What I Do Meaning In Hindi


Kya haal hai is the Hindi expression that translates as How are you? It is used as a general greeting, similar to ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye.’

Like English, Hindi has many simple prepositions and a different word order. However, it also has two grammatical cases, direct and oblique. Adjectives must agree with the noun for which they qualify. Those that inflect change their endings, while those that do not are known as invariable adjectives.

What I like

What I like meaning in Hindi is “,” and its pronunciation is content you want. This English-to-Hindi dictionary has a vast vocabulary database and helps you learn new words with ease. Moreover, this platform provides multiple definitions of words for a better understanding of their meaning. You can also find other related words with the same meaning and improve your linguistic skills with Hamariweb. Hamariweb’s English to Hindi Dictionary has been developed with great care so that you can understand the exact meaning of any word in any language. You can search any word and get its complete definition along with the synonyms.

What I want

Want is the feeling of wanting something. It can be studied scientifically as an emotion through the disciplines of psychology and sociology. It can also be studied in non-secular ways, such as through the religious and spiritual traditions of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. There are a number of ways to use the word want, including “mujhe khelna hai” (I want to play) and “mujhe ghar jaana hai”(I want to go home). Hamariweb’s English-Hindi Dictionary helps you understand the meaning of words by providing the context in which famous writers and poets used them throughout history. It also allows you to search for synonyms and similar words as well as get their definitions in Hindi language. Try our unique online dictionary now!