Tenaska Energy – Senior Trading Analyst


Responsibilities of the Market Analysis Team include fundamental energy market analysis and daily trading activities support. Provide regular updates and interpretation of daily reports, model results, and market trends.

Omaha-based Tenaska plans to construct the 540-megawatt Trailblazer plant using a super-critical coal boiler and carbon capture technology to increase oil production in west Texas. However, rising construction costs and potential legislation seriously doubt its viability.

1. Analyze Market Data

Identification and Analysis of Market Data and Trends To Inform Trading Activities | Analysing Supply and Demand Variables, Weather Patterns, Market Practices and Other Influencing Factors that Affect Prices >> Working alongside traders and originators to understand how changes in the market may impact prospective deals/transactions

Create and maintain computer modeling and analytics for energy markets. Recognize congestion opportunities and risks through fundamental analysis, engagement in regional stakeholder planning processes, and application of optimal power flow models. Research current and emerging electric energy technologies to gain greater insight into market trends, opportunities, and challenges.

Prepare financial analyses, power operations reports, and other documentation for management and customers. Tracks and analyzes power purchase/sale, generation/transmission information, and consumption details to ensure compliance with credit/cash management policies/procedures. Prepares formal reviews of counterparty financial statements and recommends credit limit increases to management. Maintains and distributes quarterly and annual financial reports as needed. Also performs other administrative and analytical duties as required. Work typically occurs in an indoor office environment, and some positions may require sitting, standing, walking, bending, and lifting to 10 lbs and using standard office equipment such as computers, printers, telephones, calculators, and copy/fax machines. Additional travel may be required between locations of Tenaska.

2. Conduct Research

Tenaska recently appointed two new leaders to head business units within their company: Ben Hochstein will head up the Tenaska Generation business unit. At the same time, Joel Link takes the reins at the Tenaska Development business unit. Both leaders possess extensive experience in corporate finance and project development for various power technologies projects.

Researching energy markets and market trends to support daily trading activities. Analyzing historical data for correlations can help forecast prices. Construct predictive models. Keep abreast of market developments and regional trading regulations, communicating any necessary updates with traders/originators/changes.

Aid with developing, regularly updating, and interpreting daily reports and model results supporting trading activities, including analysis of supply and demand variables, weather patterns, and market practices. Also, offer insight into core commercial locational marginal pricing models used for midterm and real-time trading.

3. Analyze Financial Data

An experienced trading analyst conducts research with various computer programs and databases to build models that identify trends. They collect historical data for statistical relationships that they then use as forecasting models. The analyst may also perform valuation analyses or create competitive profiles of specific companies; their job involves intense interaction with management staff and other staff members.

This role forms part of City Light’s wholesale power market trading operations and is an integral front office team member. They assist with daily analysis and trading activities, including PJM financial trades, optimization transaction trades, and real-time energy management operations. Furthermore, this position collaborates closely with scheduling and trading staff in understanding power scheduling practices and issues. Then it analyzes supply/demand variables, weather patterns, and market conditions to support model results development.

Tenaska provides senior trading analysts with salaries that depend on location and level of experience, with wages typically falling between $78,000 to $136,000 annually, which is approximately 14% more than the national average for this role. Furthermore, they can take advantage of several perks and benefits provided by Tenaska, such as health and dental insurance plans, accidental death policies, and retirement planning options as well as health and dental benefits – full-time positions typically require sitting indoors but may occasionally involve standing, walking, lifting 10 pounds at once as well as traveling to meetings in other offices – full-time jobs are full-time positions which requires full-time hours; in such instances, travel may also be necessary as they may travel for sessions in different offices or locations – providing an edge over competition among competitors such as Tenaska is provided perks in which some benefits and benefits than its national counterparts such as health and dental benefits as health and dental benefits and retirement planning options provided. Tenaska offers several other perks and perks provided such as health and dental plans, as well as offering benefits and retirement planning options such as health plans, life, accident death, life / accidental death insurance as well as retirement planning options through retirement planning options available to this role such as health/dental/dental/life plans options to name just some! Normally full time with occasional standing/walking lifting to 10 pounds lifting and traveling between meetings in other offices where discussions take place.

4. Perform Technical Analysis

Senior trading analysts’ duties go beyond conducting research. Their duties also involve analyzing technical data and forecasting future trends. This integral component allows the analyst to identify new opportunities and risks within the market and make more informed decisions on prospective deals or transactions. They must also keep abreast of regulatory changes impacting industry operations and communicate these changes to traders and originators.

This role creates, updates, and interprets daily reports and model results for midterm and real-time trading, including analysis of supply/demand variables, weather patterns, and market practices. They also assist with developing core commercial locational marginal pricing models used in near-term/long-term analysis.

Tenaska is one of the nation’s leading privately held companies and excels at natural gas and power marketing, development and acquisition of generation assets, operation of power plants, and more. Renowned for excellence, Tenaska prides itself on attracting and nurturing talent to propel its future success.

Tenaska trade analysts expect an average salary of $92,184 annually – approximately 17% higher than the national average. Pay rates depend on where a job is located; Plainsboro, New Jersey; Arlington, Texas and Denver, Colorado offer high employment rates for this occupation, providing more excellent salaries.

5. Assist in Trading

Help the Market Analysis team perform fundamental market analyses of energy markets and support daily trading activities. Help create and update analytical tools for modeling supply and demand variables, weather patterns, and market practices; advance core commercial locational marginal pricing models for near-term and real-time trading activities.

Research historical datasets to establish statistical relationships and build predictive models. Keep abreast of market trends and regional trading regulations, communicating changes with traders and originators as needed. Work closely with trading, asset management, and origination groups in answering inquiries regarding prospective transactions or deals.

Christopher Poyner has worked as a Senior Trading Analyst for Tenaska out of Nebraska in the United States since 2005 and is responsible for commercially optimizing Tenaska’s PJM power trades. With degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Washington and computer science from the University of Michigan, respectively, Christopher manages more junior Trading Analysts. At the same time, his salary has steadily increased throughout his tenure at Tenaska.