Share4You Review – Is Share4You a Scam?


Share4you is a copy trading service that enables traders to follow professional trades. Traders may also publish their trading recommendations through this platform.

Though relatively new, this platform aspires to rival eToro with high transparency and the use of top-tier banks to store client funds.

It is a copy-trading platform.

Share4you is one of the newest copy trading providers in the forex industry, providing an intuitive platform that enables casual traders to generate passive income from forex trading by following and replicating professional trader actions. For this purpose, they offer two account types – regular traders’ accounts and leaders’ reports, which provide professional traders with trading signals.

Forex4you offers traders access to over 1,000 strategy providers known as “Share4you Leaders,” from which they can copy trades. According to Forex4you, over 70% of copied trades are profitable, along with its proprietary copy trading system and educational program from FXStreet and Trading Central commentary.

Outside of these benefits, the platform is also user-friendly. However, it is essential to exercise extreme caution when dealing with online investment companies, as many fraudulent platforms display fake regulatory licenses and addresses on their websites – to protect yourself from scams, remain vigilant by consulting multiple sources at once and stay sharp!

It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Even though online investment sites may have various regulatory statuses, it is vital to exercise extreme caution when dealing with them. Many scammers display fake regulatory licenses to deceive investors into believing they are trustworthy investments. Conducting extensive research may save both money and stress in the long run.

Avoid falling prey to this scam by investing with only regulated companies. MyChargeBack is a reputable service that can assist in recovering funds from Share4you without hassle through in-depth case analysis to identify the ideal chargeback strategy tailored specifically to you and consistent communication with banks or card issuers during recovery processes to speed things along.

Share4you will assess a monthly inactivity fee equal to 10% of your account balance after 12 months of inactivity until you resume trading activity. This fee applies equally to both active and dormant accounts.

It is free to join

Share4you is a free membership option that offers various advantages for its members, including file-sharing options and cloud storage backups. Its intuitive web interface allows users to upload and download files while sharing links among colleagues easily. Premium plan users have access to 100GB of space with SSL encryption and password protection; premium plan users also enjoy support for multiple mobile devices, direct download links, and an ad-free experience.

Though unregulated, MyChargeBack has earned positive customer reviews. To be safe when investing money online, conduct extensive research and use a chargeback service like MyChargeBack that offers money recovery quickly and without hassles. Start the process by filling out a straightforward form and scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of MyChargeBack’s experts.

It offers a demo account.

Demo accounts provide the ideal way to evaluate a broker’s services and trading platform without risking real money. More experienced traders can also use demo accounts as an invaluable opportunity to practice their strategies safely in an ideal trading environment. Traders can open one by visiting the broker’s website and clicking the “Open a Demo Account” link.

If you have lost funds through Share4you, it is wise to try reaching out before seeking withdrawal. If they refuse your withdrawal request or cannot reach you directly, MyChargeBack experts can assist in recovering them with minimal hassle and an impressive success rate. Get started today by filling out their online form and scheduling a consultation appointment – click here now for free consultation services in Canada and USA!