6mm Arc Brass in Stock


Hornady’s latest cartridge, the 6mm Arc, is now available in unprimed brass. Developed specifically for use in military bolt guns, it provides incredible ballistics in an efficient short-range package.

This new cartridge was designed under the direction of the Department of Defense and utilizes an existing 6.5 Grendel case, necking it down to accept lighter match-grade projectiles.

Hornady 6mm ARC Brass

If you’re an AR-15 owner seeking to maximize its performance for hunting varmints, match shooting, or personal defense purposes, 6mm ARC brass, and ammunition may be what’s required to achieve maximum performance. Initially created by the Department of Defense for use by its soldiers – now commercially available – 6mm ARC delivers results never seen before from an AR-15 platform: an ideal balance of system weight, performance, and shootability using efficient high-BC bullets.

Hornady created the 6mm ARC as part of their goal to produce a SAAMI cartridge optimized for AR-platform rifles. Essentially a necked-down version of a 6.5 Grendel cartridge, this round boasts a slightly longer case length than popular variants like the 6.5 PPC while sporting a slightly pushed-back shoulder, which does reduce capacity; this reduction helps make sure it works with semi-auto weapons without excessive neck tension issues.

This has produced a cartridge capable of significantly flatter trajectories than its 223/5.56 counterpart, with less wind deflection and greater accuracy at long ranges. Furthermore, its more significant case allows hunters to choose their ideal load among many bullet types to suit their specific hunting needs. Although not as powerful as 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.8 SPC rounds available for AR-15 rifles, this round offers far greater versatility and load ease.

Midsouth currently does not stock many varieties of 6mm ARC factory-loaded ammunition; however, backorders for these exciting cartridges can be placed with them. If you would like to experiment with handloading this thrilling cartridge yourself, the Hornady 6mm ARC Reloading Starter Set provides all of the components you’ll need.

This set features four reloading dies tailored explicitly for 6mm AR cartridges, as well as cases manufactured in small lots to strict quality standards. They’re annealed for consistent dimensions, and their uniform walls and high concentricity ensure accurate shots. In addition, they have spindle adjustments built right in for ease of use, while the dies can endure years of heavy usage without wearing out quickly – leaving just powder to add as a final step. Powder Valley sells its powder separately.

Hornady 6mm ARC Ammunition

Hornady created the 6mm ARC as a cartridge to take advantage of efficient high-BC bullets to facilitate long-range precision rifle shooting (PRS). It was specifically developed for military professionals who were dissatisfied with existing cartridges, such as the 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC, and weren’t happy with their performance.

Hornady modified the necked-down 6.5 Grendel case with some essential modifications in order to optimize Very Low Drag (VLD) projectiles, including a shorter throat and maximum average operating pressure (MAP) that’s approximately 3,000 lower than the SAAMI MAP of both rifles, making this more suitable for military and civilian use alike. More downward pressure allows a gun to cycle with reduced stress, extending bolt life and decreasing wear on worn parts.

Since its introduction, the 6mm ARC has quickly become one of the premier long-range hunting and target shooting rifles available today. It is trendy in the US among varmint hunters and tactical shooters using AR-15 platform firearms; however, large manufacturers such as Ruger and Winchester have yet to join this movement.

At present, the only reliable way to acquire factory-loaded 6mm ARC ammunition is through the reloading market. Thankfully, there are numerous quality options available from both small and large gun shops alike, like Natchez Shooting and Outdoors, which offers premium brands as well as match-grade ammunition and standard hunting and training rounds for you to select from.

Are you searching for top-quality ammunition at an incredible value? Look no further than Natchez! We carry an impressive selection of 6mm ARC ammo brands and types, such as black and match grade loads, for your next shooting session or PRS competition. From competition to casual practice sessions on the range – Natchez has all you need.

Hornady 6mm ARC Bullets

Hornady recently introduced their 6mm ARC cartridge for use with semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance while minimizing recoil, this innovative cartridge can be used for hunting, target shooting, personal protection applications, and individual defense tasks alike. Utilizing high-BC bullets that yield results that other cartridges cannot match offers the ideal balance of system weight, performance, and shoot ability.

The 6mm ARC has quickly gained widespread acclaim among avid shooters, hunters, and military personnel alike. Its remarkable accuracy and terminal performance make it ideal for long-range targets, varmint hunting, tactical missions, and hunting large game such as moose or antelope – with reduced recoil, making extended shooting sessions much more comfortable.

Reloading ammunition yourself can be an economical and rewarding way to reduce costs on ammo and customize it specifically to meet your individual needs. In order to start, however, the appropriate reloading equipment must be acquired. At Powder Valley, we carry an array of Hornady 6mm ARC cartridge reloading components that will enable you to create customized ammo.

Hornady 6mm ARC ammunition offers superior precision, velocity, and reliability. Our selection of premium quality rounds features precision-built cartridges loaded with powders carefully chosen to optimize pressure and consistency of speed for each load; additionally, these high-quality rounds boast controlled expansion for deep penetration with maximum energy transfer for humane kills.

Our selection of premium-quality Hornady 6mm ARC ammo is the ideal solution for long-range target shooting and varmint hunting. Loaded with powerful Hornady ELD-M match bullets that deliver impressive accuracy and stopping power, these premium bullets offer deep penetration for maximum stopping power when targeting more giant games such as deer or moose.

Hornady 6mm ARC Powder

Hornady made waves with their release of the 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge (ARC). This cartridge was initially developed and approved by a Department of Defense unit before becoming public knowledge. Capable of firing high-bc hunting and target bullets up to magazine length in an AR-15 rifle, its flat trajectory minimizes wind drift while maintaining sufficient velocity and energy to reach game at extended ranges with controlled recoil for accurate shot spotting, the ARC provides several advantages over its competitors.

The ARC employs a modified Grendel case with its neck reduced to 6.15mm. This allows it to fire heavier hunting-type bullets without exceeding magazine length limitations and still provide sufficient velocity for deer-size game hunting. Furthermore, this cartridge can also accommodate up to 105-grain BTHP bullets.

This rifle has been specially engineered to deliver heavy, high-bc projectiles at optimal velocities in an AR-15 with a fast 1:7.5 twist rate, making it suitable for applications ranging from deer hunting and target shooting, personal defense and match shooting – as well as short/micro action bolt guns.

Handloaders will find success with this cartridge by starting with premium brass from Hornady, one of the premier producers available today. Hornady produces some of the finest brass available and should be your go-to choice when selecting this material. Their brass is meticulously measured for consistent wall concentricity and pressure calibration to ensure uniform case expansion. It is hand-inspected by technicians until every piece meets company standards, and this dedication to quality ensures consistent charges with consistent results.

Based on your application and bullet selection, various powders may be utilized. The American Rifle Company’s (ARC) powders offer optimal performance with clean combustion rates that maintain accurate velocity over lengthy shooting sessions.

As with all ammunition and reloading components, primer quality plays an essential role in performance. Hornady Black primers are widely favored among American Reloading Center members because of their proven reliability and cost-efficiency – plus, only these specific primers have been developed specifically to reduce muzzle flash when fired through suppressed firearms.