Review of the Outdoor Research Refuge Hooded Insulated Jacket


If you’re looking for an insulated jacket that’s both breathable and warm, you might want to check out the Outdoor Research Refuge Hooded Jacket. This jacket is made of thermoregulating synthetic insulation while maintaining supreme breathability and moisture management. Its low price and durability make it a great option for any outdoor activity.


One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a hooded insulated jacket is breathability. While the outdoor industry is dominated by high-quality down jackets, many breathable synthetic options offer a good compromise between price and warmth. The Outdoor Research Refuge hooded insulated jacket is an excellent example of this, offering a high degree of versatility and warmth at a much more affordable price.

Despite its impressive features, the Refuge is somewhat limited by its weight. The men’s version weighs 1 pound and 4.1 ounces. The women’s model weighs 1.04 pounds, while the winter version has a slightly beefier 90-denier shell and 80-gram insulation. For comparison, most synthetic insulated jackets weigh around a pound and a half. However, several synthetic options are significantly lighter and pack smaller than the OR Refuge.

The Refuge is comfortable, and its weather-resistant shell keeps you protected from light to steady snowfall and chilly alpine gusts. It also features a helmet-compatible hood, which has a special Hood Lock system. This helps the hood fit snugly with a helmet or without it. The hood also helps you stay comfortable while skiing.


The Outdoor Research Refuge Hooded Insulated Jacket is built to withstand the elements. Its synthetic insulation does not clump and retains its warmth even after getting wet. Its water-resistant, wind-resistant fabric is made of rugged 20 x 30 denier (D) polyester. Although it is classified as water-resistant, it is not treated with DWR coating. Moderate precipitation beads off the material with ease.

The Refuge is an excellent midweight synthetic jacket. It is lightweight and packs easily. It is also breathable and has good thermo-regulation. Its hood is helmet compatible and features a special Hood Lock system. This hood keeps the wearer comfortable and protected while wearing a ski helmet.

It’s a versatile piece of gear for any season. Its design is clean and doesn’t look too techy. It is also breathable, making it perfect for daily use.


The OR Refuge is a warm, functional jacket that comes with a hood. The hood is helmet compatible and has a single toggle that adjusts the hood’s fit. Whether you wear a helmet or not, the hood is comfortable and the lining retains the same amount of insulation as the rest of the jacket. It also has two exterior pockets that zip open for storage.

The exterior fabric of the Outdoor Research Refuge Jacket is made from 20 to 30 denier polyester and is highly durable. Inside, the jacket features VerticalX insulation developed by Outdoor Research. The jacket also has elastic cuffs and an adjustable hem. The Refuge also has two hand pockets and a chest pocket. In addition, it can be folded into a small pocket.

The Refuge is a warm and comfortable jacket, and it keeps you warm even in mild temperatures. At just over two hundred and twenty dollars, the Refuge offers excellent value for the price.


The Refuge Hooded Insulated Jacket is a product from Outdoor Research that has excellent features that help keep you warm and comfortable while out outdoors. This jacket is made from thermo-regulating synthetic insulation and offers superior breathability and moisture management. In addition, it features a hood and full-length zippers for ease of entry. Its price is great value for the features it offers.

This jacket is a midweight synthetic jacket that provides adequate warmth. It is windproof and water-resistant. It also has a soft interior lining. It’s also versatile, and it allows for a great deal of mobility. The hood has a special Hood Lock system for a snug fit, whether or not you’re wearing a helmet.

The price of the Refuge Hooded Insulated Jacket is $220, which is a decent value for a jacket that keeps you warm and comfortable. However, the jacket’s weight makes it difficult to stuff into hand pockets, and it’s bulky when packed. The Refuge also features excellent breathability, making it comfortable and warm even in moderate temperatures.