The New Star Wars Trading Post


The Star Wars Trading Post at Downtown Disney is a fantastic store dedicated to Legacy Passholders and featuring many items found at Galaxy’s Edge – providing an immersive experience and giving visitors the impression they are at a Star Wars trading post in Batuu!


Are You a Star Wars Fan? Well, if so, look no further! Disney’s Downtown Disney offers the ideal shopping location for Star Wars merchandise fans – easily reachable via walking from Tomorrowland or taking the monorail from Disneyland! Plus, it is open to the public without needing a ticket!

The store is designed to look like a Resistance base and offers plenty of great products. Here you can even build your lightsaber! Located within Rainforest Cafe restaurant, its design perfectly fits its theme; interior decorations reflect this while employees dress in Rebel costumes – making this store an excellent way to purchase gifts for Star Wars fans!

Galaxy’s Edge Store also carries some exclusive merchandise from Galaxy’s Edge, such as robes, lightsabers, and other Jedi gear – along with toys and collectibles from The Mandalorian animated series! In addition to the usual merchandise offered here, an assortment of exclusive Galaxy’s Edge products are in stock, such as robes, lightsabers, and other Jedi attire.

One of the most sought-after items at this location is a legacy lightsaber, which allows guests to build their version of one of their favorite character lightsabers. There are multiple designs and accessories to customize their saber to their liking, plus special effects you can add for added realism.

A popular souvenir for fans is a replica Rey hat at this location. Available in multiple colors and shapes, this can make an excellent addition to any fan’s collection.

Downtown Disney’s Star Wars Trading Post may not be the most extensive Star Wars shop, but it does provide quality merchandise. It’s easily found near Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney District; parking is abundant nearby, and there are signs to help locate it.


Star Wars fans who visit Disney World or Disneyland should stop at the Star Wars Trading Post, a great spot for souvenirs for friends and family and children’s toys. Some items in this store are on sale, so you could save even more money with each purchase if you check prices before deciding.

This store opened at Downtown Disney District’s former Rainforest Cafe location on February 19th, six months after Galaxy’s Edge’s grand debut. Legacy Passholder preview began Tuesday; here you’ll find samples of products found within Galaxy’s Edge, such as Resistance Supply and First Order Cargo, as well as Ahsoka Tano Legacy Lightsaber 2.0 and Darth Tyranus Lightsabers for purchase; unfortunately, though there won’t be a build-a-droid or any other merchandise from Galaxy’s Edge Creature Stall or Droid Depot!

Visitors will be able to find everything from robes and lightsabers, hats, water bottles, phone cases, and accessories ranging from hats and lightsabers, hats, water bottles, and phone cases as well as themed MagicBands and pins as tokens of allegiance to clothing from other movies in the Star Wars saga. In addition, there will also be themed clothing from previous installments in this store’s selection.

Star Wars fans looking for unique Star Wars merchandise should visit this store – you won’t find anything like it anywhere! Fans of all ages will appreciate everything available here, from casual collectors to avid Star Wars enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for something beyond your essential must-haves, this might be just the place for you. From custom lightsabers for your kids to classic blue ones and everything in between – this store offers something for every taste and every budget!

The Star Wars Card Trader is an exciting and interactive trading game that allows players to trade cards with one another and earn special rewards. The more cards you sell, the higher your trading rating and reputation in-game becomes – making this an excellent way to meet new people all around the globe!


The Star Wars Trading Post at Disneyland is an enjoyable place to pass some time during your visit, offering the look and feel of an underground jungle resistance base while providing plenty of room to roam freely. Its convenient location near Tomorrowland Monorail station lets it quickly transport you back into the park for lunch or happy hour drinks afterward!

The store, which opened on February 19th, features lots of merchandise from faraway galaxies – plush creatures line the walls to add authenticity! In addition, Disney+ series “Mandalorian” merchandise like robes and apparel and Paddy Frog light-up sippers are being sold.

Though some fans may be disappointed by the re-theming of Star Wars Trading Post to the Downtown Disney district, it adds a pretty attractive feature. Based on an Imagineering team design concept developed for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park, Imagineering art director Scott Makela notes that its vernacular draws references from numerous Star Wars stories into its store design vernacular.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge also offers plenty of merchandise that will excite fans, including BB-8 bank, luggage opener droid, and phone cases featuring these characters – guaranteed to bring smiles from Star Wars lovers everywhere.

Another notable characteristic of the Star Wars Trading Post is that it doesn’t abide by Galaxy’s Edge’s restrictive timeline, enabling it to offer merchandise usually found only within its confines. This bodes well for fans eager to see more characters from original trilogy films and more stories like The Mandalorian.

Disney recently filed a trademark application for merchandise called “TRANSPORTED FROM STAR WARS GALAXY’S EDGE,” suggesting the Star Wars Trading Post could eventually open in other parks worldwide.