Spartan Capital Securities LLC Reviews


Spartan Capital Securities LLC is a brokerage firm that assists companies with raising capital through public markets such as initial public offerings (IPOs), up lists, follow-on offerings, and contingent multi-purchase offer contracts (CMPOs).

According to FINRA, broker Marc Augustus Reda recommended unsuitable active trading strategies and excessive commission charges. His actions caused customers’ accounts to fluctuate significantly while charging unnecessary costs.

Experienced Financial Advisors

Spartan Capital Securities is an investment firm offering market insights and analyses and tailored investment strategies explicitly tailored to an individual’s risk tolerance, financial goals, and timeframe. This firm seeks to enable investors to navigate markets confidently by utilizing an accessible online platform to monitor investments and track performance data.

The firm boasts an experienced team of financial advisors, many with years of experience. However, due to numerous customer complaints and associated regulatory issues, it is wise to do your homework before investing with this broker.

Since 2013, more than six FINRA-reported disciplinary proceedings against the firm have been reported, charging them with some supervisory oversight or oversight lapse. One incident involved financial advisor Marc Reda being accused of trading unsuitably and churning accounts, prompting compensation to be granted by one customer.

Spartan Capital Securities can assist with all aspects of investing – stocks, mutual funds, and alternative investments. Through thorough research and tailored service offerings, they strive to help clients navigate financial markets confidently.

Spartan Capital Securities employees currently report an average salary of $90,350, according to data sourced from employee posts on Glassdoor, as well as job postings, industry reports, and company data. Please be aware that this information comes from self-reported salary sources and may not accurately reflect actual pay at the company; pay ranges can also vary based on location and the responsibilities, skills, and experience associated with individual job titles.

Comprehensive Market Insights

Spartan Capital Securities has the resources and expertise to offer a comprehensive array of investment products and services tailored to meet its client’s unique needs and goals. They can assist in crafting an investment strategy tailored specifically for you while managing risks effectively, seizing opportunities as they arise, and providing market intelligence updates. Hence, you remain up-to-date with industry developments and trends.

John Lowry is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spartan Capital. With more than 15 years of experience in financial services, he has built one of the premier firms nationwide – his ability to see the big picture and make intelligent decisions has allowed him to navigate through economic uncertainty successfully.

Spartan Capital Securities not only offers traditional investments but can also give access to new issues like initial public offerings (IPO) and private placements, stocks that have yet to be made public but are sold to limited investors such as mutual funds, banks, pension funds, insurance companies or retirement accounts. They will discuss which issues might best meet your investment objectives and suitability.

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Customized Investment Strategies

Spartan Capital Securities understands that every investor is different, so we provide custom investment strategies tailored specifically for our client’s risk tolerance, financial goals, and time horizon. Advisors will develop a tailored solution so investors can confidently navigate financial markets.

Spartan Capital Securities provides investors with a diverse selection of investments, from stocks and mutual funds to alternative assets and private equity deals that make secret equity deals available for public investing – which makes diversifying portfolios much easier!

Investors looking for guidance should consider this firm, with its varied offerings and expert advisors, carefully when making intelligent financial decisions. However, before selecting any brokerage firm, it’s crucial to do your homework – including researching customer service history and regulatory history when selecting.

Although this firm enjoys an excellent reputation, they have not been exempt from controversy. Multiple customer disputes and securities fraud allegations were leveled against them. One customer even filed an arbitration against their broker, alleging unauthorized trading and churning, leading them to settle with financial compensation for such actions eventually.

FINRA found the firm failed to submit amendments on Forms U4 and U5 within 30 days of learning of customer-initiated investment-related arbitration claims against its stockbrokers, as required under regulation U4.

Managers must ensure they provide customized investment solutions. To do so, managers must be creative when structuring products; offering existing strategies packaged as SMAs or UMAs could allow managers to expand their reach while still benefitting from investment expertise that has proven successful thus far.

Online Platform

Spartan Capital Securities provides clients with various investments to meet their financial goals. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and alternative investments can all be found here at Spartan. Plus, their knowledgeable advisors understand market trends and risk analysis – helping clients make informed decisions that promote responsible investing.

Communication has also played an integral part in building the firm’s strong reputation, with their customer service team on standby to address clients’ queries or concerns, ensuring their experience with the firm goes as smoothly as possible.

Spartan Capital Securities stands out from the competition by offering an expansive array of investment products with an outstanding research and analysis department. Their research analysts span numerous industries such as energy, technology, and finance – they specialize in complex transactions, including IPOs/up lists/registered direct offerings/CMPOs/PIPEs/at-the-market offerings/debt offerings/and equity line transactions, to name a few!

Spartan Capital Securities broker Dean Kajouras was recently accused of misappropriating confidential mergers and acquisition data obtained from former Morgan Stanley employees to profit in his accounts. Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Kajouras used these secrets against his employers – should they find out, fines or even jail time could result from this act of theft.

Customer Service

Spartan Capital Securities understands the unique financial needs of every investor are different, which is why they provide customized investment strategies based on risk tolerance, financial goals, and time horizons to empower investors to navigate the market confidently. Their dedication to open communication channels and prompt customer service further enhances this experience.

The firm provides new issues, private placements, and secondary markets investments for raising capital from prominent investors such as banks, mutual funds, and pension funds. Their representatives can assist customers in choosing an appropriate combination of new issue investments for their portfolio.

Spartan Capital Securities has enjoyed rapid expansion, yet not without some stumbles. Over six state and self-regulatory disclosure events involving Spartan Capital Securities brokers being brought before regulatory authorities such as the SEC or FINRA for violations of investment rules or regulations have occurred since 2013.

One customer dispute against Spartan Capital Securities broker John Lowry alleges misrepresentations and unsuitable advice caused her to lose $72K; they settled this claim for $26K from Spartan.

In another proceeding, FINRA alleges Kim Monchik of Spartan Capital Securities engaged in misconduct by making unsuitable recommendations and excessive trading in clients’ accounts. She is further accused of selling over $3M worth of shares at a new issue offering at some investors’ overcharges; furthermore, FINRA asserted she failed to disclose to her employer she was facing customer arbitrations adequately and didn’t file necessary amendments on Forms U4 and U5 regarding how nine customer arbitrations had been resolved timely in nine cases.