Reclaim Catcher 14mm


Reclaim catchers are attachments for dab rigs that capture excess wax in a silicone jar for later disposal. They help reduce waste while conserving precious concentrates. Often, the remarkable fact about reclaiming catcher.

Add a reclaim catcher to your dab rig or bong to simplify cleaning and maintenance. These pieces are easy to use and clean, suitable for both novice and experienced users.


No matter your experience level with dabbing rigs or concentrates, many accessories can make your smoking sessions easier and reduce waste. One such accessory is an ash catcher, which minimizes waste while increasing concentrates’ effectiveness. With its user-friendly interface and inexpensive price point, this accessory can transform the way you experience dabbing!

The Reclaim Catcher 14mm sits atop your water pipe or banger and captures any leftover concentrate that has not yet been completely vaporized. Its removable silicone container has a pre-dose feature that saves some for later use and allows you to pre-dose as necessary.

Reclaim catchers come in various materials, from glass and silicone to wood and even paper, making them suitable for different situations and purposes. You’ll find them available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to meet any need; there are even custom and artistic reclaim catchers that offer something truly original – though these might cost more.

Reclaim catchers are an efficient and straightforward way to store oil reclaimed from bangers or nails and keep your rig clean. Easy to use and remove for cleaning purposes, they connect easily through female joints on bangers or nails and feature silicone stoppers for additional security. Those familiar with torches may use them instead to warm the neck of their banger and direct its output into a silicone jar for later use.


Reclaim catchers can help enhance the overall quality of your vaping experience by minimizing waste and cleaning needs for your device. They feature a silicone base designed to collect oils and waxes from hits taken, fitting between the dab nail or banger and the main chamber of the rig. They collect unwanted materials before they reach your atomizer, allowing you to reuse or incorporate them into recipes later.

Reclaim catchers come in various shapes and sizes to fit most dab rigs, and glass, silicone, or hybrid versions can be purchased. Glass reclaim catchers offer clean aesthetics, while silicone options offer unrivaled resilience and ease of cleaning; both types make great options for new users or those seeking reduced maintenance time.

There are various kinds of reclaim catchers on the market, each designed for specific functions. Drop-down reclaim catchers are popular because they are compatible with most bangers and keep the flame farthest away from the face. Other options include silicone-jar reclaim catchers, which provide easy use and extra protection from the heat of both torch and banger use.


Reclaim catchers are made from heat-resistant materials such as glass or silicone and come in various angles and sizes to fit different dab rigs. Easy to clean, they are available at relatively low prices, making reclaim catchers an essential tool for minimizing waste during every dabbing session and maximizing potential profits.

Reclaim catchers are devices designed to sit between your banger and nail on a dab rig. They collect any non-vaporized wax from your dab sessions and protect against its vapor hitting your glass, which could crack or clog over time. Reclaim catchers also help maintain cleaner-looking rigs for longer.

Reclaim catchers are an indispensable accessory for those who prefer low-temperature dabs, as these calmer sessions enable more of the wax to condense into reclaim. Once enough reclaim has accumulated, warm the catcher slightly and pour it out into a storage container for later use.

Reclaim catchers make an excellent addition to any dab rig setup, as they come in various styles and designs to meet your taste. Choose from different colors and materials; there’s bound to be one perfect for you! For something truly unique for your rig, get creative by commissioning custom or artistic reclaim catchers – they may be available as custom or artistic models, too!


A reclaim catcher is an indispensable accessory for any dab rig. It helps minimize waste by collecting any extra concentrate that would otherwise clog your banger or nail. Furthermore, it’s positioning between the banger or nail and rig joint and silicone container for storage ensures that all unused concentrate is collected easily.

Reclaim catchers are constructed from heat-resistant materials and come in various sizes to fit different rigs. They are easy to use and wipe down after each session. Choose one that best matches the angle, gender, and joint size requirements for your rig before attaching it with the user instructions provided.

Reclaim Catcher 14mm is an essential accessory for anyone seeking to maximize their dabbing experience. Its innovative design allows users to pre-drip reclaim before hitting their dabs, saving precious wax from going down the drain. Furthermore, it keeps your rig cleaner while being constructed from high-grade glass that withstands intense heat; plus, it doubles up as a water ice catcher! In addition, this Reclaim Catcher comes in various colors and includes a Dabber Tool, so they can even use it to season a new banger or nail!