The Spot Asian Food Hall in Rockville, MD


The venue is an elegant new upscale venue that celebrates the variety of contemporary Asian cuisine. Here, quick-bite chains join independent and novel establishments for an immersive dining experience.

Dine on Korean tofu at Cruncheese, modern Vietnamese sandwiches at Joju, and squid ink lobster rolls from Da Wei Mei Shi – not forgetting to stop for one of their famed pieces of Taiwanese fried chicken!

Gong Cha

Gong Cha is an international tea shop chain offering Bubble Tea. Their beverages combine fresh flavors with sweet and savory components for an irresistibly enjoyable beverage experience. Their menu offers different varieties of green, oolong, and black tea variants, pearls, jellies, red beans, and their signature milk foam!

Henry notes that Gong cha’s global reach allows it to benefit in terms of operating standards, drawing lessons from peers more quickly and making changes more quickly – especially important in an Asian market.

The Spot offers tasty food and is home to Taiwanese chains and independent ventures. Additionally, its bar serves sake and other global beers, and soon, an in-house Chinese barbecue restaurant will offer full-service dining with free delivery via Seamless. Located near Town Center and open seven days a week – The Spot also provides free delivery service through Seamless!

Poki DC

Poke DC provides Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls. Customers can build their bowls using any base available – sushi rice, brown rice with quinoa, zucchini noodles, or salad mix) and choose protein options like salmon, ahi tuna, chicken organic tofu, and yellowtail add. They then top it with fresh ingredients like avocado, seaweed salad, and mango drizzled with flavorful sauces.

Order food from any kiosk, and you will be sent an SMS alert when it’s ready for pickup – perfect if there are several vendors to choose from!

DMK Restaurants’ Rosslyn food hall opened its doors in late August. Boasting an indoor lounge and outdoor terrace that can seat 625, its menu offers Asian street foods, burgers with great GOOGO music, bubble tea, bubble tea shop services, and cocktails and beer at its bar. Like The Block in Annandale, The Spot will have several well-known local eateries, such as Horu Sushi for modern Korean fare and Laoban (serving Chinese dumplings).

Cheers Cut

The Spot is the latest food hall to open its doors in Rockville Town Center’s Metropolitan apartment building and promises more one-stop shops to satisfy cravings. Offering everything from Gong Cha (bubble tea), Poki DC (poke bowls), Cheers Cut (fried chicken and seafood), Mian (hand-pulled Mandarin noodles), Alpaca Dessert, and Alpaca Grill, this one-stop shop promises satisfaction at any hour!

Food at Potomac Garden is varied and delectable. Try the Original Angus Burger, Double Patty Apollo Burger, Jive Turkey Burger, or Potomac Garden veggie burger as a delicious meal option. Or, for something sweet, try Soft Swerve’s milkshake or a Ube Purple Yam Soft Serve Cone as the ultimate indulgence.

The energy and aesthetic of markets from Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai inspired BHDM Design’s The Spot. Textural organic elements include reclaimed cedar columns with metal cuffs, concrete floors, exposed ceilings, and texture panels on exposed surfaces such as walls. At night, the food hall is illuminated with kinetic lights with gobo textures for vendor displays and TV screens to simulate night markets – the space also includes an outdoor seating patio of 4,000 sq feet and an indoor bar!


Rockville will soon welcome The Spot, an Asian food hall founded by Edward Wong from Hong Kong, offering everything from Taiwanese bubble tea and poke to fried chicken and noodles. This facility also includes a bar grill serving grilled meats and skewers for visitors’ pleasure.

This weekend, The Spot will open and feature a range of different restaurants and shops, including Gong Cha (bubble tea), Poki DC (poke bowls), Cheers Cut (fried chicken and seafood), Mian (hand-pulled mandarin noodles and dumplings) and Alpaca Desserts (bubble waffles with Thai ice creams). There will also be a bar and grill offering various grilled meats and skewers to order.

BHDM Design created this space to evoke the energy and charm of markets in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Reclaimed wood floors combined with textural organic elements create an engaging daytime setting; come evening, it features kinetic lighting effects like gobo textures and vendor displays that recreate Asian night markets.

Alpaca Dessert

One of the hottest restaurant trends today is food halls. Built as indoor markets, food halls feature multiple vendors specializing in different cuisines – making it easier to try new cuisines at once! Montgomery County boasts several food halls like The Spot that specializes in Asian fusion cuisine – serving Gong Cha bubble tea, Poki DC poke bowls, Cheers Cut fried chicken and seafood as well as Mian hand-pulled Mandarin noodles and dumplings as well as Alpaca Dessert’s ice cream and bubble waffles!

The Spot is located across from Rockville Town Center in the Metropolitan Apartment Building. Featuring seven storefronts, each specializing in something different. Menu offerings range from Hawaiian poke bowls, banh mi Vietnamese sandwiches, Taiwanese bubble tea, and more! Additionally, guests can take advantage of a bar and grill offering cocktails and Asian-influenced grilled foods and skewers to complete their experience at The Spot.

The bustling activity and aesthetic of open-air markets across Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei inspired BHDM Design’s The Spot. This space features textural organic elements and reclaimed cedar columns with metal cuffs for natural lighting during the day and a vibrant nighttime setting with gobo textures, TV screens, and vendor displays – best experienced during daytime hours when daylight illumination fills it nicely.