The best way to Play Tennis Like a Enthusiast With a ‘Poker Face’


Maintain the cards close to your chest muscles!

During the French Open the year of 2010, Andy Murray stepped on court to resume his or her match against Tomas Berdych, you only had to look at his or her face to know what has been feeling.

Now I’m a fan of Andy but he didn’t resemble a man who was ready for the particular fight. He looked deceased behind the eyes. His or her body language exuded that of an adolescent who had been told he had to have out of bed before noon!


Berdych on the other hand was laughing and also joking with his entourage prior to he went on and seemed ready. I thought if Murray was going to get the job done today, he’s wearing the greatest negativity blind ever! Alas, it was not any disguise.


Let’s take almost nothing away from Mr Berdych. He/she played superbly. He needed the ball first, thus taking advantage of Murray’s small second serves and absence of footwork. Murray just searched dead on his feet. Murray then just threw them out his pram along with a string of expletives that your commentators had to apologise to get.


This just added energy resources to Berdych’s fire. He/she played better and considerably better and although there were glints of inspiration from the Scot, they were never maintained.

Take into account! Your opponent will always take care of the vibes that you reflect. If you walk around the judge like a beaten individual, that may only inspire your challenger. Therefore you must give off a sense of self-confidence that demonstrates that you have everything under control, including your thoughts!


Let’s turn to Soderling’s grasp class against Federer. In your first set looked like it was going to be any landslide for the Swiss grasp but all credit for the Swede as he provided Federer no time on the ball through it early and tried to keep a consistent three-quarter degree from where Federer seemed to be unable to dictate the move just merely trade images. Plus the fact that Soderling functioned extremely well too.

Poker confront!

My point here is in although Federer was gazing defeat in the face, not necessarily once did his mind guise fall. You probably would not have known whether having been up to or down credit score-wise. He just enjoyed to the tune of ‘ok you’ve done well nevertheless, you still have to beat us to win this! ‘ Which Soderling did nonetheless they were few free details given away by the defending champ.


Whenever I attend younger tournaments and adult fits for that matter, I always see the gamers who maintain an online poker face. They give nothing aside to their opponent, even if they may be feeling like death started, they never let their own guard slip and give food to confidence to their opponent. Then you definitely have the players who put on their hearts on their masturbator sleeves and behave like a petulant child when things normally are not happening for them for whatever reason. They’re going into ‘sulk’ mode.


Amongst gamers of poker, it is recognized that you always play typically the opponent NOT your hand. Anyone try and read their phrase and body language whilst hoping not to give anything apart from yourself. Then there’s typically the bluff element of making out and about you have a certain hand price when you have completely the opposite.


And so must this principle needs to be adhered to in tennis. Gamers must be taught to self-discipline their minds to focus on positives, station any frustrations into interest to win and hence keep control of the match. They must learn how to fight when the chips tend to be down and not give away the body language of a beaten gamer.

Play without fear along with love the battle!

How many instances have you seen the dog play the best matches with their lives when they are faced with outwardly impossible odds?

This was surely the case with Sam Stosur’s Roland Garros campaign still when she became typically the favourite in the final versus Francesca Schiavone, her power dropped whereas the First-rate played without fear.


The thing I really admire about Rafa is that he plays such a warrior. He loves acquiring his hands dirty within a real scrap. He performs with blood sweat as well as tears and always gives 110%. Perhaps this never state die attitude has led to his tragic knee issues.


Take a leaf out of Roger’s book. ‘You are going to have to actually beat me to succeed today! ‘ Set up lots of drills with your partner or even coach where you as a gamer are under pressure and where you have got to fight for every point. Most importantly, work on your ‘poker face’. Ask your partner whether they may read your demeanour. I hope you aren’t giving anything aside apart from being very cool.

Avoid making excuses – repair, not the blame, fix this!

I’ve heard all manner of explanations for not playing well or even losing matches. Some of these aspects are beyond your control similar to; Windy weather, the opponent’s perspective and so on. Some you can command like; your attitude. And once I hear ‘He in place getting the ball back! ‘ I’m sorry but that’s NOT an option reason for sympathy. That is the thought of the game!! Get used to it!!


Whatever the instances you must be bigger along with shutting out unnecessary pressures along with influences. If you are being outclassed by a superior opponent subsequently set yourself a goal involving taking two points from that person each game. Never feel ‘Oh I’m going to lose right now! ‘ Instead, think; ‘I’m going to win two points from this guy each game regardless of! Then roll your covers up and graft! Arrive at every shot as if your work depended on it!


This stress could be score-wise or even being fed balls sideways where you are being run torn (you have to play golf balls that are way outside the courtroom too! ) but you can never let any ball defeat you!!

Learn to love the golf ball!! and say to your opposition “Give me another one in order to hit”!

Why are it players a few players are great ralliers or even hitters but not great gamers? I have seen this sometimes. I remember an opponent who else during the warm-up was inches perfect on all the shots, yet during the complement, he was a different player. Can hardly keep the ball throughout the court!


After the match Specialists him what happened? They said “It was a standard thing and got nervous through matches. ” Having spoken to him further, many of us established that he loved typically the ball during practice but nevertheless feared it in suits.


I advised him to be able to want the ball in the course of points as he performed during a rally. and to overlook the match situation. Since this was obviously a league match and we have been still awaiting the other complements to finish, I suggested that individuals play practice points however he adopted that very frame of mind.


He was like a different participant and suddenly began to appreciate playing points rather than worrying about them. He learnt quickly how to love the ball while in matches. He was very head over heels and asked how much My partner and I charged for tennis lessons!

Mind over matter, to ensure the next time you feel that a number of matches are a thousand-mile after mile away from you, you must put together an act as if it’s completely in your grasp and including Rafa, become a warrior not really a huge whinger!


My name is Andrew Magrath. I have been a Professional Tennis Mentor for over 16 years and include taught all levels of guitar players from a complete novice to being able to national level. I realized that conventional teaching has been overcomplicating this great activity. You only have to visit Vimeo to see the over-complicated biography mechanical blurb that is right now being blurted out.


To be honest that tennis is a simple online game that most people can discover quickly without having their brains spin by jargon and also advice that has the player doing the wrong areas. There are technological fundamentals and there are cosmetics and also too many times players usually are told to concentrate on cosmetics. Quite a truth is that players really should be helped to technically advance quickly, so that they may know more tactically and gain intellectual strength and confidence. The program does just that!

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