Terp Slurper Quartz Banger


Terp Slurper is an innovative banger design that efficiently disposes of wasted dab oil regardless of size. Place your terp pearls or marbles at the base of the banger and let them heat up! The Amazing Fact about Quartz Banger.

Once you find the ideal temperature setting, place a generous glob on the dish portion and watch as it travels up through its precise slits into your tube. Inhale deeply and take pleasure from enjoying low-temp dabs!


The Terp Slurper Quartz Bangger is a full-weld quartz banger designed to maximize airflow. It boasts a flat top design and is available with both 10mm and 14mm male joints for seamless integration in your rig. Its 3mm thick wall helps balance between heat retention and fuel conservation, while its bottom dish features airflow slits to draw concentrates into its chamber for incredibly flavorful vaping sessions.

This quartz banger is the ideal choice for people who enjoy dabbing at low temperatures. With an easy loading system and vortex technology, concentrates can be vaporized quickly and flavorfully.

Before adding concentrates to a terp slurper, be sure to heat it thoroughly to ensure all wax and oils are fully vaporized without being lost through its sides. A temperature gun or dab rite can help ensure you use your nail at an ideal temperature before dabbing; too high a temperature could potentially harm both lungs and the flavor of concentrates.


Terp Slurper Quartz Bangers offer an exceptional dabbing experience thanks to their distinctive tubular base that extends down into a dish and stem. Airflow forces concentrate into this lower-slitted dish, where they’re then fully vaporized by heat from a ceramic coil heater for incredible flavor!

This dish features several slits and a heavy, thick bottom to provide optimal heat retention, featuring a broad base to accommodate large pearls or pills and featuring an air valve and marble cap at the bottom to reduce splashes and spillage.

Slitted bottom dishes help concentrates drip into their respective bowls more easily and prevent any from accumulating at the bottom. In addition, they act as a funnel for retrieval.

The Slurper Quartz Bangger has become one of the most beloved additions to the quartz banger industry since it first debuted. Available in various sizes and joint angles to ensure it will fit seamlessly with any rig, it makes maintenance a simple process; remove the marble, valve, and slitted dish before soaking them with isopropyl alcohol or another appropriate cleaning solution.


The Terp Slurper is designed to suck every last drop of concentrate from the dab applied to its bottom dish, thus saving any waste products of any sort from your dabbing session. This device gets its name from its mechanism: sucking upward through small slits in quartz and marble caps. Ideal for those using larger-sized dabs or globs of shatter, budder, and other waxes like shatter. Enjoy flavor-rich clouds without waste of any sort with zero waste of concentrates!

It works exceptionally well when used with a terp pill or marble, which fits snugly on its flat-top tube and offers extra airflow and agitation to evenly disperse vapor upon inhaling and to minimize the risk of vapor lock during inhalation.

After heating their banger, many users choose to add the terp pill or marble before applying a dab. This helps prevent them from becoming hot enough that they burn on the inside of the banger while being heated up.

Cleaning a Terp Slurper Quartz Banger can be accomplished easily using the appropriate tools and care. After each session, be sure to wipe down all surfaces, including nails, dishes, slits, tubes, etc., using a damp rag or cloth before soaking your nail in isopropyl alcohol once every week for optimal performance.


Maintaining a properly functioning quartz banger is essential to enjoying clean dab sessions. We suggest wiping it regularly with cotton swabs soaked with isopropyl alcohol-soaked cotton balls, especially at its bottom edges and inner surface area. You may wish to include coarse kosher salt into the alcohol solution as a scrub brush to break down residues on its sides more quickly.

The Terp Slurper is the latest variation on a bucket banger design and an effective way to reduce wasted oil. When your shatter, wax, or resin falls into its dish, it is consumed by precision slits at the bottom and percolated up through a marble carb cap to the top region for consumption – no reheating necessary! Additionally, this design also makes for more flavorful hits during dabbing sessions, reducing wasted oil considerably.

Cleaning a terp slurper bucket can be straightforward when performed regularly and with the correct approach. Avoid harsh, abrasive cleaners, which could degrade the quality of quartz. Furthermore, don’t torch-clean, as doing so may expose contaminants that could turn your nail dark (or cause discoloration).

Be wary when using isopropyl alcohol on hot bangers or pearls/inserts, as this could damage them further. Instead, soak your quartz banger overnight in isopropyl alcohol for thorough cleaning.