What is Homecoming?


Homecoming is a traditional event where the members of an organization gather to welcome back former members and alums and celebrate the organization’s existence. This tradition is observed at high schools, churches, colleges, and other organizations worldwide, including in the United States and Canada. It is also popular in Liberia.


Homecoming is an annual event where students and alums return to school to celebrate their organization’s existence. It is a tradition observed at many high schools, colleges, and churches. In many countries, the day is a time to celebrate a school’s achievements and give thanks to its supporters.

Students participate in various activities to mark the occasion. These activities can range from pep rallies to sporting events. Some schools even have a naming ceremony for the homecoming king and queen. The ceremony is held several days before the homecoming football game or the homecoming dance. Some schools also invite the king and queen from previous years to crown the king and queen of the school. Often, a popular teacher will serve as the king and queen.

Homecoming is a tradition that dates back to the early 20th century. Originally, homecoming events were held to boost school spirit. During that time, universities like the University of Illinois and the University of Minnesota lost streaks, so they encouraged alums to attend rivalry games. Since then, Homecoming has spread to high schools and other campuses.


There are many things to purchase for your Homecoming. From a dress to a tuxedo, the costs can range anywhere from $25 to $200. Regardless of your choice, you will want to budget for these items to ensure you look your best. Luckily, there are many ways to save money on these items.

If you are hosting a homecoming, you should factor in the costs associated with alcohol and food. Some parents spend a significant portion of the homecoming budget on alcohol, but most parents want to limit this to a reasonable amount. You can also let your students provide food and purchase their tickets. Homecoming is an exciting event, and parents want to ensure their children have fun without risking their grades.

Student councils are responsible for planning several Homecoming activities for the student body. These events include the parade, dance, and assembly. The student body spends a lot of money on the event, but according to Treasurer Matt Gresham, the money is well spent. One change that will save a substantial amount of money is a switch from scantron ballots to online voting through Moodle. The previous system, which required students to fill out a paper ballot with four bubbles, costs a significant portion of the budget.

Class competitions

Class competitions at Homecoming are one of Ariana’s favorite events. These events are open to all student organizations and are great ways to get involved in UT traditions. While there is no registration fee, space is limited. Class competitions are a great way to see how your class ranks against your peers, and they also provide an excellent opportunity for you to win some cash. On Saturday, October 1, class members will design a 16×8 window section displayed in the Agora and Library. Every class will also showcase its posters.

Class competitions are held throughout homecoming week. Each day, there are activities for students to compete in and earn points. The competitions for these events are very intense and can be very close. The judging criteria for these events will be provided during mandatory informational meetings.

Crowning method

The way that Homecoming court nominees are selected has changed over the years. Formerly, people tended to vote for their friends or people with whom they have relationships. But, with the advent of technology, the process is much faster. In addition, students who have good school spirit are often nominated as Homecoming court representatives.

In some high schools, the homecoming queen and king are crowned during a pep rally or school assembly. In other schools, the announcement occurs during the homecoming football game or the homecoming dance. The school’s previous queen and king are sometimes invited back to crown their successors. Other schools may elect a teacher to perform the duties of a queen. In any case, the king and queen are crowned first in order.

Another option for homecoming royalty is to choose a unified selection process for all court members. For example, the top 10 student nominees, regardless of gender, could be chosen by a polling process. This method would also allow students to vote for an additional third option. Although the original titles may be masculine or feminine, binary trans and nonbinary people might find the king and queen titles euphoric. For these reasons, leaving them open to interpretation may be an influential homecoming tradition.