Ronin Forex Group Review


Any service provider does not pay this RONIN FOREX GROUP review. If you are thinking of using this service, I suggest you try out the free signals for at least a month before making your decision. However, there are several disadvantages to this service. First of all, it doesn’t provide verified results. Second, there’s no community, and third, there’s no proof that the signals are effective.

Clay Hodges

Ronin Forex group is a new forex training program founded by Clay Hodges. The program offers training in price action strategies and institutional methods. Hodges also offers help in acquiring outside capital for trading. The goal is to train students to become independent traders. While Ronin Forex is a new program, the instructors’ experience is extensive.

The programs are backed by accurate student results and come with lifetime access to the community. The instructors are serious about helping their students succeed and offer excellent support. Clay Hodges’ Instagram page is filled with free educational material. His website and YouTube channel are also great places to start your trading journey. In addition, the Ronin Forex Group offers several programs that take the basics of trading to the next level.

Clay Hodges’ Ronin Forex Group program is structured and offers coaching for newbies and experienced traders alike. Traders from all over the world attend his programs to improve their skills and learn from other members.

Structured forex training

If you’ve been considering forex training but aren’t sure where to start, Ronin Forex Group offers forex training programs tailored to the needs of all levels of traders. These programs offer fundamental and technical foreign exchange coaching and feature a global community where members can ask questions and improve their trading skills.

The programs are taught by the founder and leader of Ronin Forex Group, Clay Hodges. The group’s educational materials are available on YouTube and Instagram. The free resources can get you started on your educational journey in trading. However, the comprehensive programs offered by Ronin Forex Group will take you beyond the basics and introduce you to more advanced strategies. In addition, members get lifetime access to the group’s community. They also boast a strong track record, with students achieving success worldwide.

The 14-day course is tailored to suit the needs of new and intermediate traders. It consists of twenty videos that cover different topics. The course also features live forex trading sessions to help students gain real-world experience trading forex. Additionally, the course offers four bonus topics, including eBooks and spreadsheets.


Ronin Forex Group is a new forex community that has been operating since May 2017. It is owned and operated by Clay Hodges, a full-time professional forex trader. He provides traders with training courses in market analysis, signal services, and forex. He has a very active presence on Telegram and has uploaded two to five weekly videos to YouTube, where he broadcasts his insights and trading advice. Clay’s goal is to create an environment where traders can learn and prosper.

For beginners, trading in the foreign exchange market can be daunting. It requires a strong understanding of the market ecosystem and proper guidance. Coaching can help shorten the learning curve. The Ronin Forex Group provides coaching to its members through its Trader Education and Community Programs. In addition, the community provides trading tools and a support system for members.

Trading signals

If you’re new to the forex market, trading signals from Ronin Forex Group can be a great way to get started. This service provides you with a daily set of trade signals that contain a stop-loss and three take-profit points. These signals are sent to your Telegram channel. This channel is populated with traders who provide daily market updates and a video for each trading signal.

Every trading signals system has its distinct methodology, but they all rely on some type of analysis to guide their recommendations. There are two main methods that market experts use to guide their trading decisions: technical and fundamental analysis. The former involves examining past price and trend information, while the latter involves looking at the current market sentiment.

Technical analysis is the most popular type of forex signal. This method involves examining past price activity to determine which trades are likely to succeed in the future. It is more suited to identifying shorter-term price trends and is often preferred by traders who use scalping strategies.