When is Orientation For High School 2023?


On Tuesday, August 15, new 9th graders should arrive and check in at the football field according to their assigned timeslot by last name. If they can’t make it in person, an online presentation will be uploaded onto Sequoia the week following this event.

Students will have an opportunity to reunite with old acquaintances, meet new ones, and get excited about starting school all over again. Here are a few key facts you should keep in mind about orientation.


High School 2023 will hold its orientation sessions between late August and early September. Students can meet their teachers, locate their classrooms, and get ready for classes to start on Aug. 28 during this presentation and tour of campus. It is advised to wear comfortable shoes with closed toes as well as bring water for this event. During orientation, students will also learn about academic support services like the ALANA Center, Transition Program, and Women Center, as well as receive their welcome packet from the Student Growth and Engagement Office.

Orientation for new students is mandatory for freshman, former concurrent, and early high school graduate students. Even though such individuals have already attended college since graduating from high school, orientation may still prove valuable if you are new to a program or have questions regarding academic requirements.

At their new student orientation, students will hear from faculty and staff members about their curriculum and school culture, as well as essential details regarding financial aid, registration, and housing. Students should bring a pen and paper for taking notes as well as be prepared with questions for questions at any point during this event.

Students will have the chance to meet with their advisers, explore student clubs and activities, participate in a chemistry lab demonstration, visit with ALANA Center Transitions Program International Services LGBTQ+ Center Women’s Center as well as ALANA Center’s Transitions Program International Services LGBTQ+ Center Women’s Center – among many others!

Students enrolled in nursing, dental assisting, mortuary science, paramedic certificate, and Surgical Technology programs will have their orientation conducted by their department rather than attending the general new student orientation events. These events will replace any available recent student orientation events.

Orientation for Fall 2023 will take place on Tuesday, Aug 15th, on the football field based on their timeslot by last name; please refer to the flyer below for more information. Parents/Guardians are invited to attend the new student orientation at 5:00 pm in Carrington Hall; however, if you are unable to make this event, please note it will be posted online the week following it.


Students registering for the 2023-2024 school year should report to the football field according to their time slot by last name (please refer to the flyer below for details). New parents/guardians of incoming students are invited to the Orientation for Families with New Students presentation held in Carrington Hall from 5:00 PM on August 15th; otherwise, it will be posted on Sequoia that week.

Piccowaxen will host its Grade 6 orientation from 11 am to 12 pm on August 24. General Smallwood offers Grade 6 direction from 1:30-2:30 p.m. on August 22; Henry E. Lackey offers Grade 7-8 exposure from 12-1 pm on August 24; for more information, please click here.


If you are starting a college program for the first time, orientation will be mandatory. At The New School’s Gordon Commons location, the direction is obligatory for degree program students only (not those taking online-only courses). At this event, you can meet other students and staff while becoming familiar with campus services.

Orientation is an integral component of freshman life. This event allows them to meet their teachers and address any queries they might have about school life and its procedures and schedule. Most schools host freshman orientation events a few weeks before the official start of each school year; depending on your school, this event could cover various topics. Some even follow a mini school day schedule during orientation, so freshmen become acquainted with school routines and procedures.

Hudson Falls High School hosts its orientation in its auditorium and begins with a presentation from its principal. There will also be tables set up where students can get their schedules while upper-class students provide answers. Following this presentation, students move directly into their classes before receiving a tour of the school.

Depending on the school in which you attend, orientation may or may not be mandatory. Most freshmen must attend orientation, while other schools offer it voluntarily. If your school does not provide exposure, online resources such as these websites may help make decisions regarding enrollment and classes to enroll for.


Orientation is an integral part of transitioning to high school, offering you an opportunity to meet fellow students and become acquainted with school resources and support services. You will receive academic information during summer orientation sessions led by your orientation leader, gain a sense of campus life while selecting courses, meet fellow students, and become acquainted with faculty members – not to mention make new friends!

Students entering UNCSA for orientation should make sure to complete all necessary paperwork and fees prior to arriving for orientation. Those applying for financial aid should submit their applications early to allow enough processing time and pay their tuition bills on time. Furthermore, regular checks on the UNCSA website could alert students if any new documents or forms need to be submitted.

Prior to arriving for orientation, new students should ensure they bring with them a valid government ID such as their driver’s license, state ID card, or passport. Furthermore, they should prepare for any tests or assignments that may be given during orientation week and frequently check their email to stay up-to-date with information from professors or advisors.

Orientation schedules and activities for each art school are available online. Each institution may vary its orientation schedule, so it’s wise to check it regularly. Most art schools also have Facebook ptitle=Should&redirect=noages where students can post questions or updates. Newcomers to the school should also read through the FAQ page on its website in order to gain more insight into registering for classes and familiarizing themselves with their surroundings. Those coming from another institution should bring their official transcript with them for orientation. Additionally, they should review their E-Z Arts Portal account to see if there are any holds they need to clear up. If attending a residential hall, sign up for their room and meal plan accordingly while making arrangements for art supplies as needed.