Pyramid Solitaire


King Tut

King Tut pyramid solitaire is a card game in which you have to build a pyramid of 28 cards. The top row contains one card, the second row holds two cards, and the third row contains three cards. In this game, the cards in the pyramid can only be played if they are uncovered. Valid pairs include Queen-Ace, Jack-Two, and 10-3. You can discard a pair by right-clicking on a pair and clicking the discard button.

To win, you must pair the cards on each pile. This is not a recommended strategy since you can only use the shuffled cards once. This will open the pyramid for the next play. In addition, you must make sure that your sequence stays consistent. This way, you will have an easier time getting the cards that you need.

As you play, you must make sure that you pair cards with a total value of 13 points or less. You cannot use any cards that are not paired. The only exception is a card that covers another card. If you do this, you will reveal another card in the pyramid. As you continue to play, the cards will be paired until you run out of moves.

When playing King Tut’s pyramid solitaire, you have to use strategy to win. You have to think ahead and look for cards that will be useful. It’s important to keep your pyramid balanced because you can’t move any card if you have two cards on the edge. You should also avoid pairing 2 cards from the waste pile because it doesn’t always help clear the pyramid.


Apophis pyramid solitaire is a popular card game that is designed to be challenging but fair. The game’s strategy focuses on matching pairs of cards. You can make matches by playing cards from the stack, tableau, or waste pile. For example, you can match a pair of queens by placing one over the other. In this way, you can create matches, while also revealing a new card at the top of the deck.

The strategy behind matching pairs is critical to winning this game. It is important to look at the entire board before choosing cards because matching pairs can result in a lucky win or blocked progress. In addition, you should carefully study the board to determine which strategy will work best for you. You can also use the “restart” button to reset the game.

In Apophis pyramid solitaire, the first card is placed at the top of the playing area. After that, two cards are placed partially covering the pyramid. Then, three more are placed under the previous two. This results in a pyramid with seven cards. The rest of the cards form a stockpile and are used to fill in any gaps on the pyramid.

While the game’s strategy focuses on building pyramids with rockets, you can also use nuclear warheads to alter Apophis’ trajectory. By adding 5 deflection counters to your pyramid, you will be able to steer the asteroid away from Earth. If you add too many of them, Apophis will be destroyed. It will also be harder to hit.

King Tut’s Tomb

This solitaire card game has a pyramid-like layout, with 28 cards stacked on top of each other. As you play the game, you need to discard pairs of cards that add up to thirteen. While the King cannot be discarded unless it has a matching pair, the rest of the cards can be removed as you go.

The game is played by removing cards one at a time. To win, you need to pair the cards in your hand with the cards in the pyramid. Each pair is worth thirteen points, but can only be used once. To remove a card, you must remove it from the pyramid.

Pyramid Solitaire by MobilityWare is the original Pyramid Solitaire game for Android. It is a classic game that requires strategy and logic to clear the board. It offers thousands of randomly generated deals, as well as fun animations and smooth gameplay. It can be played online or offline, with no WIFI required.

King Tut’s Tomb was originally released in the 1990s as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2. The game has now been added to the Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Windows, which supports Windows 8 and 10. Unlike other games, King Tut’s Tomb features face-up cards, making it a more enjoyable experience for players.