Wulf and Lamb Marylebone


Wulf & Lamb is a vegan restaurant in Marylebone. First launched in Chelsea in 2017, the menu is packed with vegan-friendly versions of traditional comfort foods. The restaurant also offers a bottle of wine, beer, and a cocktail list. Wulf & Lamb is a great place to indulge in good, home-cooked food. The Marylebone location opened in 2020.


Wulf & Lamb Marylebone is a new restaurant that serves plant-based dishes. The menu includes vegetarian burgers, zucchini fritters, and tasty salads. In addition, the restaurant offers excellent coffee and a selection of bellini and prosecco cocktails. It has beautiful decor and a lovely atmosphere.

The restaurant opened in Chelsea in 2017 and now has a second branch in Marylebone. It will take over a 2,560 sq ft corner unit on a 15-year lease. The head chef has previously worked at the vegetarian fine-dining restaurant Vanilla Black, which served a vegan-only menu for 16 years. It is dedicated to sustainability and is committed to using compostable packaging, and monitoring food waste.

The restaurant offers two dining rooms, one for vegans and one for non-vegans. The vegan menu is packed with international flavors and is perfect for people who don’t like the meat-based option. The menus are set for two people and are available on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They are not open on Saturdays and during Chelsea in bloom.


Wulf and Lamb, a plant-based restaurant, is now open in Marylebone, London. The restaurant has a minimalist interior and serves classic comfort food. Founder Franco Casolin previously worked at Vanilla Black, a vegetarian fine-dining restaurant near Chancery Lane. In addition to its tasty food, it also serves wine from various European regions. So whether you want to dine in or grab a takeaway, Wulf and Lamb is a welcome addition to Marylebone’s dining scene.

With two locations in London, Wulf and Lamb have a strong presence in the city. The original location, on Chiltern Street, focuses on wholesome comfort food that can be enjoyed with friends. A second location in Marylebone is slated to open in early 2020. The restaurant is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability, using compostable packaging for its food and avoiding waste.

The restaurant offers all-day plant-based food at the Marylebone location. It also features outdoor seating and is listed in the London Dog-Friendly Restaurant Guide.

Vegan menu

The vegan menu at Wulf and Lamb Marylebone is inspired by world cuisine. Choose from a variety of globally inspired dishes and desserts. The restaurant also offers wine, beer, and cocktails. Guests can order a vegan-friendly or non-alcoholic drink to complement their meal.

Wulf & Lamb is a popular neighborhood restaurant. Its menu offers vegan versions of traditional comfort foods. The restaurant also boasts a beer and cocktail list and offers homemade cuisine. It has opened two locations in London, Chelsea, and Marylebone.

The menu at Wulf & Lamb offers a vegan option at both locations. Vegans can enjoy all-day meals at the restaurant. The restaurant also offers a vegan-friendly buffet that showcases international dishes. In addition, the full-service bar offers vegan cocktails and wine. The menu is available Sunday to Thursday, except during the Chelsea in bloom period and December. Wulf & Lamb offers a vegan experience with a vegetarian or vegan main and dessert.


Wulf & Lamb has opened in Marylebone, London, offering delicious food in a convivial setting. The dining room is bright and spacious, and plenty of natural light ensures a pleasant dining experience. The menu features globally-inspired fare and inventive cocktails. Set in a fashionable part of the city, this restaurant will make you feel like a million pounds.

This restaurant has won over diners for over 25 years and boasts a world-class wine list. The menu features the slow-roasted lamb shoulder served with peas, mashed potatoes, and rosemary jus. The restaurant is also a popular spot for vegetarians and vegans. The vegetarian option is wild mushroom risotto.