Top Rated Chinese Restaurants in India


Regarding good Chinese restaurants, Mumbai and Delhi have some excellent choices. The Mekong in Lower Parel is one of the best choices in the city, according to many Mumbaikars. The decor and floor-to-ceiling windows are stunning, making the restaurant a great place to spend a leisurely meal. The dishes are served with a generous helping of fresh vegetables and a dash of soy sauce.

The Mekong is the best Chinese restaurant in Mumbai.

The Mekong, situated in Lower Parel, is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mumbai. The restaurant has a very fine decor and ceiling-to-floor windows, which provide a fantastic view of the city. The food here is top-notch, and the service is also excellent. It is an excellent place to dine with friends or spend a relaxing evening alone.

At By the Mekong, you can experience authentic Chinese cuisine. The menu is divided into sections based on the region of origin. Some of the dishes include dumplings, soups, and bars. There is also a full vegetarian menu. If you’re on a budget, go for the lunch menu, which is quite reasonable. The dinner menu is slightly more expensive, but you’ll be able to try many different dishes for under Rs. 1000.

Another great Chinese restaurant in Mumbai is By the Mekong. Located in St. Regis, this fusion restaurant serves traditional Chinese and Thai dishes and Vietnamese cuisine. The menu includes vegetarian spring rolls and Hong Kong noodles made with Malak Sauce, a spicy mix of Sichuan peppercorns, and other spices. If you’re in the mood for dim sum, Yauatcha is an excellent choice. The restaurant offers traditional Cantonese cuisine with a modern twist, including dim sum and a vast selection of Chinese teas.

By the Mekong is a fine dining experience in the city’s heart. Whether you’re in Mumbai or are visiting for business or pleasure, this upscale Chinese restaurant is one of the best options. You’ll be blown away by the food at this award-winning restaurant. The staff are welcoming, and the service is impeccable. And the wine list is extensive.

Hakkasan is another good option. The London-based dim-sum house is popular with foodies in the city. It offers a brunch buffet and a full bar. In addition, guests can catch a game or two of cricket or rugby in the bar. The restaurant’s staff is very courteous and attentive, which helps create a pleasant dining experience. It also has a nice ambiance, and the food is delicious and authentic.

The Red Turtle is the best Chinese restaurant in Delhi.

The Red Turtle is the place to go if you want authentic Chinese cuisine. From chicken teppanyaki to Tom Yum Soup, this restaurant has it all. There is also a wide variety of desserts available, as well as excellent service. So no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and budget. You’ll find everything you could ever want in a Chinese restaurant, from delicious dumplings to exquisite chicken Teppanyaki.

This restaurant transports you to Hong Kong or Singapore with its stunning interiors. Its menu combines modern and traditional elements of Cantonese cuisine, which is served with an emphasis on freshness. Everything here is made with a balance of taste and essence. So whether you’re a fan of dim sum or crispy aromatic duck, you’ll find something you love here.

The food is authentic and cheap. The restaurant is in a historic building with impressive decor. You can even order home delivery, which makes it even more appealing. The Red Turtle is the best Chinese restaurant in Delhi. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for authentic Chinese food in a city with a multicultural population. It’s also an excellent choice for a romantic night out.

Gypsy Corner is a neighborhood Chinese restaurant in Mumbai.

The neighborhood Chinese restaurant is located in Dadar West. It is popular for its sweet and sour chicken, honey chili fortune noodles, fried rice, and golden fried prawns. The staff is attentive, and the prices are reasonable. Reviewers are impressed with the low prices and the pleasant ambiance. Guests rate Gypsy Corner 4.2 on Google. It is an excellent choice for a family outing.

The menu is a mix of Chinese and Indian cuisines. The restaurant has a variety of crab meat, fried wontons, and Indian curries. In addition, visitors can order mud cakes, chocolate mousse, and red velvet cakes for dessert. Drinks are available at the bar, and guests can also order coffee. The restaurant also has a large selection of wine and cordial. It is open daily and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Peco is a good Chinese restaurant in New Delhi.

Asian Fusion Dining is a good place for authentic Thai and Chinese food in New Delhi. This restaurant is known for its hygienic food and great value for money. It has multiple branches across the city and delivers till 4 am. The decor of the place is exquisite, and the lighting is bright. It has a good ambiance and great food. You can also order vegan food from here.