Travel Insured International Reviews


Travel Insured International is an international travel insurance company based in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Their plans cover trip cancellation and interruption, medical expenses, baggage, and personal effects. In addition, they offer non-insurance assistance services. The company was founded by Peter Gehris in 1994 and is located in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Plans include trip cancellation.

Travel Insured International offers a wide range of travel insurance policies. These include trip interruption and cancellation, medical benefits, and emergency evacuation. However, these plans are not as comprehensive as other travel insurance plans. Some policies also include coverage for rental cars, overnight stays, and pet expenses.

In addition, many plans include cancellation coverage for common carrier delays, such as a plane shutting down for a bad weather day. Time limits vary between plans, but a delay of 12 hours will generally trigger coverage. However, some plans require a 24-hour delay before coverage kicks in.

Trip interruption

A trip interruption insurance policy can help cover the costs of missing a plane, missing a connection, or other problems while traveling. This type of travel insurance can also cover unused portions of your trip. The coverage you can receive is determined by the plan you choose. Some plans cover up to 75% of your trip’s expenses.

The essential Trip Protector Lite plan from Travel Insured International provides coverage for trip cancellation and interruption. The plan also pays up to $10,000 for medical bills and expenses. The plan also covers missing connections, delayed flights, and lost or stolen luggage.

Medical expenses

When traveling abroad, it is crucial to have travel medical insurance. This insurance helps you pay for medical care outside your network. For example, if you’re on a cruise ship and get sick, your policy will cover the out-of-network costs. You can also use it to cover the cost of an emergency flight back to your home country.

Travel medical insurance plans often include other benefits. For example, the Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit will cover the cost of transportation between medical facilities. If you develop a severe illness or injury while traveling, you might need to be evacuated to a more advanced medical facility.

Baggage and personal effects

Baggage and personal effects insurance can help protect you in case of a loss or damage to your luggage. This coverage is generally applicable for the entire duration of your trip. While some policies only cover items while being checked on a common carrier, others offer more extensive coverage. Many policies have an overall coverage and specific item limits, which may be high for expensive items. If your items are worth more than $1,000, you should consider insuring them through your homeowner’s insurance or credit card.

Airline Ticket Protector

Airline Ticket Protector is a travel insurance policy that protects your airline tickets in case of trip cancellation or interruption. The plan covers up to 150 percent of the cost of your trip. It also covers missed connections, delayed flights, and stolen or lost bags.

Worldwide Trip Protector Lite

Worldwide Trip Protector Lite provides coverage for trip cancellation and missed connection and covers medical expenses and evacuation. The policy includes emergency assistance and 24-hour customer service. Travelers can upgrade to a higher level of protection and purchase additional features, such as an extra $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

This plan covers expenses associated with missed connections and canceled trips, up to $10,000. The plan also covers missed connections and delays of twelve hours or more. For customers who miss a connecting flight, the plan will reimburse them $300, while travelers who experience a luggage delay of 24 hours or more can receive $200 for unexpected expenses. Furthermore, travelers who lose or damage their luggage can receive up to $700 in coverage.