Smart Sheet Review


Smartsheet is an impressive project management tool with various features designed to meet a variety of work use cases. It is intuitive, flexible, and scalable.

This platform seamlessly connects with systems of record and productivity apps your teams rely on daily, as well as automating workflows to help save both time and money.

Project Management

Smartsheet’s collaborative tools provide everything you need to manage project plans, monitor projects and report team members’ progress – enabling seamless teamwork among stakeholders, subcontractors, and vendors. Its range of templates and customizable options makes finding the ideal tool for your workflow easy while including features for resource allocation, task tracking, and work management.

Smartsheet may not be ideal for small development teams but it provides robust functionality for general project management needs. Its spreadsheet interface feels familiar to Excel users but with additional powerful capabilities that can improve productivity and workflow – for instance, creating charts to track task owners, due dates, and status updates, as well as attaching files or holding discussions on particular tasks can all be managed from Smartsheet’s end-to-end work execution platform.


Bright Sheet is a web-based app that offers teams collaborative tools for staying aligned on projects. It provides features to monitor progress, manage documents and create schedules; its user-friendly interface enables employees to get up and running quickly; its online learning center features tutorials, webinars, and an active community forum.

Collaboration using Smart Sheet can be done through sharing sheets, reports, and dashboards via a unique URL or embedding them directly into websites using an iframe embed code. Once shared, anyone with appropriate permission levels can view these shared files; Smart sheet also offers a feature that shows who’s viewing what sheet.

Users of Smart Sheets can collaborate through various means, including comments and @mentions, forms, and attachments. These features allow teams to communicate in one central place – helping reduce miscommunication and lost productivity while speeding up document searches for those looking for their documents quickly.


Administrators, users, and managers enjoy Smartsheet’s robust reporting features for easy data consolidation into reports in just a few clicks or taps – helping teams identify bottlenecks and trends in their workflows and improve performance by pinpointing bottlenecks and trends in workflow processes.

Smartsheet’s reports allow you to filter and summarize data based on criteria, helping you focus on what matters and quickly answer any inquiries from colleagues or stakeholders. As they’re bidirectional, any updates in connected sheets update automatically in real-time in the report.

Smartsheet’s 10,000ft integration is another fantastic feature that simplifies project teams by helping to easily align projects with staffing requirements, saving time and manual effort by reducing repetitive tasks. Smartsheet’s Solution Center enables users to create automation workflows and plan projects easily; templates, boards, and more can easily be located here; plus, it comes equipped with various integrations that connect all your data sources seamlessly.


Data security can be an ongoing challenge in decentralized team models. Still, Smartsheet provides controls to facilitate effective collaboration while maintaining security – including user access levels, password complexity requirements, and the option to restrict sharing with external parties.

Configuring Data Retention controls allows you to set a policy dictating when content should be deleted from the system, further lowering risk profiles for your organization. These controls are accessible by any Admin within the Admin Center and can be tailored according to individual internal policies for data retention.

Smartsheet’s security measures include two-factor authentication, Duo Single Sign On (SSO), secure data centers, and AES 256-bit at-rest encryption to protect customer data from unauthorized access. Furthermore, an annual penetration testing report is made available to each customer and may be viewed in their Admin Center; this report is subject to the confidentiality obligations outlined within their Agreement or Supplement and cannot be released without court orders or legal obligation from Smartsheet.