Scenic Spots Near Ranchi


If you plan a vacation to Ranchi, you might be interested in visiting some of the nearby scenic spots. A few of these scenic places are close to the city and are perfect for picnics. These scenic spots are also perfect places to explore after a hectic week at work. You can even catch a gorgeous sunset while you are in the area.

Panch Gagh Falls

Panchghagh Falls is a waterfall that you can visit in India. It is situated in the Khunti district of the state of Jharkhand. This waterfall is a favourite destination for tourists because of its scenic beauty. Moreover, it offers a lot of fun for the entire family.

The scenic spot is easily accessible and surrounded by a deer park. It has been made a priority tourist spot by the Jharkhand Tourism Department and is kept clean. Moreover, it has a swimming pool and is a popular picnic spot. You can spend at least two hours at Panch Gagh Falls.

Shivalik Dham

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love visiting the scenic spots near Ranchi. This holy site is also home to beautiful natural attractions. For example, the Ghaghari Dham Falls are located in the Devgaon neighbourhood. Located in the middle of a forest, these falls are a beautiful place to spend a day or evening.

The Angrabari Temple is another must-see in the city. Here, you’ll find several shrines dedicated to the four major Hindu gods: Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Lord Rama. You’ll also find incredible shipping that’s thought to have originated under a mango tree.

Hudru Falls

Hudru Falls is a scenic spot near the town of Ranchi. The falls fall 322 feet and form a natural pool at its base. It is a popular destination among tourists and one of the state’s most beautiful falls. Dense sapwood forests surround the falls. The falls are located about 70 km from Ranchi and are well worth a visit.

Hundru falls a popular tourist destination near Ranchi. The falls are located at the height of 320 feet and are considered the highest waterfall in the state of Jharkhand. It is the 34th highest waterfall in India and is known for its scenic beauty. Visitors to Hundru Falls can enjoy a trek through the dense forest.

Dassam Falls

Dassam Falls is a waterfall located near Ranchi, India. It is located near the village of Tamara, Bundu police station. The falls are surrounded by thick forests and are very picturesque. The area is quite famous for nature lovers, and many different trails will take you to the falls.

If you are travelling by car, Dassam Falls is about 386.2 km from Ranchi Junction. If you are driving, it takes about five to six hours to reach the destination. There is ample parking space near the falls, and entry is free. However, you should avoid visiting the falls after 4 PM. Also, it is advisable to travel in a group.

Biodiversity Park

This large park is a great place to spend a day. It has rare species of plants, beautiful gardens, and a turtle area. The park is also home to many native Indian birds and animals. A visit to Biodiversity Park is also a great way to learn about the natural history of Ranchi.

The Biodiversity Park is 22 km from Ranchi town and is accessible by NH 75. It is 15 km from Ranchi railway station and 11 km from Birsa Munda Airport. You can hire an auto rickshaw to reach the park. The park is ideal for families and popular with children and adults.

Patel Park

Patel Park is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a scenic spot near Ranchi. The park is located in Delatoli, a suburb of Ranchi. It is mainly a playground, and local kids love playing there. It is also a popular spot for walks.

This scenic spot near Ranchi is well connected to other major cities in the state. The city is served by many direct flights from cities in India and abroad. Airlines that travel to Ranchi include Kingfisher Airlines, Air India, Go Air, and others. The city also has regular bus services from neighbouring state cities. The Jharkhand State Road Transport Corporation provides regular bus services from Ranchi to Jamshedpur.

Sun Temple

The Sun Temple in Ranchi is one of the major travel attractions in Jharkhand and attracts thousands of tourists annually. This majestic temple was constructed in the form of a colossal chariot and is located in the beautiful region of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau. It is located 39 km from Ranchi and is a beautiful place to visit for those seeking peace.

The temple is set in the middle of a beautiful pond. Many devotees take a dip in the pond to purify their souls. The pond is also a popular attraction for local people.