Top 5 Souvenirs From Rome


As Rome is home to Vatican City, religious souvenirs such as rosaries, statues, and pendants are highly sought-after. How to find the best places to go shopping in Rome?

Leather goods are another popular purchase. To locate some quality stores, consider visiting Via della Conciliazione near Saint Peter’s.

Olive oil is an indispensable purchase for food enthusiasts. Experience some from the Castelli Romani region!


Italian pottery is widely celebrated, and many shops take great pride in boasting that their ceramics are handmade or handpainted – something many shopkeepers proudly display as proof.

Rome offers stunning ceramics from many regions, such as Sicilia or Deruta plates and vases. Ceramica Raku offers one-of-a-kind products such as pendulum clocks or ornaments depicting Heracles killing Laomedon.

Every trip to Rome would be complete with experiencing its stereotypical Italian cuisine! Gourmet food items make great souvenirs for family and friends back home – pick up some sliced prosciutto or parmesan cheese from local shops to impress their loved ones back home – supermarkets usually sell these vacuum-packed for easy transport!

Murano Glass

Murano Island offers the ideal opportunity for finding something extraordinary as a souvenir from Rome. Instead of purchasing items at tourist shops, search out smaller artisan workshops to secure authentic Murano glass pieces!

Rome being the main center of Catholicism, religious items are always popular gifts for tourists visiting this historic city. From Pope calendars and cheaper souvenirs like Pope-themed calendars to more luxurious products like rosary beads or statue replicas – religious items make the perfect present!

House decorations that add an exciting flair are another great travel essential that easily fit inside a suitcase. Two great places to purchase them are Polvere di Tempo and L’Artigianato; both offer modern household accessories with eye-catching designs.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is an integral component of Italian cuisine and an ideal souvenir from Rome. When selecting bottles to bring home, look for ones marked “protected designation of origin.”

This process ensures that the olive oil you purchase comes from a specific region and is produced using traditional techniques. Tuscan and Umbrian parts are well known for producing bright fruit flavors with balanced bitterness and a peppery finish, making these oils stand out.

Consider purchasing Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, aged for several years for its luxurious flavor profile, and some sweet Limoncello as a refreshing after-dinner drink among locals.


Romans are famously passionate about coffee and are fiercely traditional in their espresso-centric beverages, preferring them short, intense, and steaming hot. Third-wave coffee has yet to gain ground in this city of espresso devotees.

If you love coffee, stop by Rosati Cafe to experience their excellent beverages (try their caffe shakerato!) and indulge in their tempting pastries. Additionally, their famous limoncello serves ice-cold after each meal as an exquisite digestive.

Caffe Greco, established in Rome in 1760 and located on one of Rome’s fanciest streets, has long been known for serving great coffee to famous figures like Mark Twain, Orson Welles, Byron, and Keats – not to mention many others such as you! You can buy their delicious coffee beans as souvenirs too.


Are You Travelling to Rome and Looking for Souvenirs or Easy Present Ideas? When in Rome, don’t forget the fridge magnets or postcards from one of the Rome-themed shops or the Vatican Post Office – both provide easy and memorable keepsakes of this unforgettable city!

Silk ties and scarves are another popular souvenir from Rome, known for their luxurious sheen, smooth feel, hand-stitched edges, and sheen. Look out for genuine silk products over synthetic ones such as nylon or acetate, which may be misrepresented as authentic silk products.

Luxury boutiques on Via Condotti or smaller shops throughout Rome sell luxury watches. If you want something different, visit Polvere di Tempo for bizarre timepieces and gadgets that may initially baffle you.

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