The Best Fried Chicken Near Me in NYC


Fried chicken is an irresistibly delectable treat that pairs beautifully with any meal – whether that means by itself, alongside biscuits and gravy, or paired with another savory side dish.

New York is known for its various cuisines, yet no city rivals its ability to deliver tasty fried chicken dishes. From waffle-topped brunch fare to soul food classics – New Yorkers know where they can find deliciously crispy poultry dishes!

Peaches Hothouse

Good fried chicken can’t be beaten; deep-fried pieces of poultry coated in spices on buttery buns rarely disappoint. But these spots take it one step further with Nashville hot chicken and Japanese-style karaage offerings that know precisely how to satisfy customers.

Peaches Hothouse, a recent addition to Brooklyn’s fried chicken scene, stands out as something unique from other eateries by not simply being another standard restaurant. Instead, this Bed-Stuy location strives to become an urban country cafe by serving southern regional classics such as shrimp and grits and gumbo alongside their eight varieties of fried chicken sandwiches, including their Nashville hot variety with panko-crusted dark meat drenched in spicy sauce.

At first glance, this counter-service spot under the BQE might seem similar to In-N-Out (its name and red and yellow signage hint at that), but its chicken is worth visiting alone. Their signature fried chicken sandwich boasts tender dark meat covered in free toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, and thick-cut pickles on a soft bun; there are also vegetarian options like vegetable sandwiches and an Indian-style pakora-style chicken sammie for vegetarians; plus, there is an impressive selection of bourbon and beer available! Oh yeah – plus, don’t forget their unbeatably reasonable pricing, either!

Rack & Soul

Rack & Soul conjures images of Southern-style dining, and it truly delivers. A collaboration between James Beard-nominated Chef Charles Gabriel of Harlem’s famed fried chicken restaurant, Natural Born Grillers; Michael Eberstadt and John Wheeler from Natural Born Grillers of NYC barbecue team Natural Born Grillers; this Morningside Heights restaurant provides homestyle food with a twist – start by sharing a three-piece plate of crispy peppery thighs and biscuits before indulging in sweet-tooth-appeasing pies or stacks of buttery biscuits before dessert. You could order free-range fried chicken boxes, sandwiches, and sides like burnt-end baked beans and smoked pork collards for even greater value!

This East Village gem covers you no matter your fried chicken needs – from fast grab-and-go service to sit-down dining. After dunking their poultry in buttermilk, deep frying until the exterior is crisp while the interior remains juicy and succulent. Also, visit their tempting side options, like Kung Pao Escarole and Chickpea-Kale Fries, for something different.

This hip-hop-influenced Brooklyn tavern features an excellent jukebox with the latest hits, but what brings people in are Charly’s chicken sandwiches, served in a potato bun with bacon, cheese, and pickles to satisfy any appetite imaginable! Other must-try items include pork collards and fried chicken livers!


New York City’s culinary landscape features exotic foods, traditional favorites, and fried chicken. While trendy food trends might involve unicorn dye or glitter-covered items, nothing beats fried chicken’s irresistibly crispy golden goodness when served plain. Whether for brunch on waffles, alongside Southern sides, or served as part of an order of bucket food, Fried chicken is an iconic NYC dish and always in fashion!

Peaches Hothouse in Bed-Stuy serves succulent, crackling fried chicken that’s juicy, crunchy, and spicy enough to capture your attention without making you suffer. Plus, they have delightful sauces, crunchy slaw & pickles, and decent fries that make their delicious fare worth traveling for.

Alphabet City restaurant serves mouthwatering roasted chicken brined overnight in sweet tea for juicy meat and an irresistibly light crust. Their Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sichuan Spices, Pepper and Cheddar sandwich, and Boneless Fried Chicken Suppers make fantastic options to satisfy cravings!

Staten Island may not be on your list regarding Southern food, but this family-run spot may change that! They specialize in classic Southern fare like fried chicken and biscuits – including their famous fried chicken biscuit! Their crispy yet juicy chicken is delicious – you can order an entire bucket for under $20!

Brooklyn Bodega

Fried chicken has long been an irresistible classic that brings people together – whether at brunch with waffles, soul food dinner, or any time in between. At these Michelin-recognized restaurants specializing in this delectable cuisine – Oxbow for its award-winning fried chicken sandwich or Le Coq Rico by Antoine Westermann for its heaping platters of giblets — they ensure this enduring classic is done justice.

Brooklyn Bodega stands out from other delis by offering sandwiches much bigger than the norm and an exceptional lunch special with sandwiches, chips, and drinks for only one dollar. But its chicken is genuinely worthy of your time – buttermilk-marinated with dark skin and an irresistibly fragrant aroma, it has a subtle tang and crisply cooked edges – the ideal combination of flavorful seasoning and crisp crunchiness!

At this Williamsburg restaurant, chefs dunk their chicken in buttermilk for hours before massaging it with a spice blend and deep-frying until golden brown and crisp. The result? Juicier chicken than you’d find at fast-food joints and with an irresistibly crunchy yet flavorful crust, making this an absolute must-visit spot for fans of this genre. With dishes like chicken and waffles and Korean-inspired wings on offer here – but its buttermilk variety breaded lightly with matzoh meal and punctuated by heavy spices has made headlines everywhere, it seems.

Eleven Madison Park

Since 1998, Danny Meyer’s flagship restaurant has been constantly reinvented. Although lacking the old-shoe coziness of Gramercy Tavern or Union Square Cafe’s polished vibes, it still earned four stars from both publications, three Michelin stars as well as being honored with two James Beard Awards and inclusion on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Now that the pandemic has subsided, Eleven Madison Park is making another change – this time vegan. Original chef Daniel Humm is using his skills developed cooking meat and seafood for plant-centric dishes he creates at Eleven Madison Park. However, many don’t taste much like their vegetable counterparts, which may be part of its appeal.

Even cocktails have been given fresh consideration, with drinks like the Smoked Peach Sour using cucumber puree and the Sourdough Bread Ice Cube adding depth. The new menu also shows their commitment to sustainability; Humm and his team source many ingredients from nearby farms while using less plastic in the kitchen. Furthermore, their bar program has expanded significantly with the novel use of plants and an alcoholic drink made with whey from sesame tofu!

Bob White Counter

At first glance, this Clinton Hill spot may look like any ordinary deli, but behind its glass lies an astonishing treat – fried chicken thighs, legs, and breasts! Sold individually by piece and priced affordably enough to quickly return for lunch, dinner, midnight snacks – or whatever you fancy!

New York City fried chicken may have been an unexpected trend in 2009, but its popularity remains. From casual over-the-counter spots offering crispy chicken & waffles to sit-down restaurants serving Korean-inspired wings – here are 10 of the best places in town to indulge in an irresistibly crispy treat!

In its limited space, Alphabet City residents can find this micro-chain offering fried chicken, bowling, music, and beer. Their signature chicken dish features light dusting with marinating in buttermilk before being massaged with season flour for maximum moisture and a flavorful crunch that packs some heat!

Chef Chintan Pandya and restaurateur Roni Mazumdar of Dhamaka and Adda fame bring the fiery Indian fried chicken they were raised on to New York at this eight-seat counter. From Big Rowdy Chicken Sandwich (potato bun, mint, yogurt, and pickled onion) to street car favorites Chili Chicken or spicy streetcar versions such as Bombay Style Curry Chicken, each piece offers bold spices for an unforgettable dining experience!