooters of all skill levels and disciplines. The gun features a ported and fluted barrel for increased accuracy while its lightened 90-degree aluminum flat trigger provides consistent shots, with each image being shot from an ambidextrous control location with forward indexing points to make left-handed hitting easy. Furthermore, this firearm supports multiple ammunition such as 115-, 124- and 147-grain bullets to give an additional competitive edge.

The Canik SFx Rival S Chrome elevates steel-framed competition pistols by providing them with enough weight to manage recoil effectively. It is equipped with 100% co-witness optics and offers numerous mounting options, perfect for IPSC, IDPA, and USPSA competitions alike. In addition, its removable rear sight plate system gives plenty of mounting options while offering IPSC, IDPA, and USPSA competitions; plus, it has an ambidextrous slide with competition controls as well as MagLoader mag-well; additionally, there’s also blacked-out rear sight, lightened 90-degree aluminum flat trigger and removable mag release extensions – perfect!


The Canik Rival-S is the newest edition of its popular Rival pistol series. The chrome-plated model offers numerous features that make it a fantastic choice for competition shooters, such as its optic-ready slide for use with red dot sights, its ergonomic holster design, and three different size grip backstraps; two magazines and a cleaning kit come included; additionally, its recoil spring and barrel are removable for easy cleaning.

The Rival-S is designed for competition in IPSC, IDPA, and USPSA without restrictions or limits. With a striking power of 6.5 pounds and minimal reset, trigger pull pull action. In addition, this gun features outstanding front strap checkering.

Comparable to other steel-framed competition handguns, the Canik SFx Rival-S offers excellent value to competitive shooters. It boasts a light trigger pull and all-steel construction while being more affordable than comparable models from CZ, Beretta, and Walther. However, some refinements and aftermarket support may be lacking from competitors like these.

Rival-S is notable for its forged steel frame, which not only adds strength and durability but also improves accuracy and recoil reduction. Furthermore, this lighter handgun helps minimize recoil and muzzle rise for reduced recoil and muzzle rise. Furthermore, its blacked-out rear adjustable for windage and elevation allows users to customize its shooting experience for any optic.

The Canik SFx Rival-S is equipped with a lightening cut slide featuring various serrations that act as lightening cuts for manipulations, with long panel cuts featuring the SFx Rival S logo at its top edge and removable sections on its left side for optic mounting purposes. Furthermore, its 5-inch barrel has external flutes.

The Rival-S is a highly accurate and dependable pistol designed to provide excellent accuracy during competition shooting. Featuring a light trigger pull with ambidextrous controls for ease of use, its low trigger pull makes this ideal for competitive shooters, while its ergonomics, fiber optic iron sights, and lightweight construction all combine to make this gun an exceptional option for competitive shooting. It is constructed of lightweight forged steel with numerous accessories available, making this gun an excellent choice.