Wedinsure Reviews – Essential Protection For Your Big Day


Wedinsure is an award-winning wedding insurance provider that offers peace of mind and essential protection on your big day. It offers comprehensive coverage for everything from wedding cancellations to the financial failure of wedding suppliers. It also covers losses and damages to wedding gifts, cakes, and personal liability. As of 2017, the company has insured over 20,000 weddings.


If you’re planning your wedding, it’s essential to get the right wedding insurance plan. Wedinsure is an award-winning wedding insurance company that provides essential protection and peace of mind for your big day. It covers the cost of cancellation and financial failure of wedding suppliers, loss or damage to wedding gifts and cake, and your liability. Since the company was founded in 2017, they’ve covered more than 20,000 weddings.

Wedinsure is an affordable wedding insurance provider that provides different levels of coverage. You can choose PS5,000, PS10,000, or PS50,000 of coverage. Prices start at PS50 and include insurance premium tax. The company also offers a cancellation policy, which can come in handy if your wedding plans change. In addition, Wedinsure’s policies have the most favorable reviews from customers.

We ensure it offers coverage for both civil ceremonies and receptions. It also covers financial loss if wedding supplies don’t arrive on time. For the extra premium, you can also get public liability coverage. Wedinsure’s customer service is top-rated, and most reviews give the service an excellent overall score.


The award-winning wedding insurance provider Wedinsure is a fantastic option for anyone planning a big day. They offer a wide range of valuable coverages, including wedding cancellation, the financial failure of wedding suppliers, loss or damage to wedding gifts and the cake, personal liability, and more. The company has insured over 20,000 weddings since 2017.

Wedinsure provides cover against severe weather and other events that can lead to a wedding being canceled or rearranged. It even protects against losing wedding gifts, cakes, flowers, and rings. Furthermore, it covers you against personal liability up to $ 2 million and public liability for an extra premium. Moreover, a policy with Wedinsure will also cover a nil excess if you decide to rearrange or cancel your wedding.

In addition to property coverage, Wedinsure also offers coverage for weddings abroad. You can even get coverage for cruise ships departing from the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is a good idea to research the coverages before you buy, as some companies offer a 14-day cooling-off period. It is important to remember that some policies do not offer refunds. Still, Wedinsure is a well-known, respected company that offers a variety of coverage options to meet the needs of every bride and groom.


Travelers Insurance offers individual insurance policies. It is the sixth-largest home insurance company in the U.S. Travelers Wedding Insurance helps protect against financial loss in the event of a cancellation or postponement of the wedding. The company is an insurance industry veteran named after several U.S. Navy ships, including the USS Traveler, a patrol boat in service from 1917 to 1919.

Travelers’ wedding insurance covers your big day, as well as your valuables and gifts. The policy does not have a deductible and is easy to purchase. The company was founded in 1936 and is one of the most trusted insurance providers in the U.S. It has 20 corporate offices across the U.S. and has partnered with American Family and Liberty Mutual to offer wedding insurance.

In addition to travel insurance, Travelers also offers an auto insurance policy. You can save up to 30% by using safe driving habits. However, it would help if you kept in mind that driving recklessly can increase your premiums. Therefore, you should plan to avoid any mishaps during your trip.

American Express

Wedding insurance is a great way to ensure the smooth running of your big day. It covers everything from the cake to the cars, making your day as stress-free as possible. It also covers everyone in the wedding party, including the bride and groom, their parents, guardians, and male and female attendants.

Amex offers several policies to suit different needs. Some of them cover marquees, while others include cover for overseas weddings. All policies are based on the estimated cost of your wedding, so if you have a marquee, it is possible to purchase cover. Thankfully, American Express does not charge extra for the claim processing.

Other types of insurance are also available from American Express. Its travel insurance plan covers lost or stolen luggage and can cover damages to your car or belongings if someone causes an accident. You can also purchase umbrella coverage if you plan on holding a wedding at home. It is important to remember that most of these plans only cover a specific event for a limited period.