Virtual CloneDrive


Virtual CloneDrive is a free virtual drive emulation program for Windows that supports up to 15 drives at once, supporting various image formats and offering inbuilt functionalities such as virtual eject and auto-mount.

It has a user-friendly program interface, and installation is one of the most straightforward processes ever.

Easy to use

Virtual Clonedrive is an intuitive software application for mounting CD and DVD image files without burning them onto physical media. Virtual Clonedrive works well with most operating systems (XP/7/8) and is easy to install and run on Windows computers, offering an intuitive user experience. Newcomers to this technology should find it a seamless transition.

Once installed, you’ll notice a new icon in your System Tray and desktop. Clicking on either will launch the program; alternatively, Explorer context menus provide access. It supports many disc image formats and multiple languages for mounting disc images.

The primary program interface enables you to select your language of choice and some options for how many drives will be created at once, whether I/O buffering is enabled, and whether to unmount files as soon as new ones are mounted on top of existing ones. In addition, additional settings can be configured through the Advanced tab of the program.

Supports multiple file formats

Virtual CloneDrive is a free program that enables you to mount CD/DVD, bin, and ISO image files. The Virtual CloneDrive works like any physical CD/DVD drive, fully integrated into Windows Explorer context menus for ease of use.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you will be asked to follow several prompts – selecting a location and saving an installation file – before being ready to use it.

It provides up to 15 virtual drives and supports various disc image formats, including BIN, CCD, and ISO. Furthermore, it’s user-friendly with no significant system resource requirements – making it an excellent option for home users and most Windows operating systems from XP through 10. Unfortunately, it lacks support for MDF format images, but this issue is easily rectifiable through alternative virtual drive emulators.

Supports up to 15 virtual drives

Virtual CloneDrive is a free-to-download program that enables users to mount image files as CD or DVD drives and interact with them like a physical CD/DVD drives. Unlike similar programs, the Virtual CloneDrive works well with most compressed image formats and doesn’t require complex installation procedures; it also integrates smoothly into Explorer context menus. It can even function without an icon on their desktop PC.

Once installed, users can double-click an image file in Explorer to open it. The program will assign it an individual drive letter, such as BD-ROM Drive (F:), with contents displayed in the left pane of the Explorer window. Users may mount or unmount using context menus in Explorer at any time.

This program can mount up to 15 drives simultaneously, whether they contain audio/video files or simple data. It features a virtual eject button and auto-mounts the previous image function; it integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer context menus.

Supports multiple languages

Free software designed to create up to 15 virtual drives on a Windows desktop computer, this tool works and behaves just like a physical CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive – probably making it one of the best virtual drive software solutions on the market today.

Unlike other programs, such as Daemon Tools, this one allows users to mount images of optical data carriers as virtual drives in the file explorer. Simply right-click an image you wish to mount and choose “Mount (Virtual CloneDrive x:).”

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