Who Owns Better Homes and Gardens?


Better Homes and Gardens is a media company dedicated to serving, connecting, and inspiring readers who bring color and creativity into their lives. Their brand provides expert advice and perspectives on various domestic topics.

Meredith capitalized on its success by publishing special-interest publications and DIY books on growing its food, creating memorable recipes, and decorating their home.

Meredith Corporation

Meredith Corporation is one of the nation’s premier media and marketing companies catering to American women, known for owning the Better Homes and Gardens brand. Established in 1902, they publish various print and digital publications covering a broad spectrum of subjects such as People Magazine, Food & Wine magazine, Allrecipes recipes site Allrecipes Better Homes & Gardens, as well as Southern Living magazine – not forgetting television stations & websites run by Meredith!

BH&G is America’s most cherished lifestyle magazine, inspiring and connecting its readers to add color to every aspect of their lives. The brand boasts 40 million followers through print magazine subscriptions, robust websites, social media platforms, tablet editions, mobile apps, broadcast programs, and licensed products.

BH&G magazine is widely recognized for its superior content, expert advice, and breathtaking photos. Covering topics ranging from decorating and organizing to cooking and gardening, with many recipes and DIY projects featured throughout its pages – the magazine provides something for every home and garden topic under one cover!

Meredith Corporation created and ran the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Service from 1978 until 1998, when they sold it off with long-term ownership retained for a long-term brand licensing agreement with Realogy. Throughout those 20 years of ownership and operation, Better Homes and Gardens became a respected name within the real estate industry. In 1998 they sold their real estate business but retained long-term ownership of brand Better Homes and Gardens brand. In October 2007, Realogy entered into a 50-year licensing agreement.

Better Homes and Gardens first debuted as an insert within Successful Farming magazine in 1898; by 1920, it had expanded into its publication under Fruit Garden Home. Edwin Meredith later added domestic titles such as Country Home, Wood magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork Quilting magazine that focused explicitly on these domestic topics.

Meredith’s brand extensions were producing impressive profits by the mid-1990s. According to Forbes, one Meredith subsidiary made approximately $0.95 through product sales for each dollar of magazine profits earned.

Over the decades, BH&G has shaped American housing and family life ideals. As the most influential voice on domestic topics, its influence remains unmistakable even today despite changes to its structure and branding; service journalism remains at the core of this iconic publication.

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate brand offers full-service real estate brokerage franchise services to brokers, sales associates, homebuyers, and sellers. Leveraging its broad lifestyle brand appeal and cutting-edge technology solutions for an engaging real estate experience.

Brokers at Re/Max work on commission, with agents being paid only when they sell a property. With over 12,500 affiliated brokers nationwide and experienced marketing, training, and business development specialists supporting them as they sell property, the agency boasts an unmatched customer service department for added customer care support.

This company also provides its customers with various tools to assist them in finding the ideal home for them and their families. Their website lets users filter by budget, school districts, parks, commute times, neighborhood and zip code searches, and compare properties side-by-side.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate uses this business model to reach prospective customers more effectively than competing agencies, with a presence in 32 of America’s 51 states and offices in Canada and Jamaica. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has established an impressive track record, boasting growth of 17% for the first half of 2021 alone!

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has long been recognized for its commitment to community involvement and charitable activities, sponsoring local programs such as food banks and schools for homeless families. Their efforts have made an enormous difference in thousands of families’ lives.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is an innovative real estate brand that uses cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated business systems to provide comprehensive real estate services to brokers, sales associates, homebuyers, and sellers. Their mission is to positively affect people’s daily lives at home through innovative services that enhance life at work and play.

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Better Homes and Gardens has been around for more than 100 years, starting in Des Moines, Iowa, as Fruit Garden and Home magazine and becoming one of the premier home service publications in the US. Edwin Meredith founded it to give women ideas to enhance their homes. Door-to-door magazine salesmen offered his product directly to subscribers as door-to-door magazine salesmen sold subscriptions; his efforts paid off, and Better Homes and Gardens quickly grew to become one of the leading home service publications available to them.

Better Homes and Gardens now boasts a range of products, including books, television shows, and kitchen appliances, under its Better Homes and Gardens brand name. Additionally, special interest publications and popular cooking, gardening, crafting, health, and decorating TV programs make up their offerings – and are some of the highest circulating magazines in America with lasting influence beyond their pages.

Better Homes and Gardens stands apart from other home lifestyle publications by focusing exclusively on homeowners. This makes sense, given that those renting cannot often make changes without prior permission from their landlord. BHG is beloved among female homeowners, contributing to its continued dominance within the publishing industry.

BHG magazine has long been at the forefront of encouraging creativity and providing know-how to readers across America. Serving as an invaluable source of home projects and ideas, millions have used BHG’s resources to transform their houses into dream homes. This magazine boasts an expansive library of recipes and project ideas guaranteed to meet anyone’s home improvement needs.

BHG magazine also provides advice and inspiration for women looking to improve their homes or life, with real women in real homes that help readers feel connected with them. This personal connection has made BHG an incredible publication for over 100 years.

Better Homes & Gardens Books

Established in 1922, Better Homes and Gardens is the world’s most widely read home and garden magazine. Published monthly since then, its focus includes decorating, crafts, cooking, and gardening, as well as television shows and cookbooks by Better Homes and Gardens themselves and advice for home improvement projects and recipes via its website. Better Homes and Gardens was awarded the FOLIO Eddie Award for Best Consumer, Home & Living Magazine in 2021!

Pentagram created a brand new editorial design for our October 2010 issue of the magazine, overseen by Editor-in-Chief Gayle Goodson Butler and Executive Editor Kitty Morgan. The new look embodies its core mission to foster creativity and deliver knowledge.

No matter your taste in the interior or garden decor, Better Homes and Gardens magazine provides something for every reader. A favorite among women looking to decorate their homes and create DIY crafts, its content is regularly updated so readers can stay abreast of current home and garden decoration trends.

Better Homes and Gardens also offers an expansive line of products available online or at Walmart stores that range from furniture, home decor items, outdoor kitchen appliances, and cooking accessories – ideal as gifts for both men and women looking to add warmth and charm to their living spaces.

Better Homes and Gardens’ New Cookbook is one of the best-selling products from their brand, featuring delectable recipes that anyone can make in their kitchens – many vegetarian-based ones as well if that is what appeals.

The New Cookbook is also available as a hardcover book, and the publisher has set up a book club offering it at just $9.95 each month – you could even receive one free book when joining!