Project Management Courses


If you’re interested in learning about project management, a project management course may be just what you’re looking for. These courses provide a basic overview of the entire process, including case study examples and practical tips. More advanced courses will also be available if you’re looking to get a more advanced understanding of the field.

Oxford Home Study College

Oxford Home Study College, a leading provider of distance learning professional courses, has just introduced a new course in project management. It is an introductory course spanning 80 hours that includes a certificate upon completion. It covers the fundamentals of project management, the role of the project manager, and the project lifecycle.

The Oxford Home Study College project management course is free and includes all the required materials. There are no deadlines so you can study at your own pace. The course consists of three modules: Introduction to Project Management, The Role of the Project Manager, and Project Life Cycle. The course prepares you for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. The course includes over 900 practice questions to test your knowledge.

Oxford Home Study College offers several different free project manager courses. The Project Management Certificate course covers fundamental concepts, including project life cycle, stakeholder management, and agile project management. It is designed for self-paced learners and includes 2 hours of video lessons. It can be completed in 90 days.


If you’re looking to learn how to manage a project, Coursera offers several free online courses in the field. These courses help you learn how to communicate project statuses, understand the different stages of a project, and evaluate progress. They feature instructor-led instruction and are designed to be accessible to everyone.

The University of California, Irvine’s Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization give students a thorough overview of project management. It’s a prerequisite for the Applied Project Management Certificate but can also be taken separately. This five-month course covers budgeting, scheduling, and project management principles and techniques. To complete the course, participants must commit to completing one hour of online classes each week. Students can also subscribe to a Coursera Plus membership, which will cover the cost of all their subscriptions.

Another course option is the Project Management Professional exam. This course is aimed at people who plan to take the PMP certification exam shortly. It is a prerequisite for certification and includes a 100 per cent pass guarantee. It also comes with downloadable study tools and a discussion forum. The course requires 35 hours of study, and graduates receive a certificate that verifies that they completed the course. The course also counts toward 35 contact hours for the PMP certification.


You should consider taking one of the edX project management courses to learn how to manage projects. These courses are designed for project engineers eager to expand their knowledge and improve their project performance. They offer an in-depth review of the various phases of a project and examples from different industries and sectors. In addition, these courses allow you to create your project execution plan. This gives you a unique learning experience as you work together to create your plan.

Many edX project management courses are free, which is excellent news for those who want to learn about this field without paying a dime. However, it is essential to remember that becoming a professional is not an overnight process. Even if you’re just starting in the industry, becoming a project manager is a lucrative career choice. With a project management certification, you can find job opportunities in marketing, IT, engineering, finance, and more.

Pitman Training

The company aims to help people improve their career prospects by offering a range of courses. Courses are available part-time, online, and at many convenient locations across the UK. Students can benefit from the training provided by the company’s highly experienced tutors, who can provide encouragement and support, along with course information and guidance. Whether you are seeking a new job or a promotion, the courses provided by Pitman Training will ensure that you stand out from your competition and achieve your goals.

Courses offered by Pitman Training are geared towards students who are interested in project management. They teach project management essentials, such as understanding the project lifecycle, communicating project status, and monitoring project activities. Courses are instructor-led so that students can receive individual guidance from an experienced lecturer throughout the course.

Become a Project Manager

Whether you are interested in project management as a career or just want to be more efficient at work, project management courses are an excellent way to gain the necessary skills. You can take advantage of various online courses through Coursera and Udemy. You can also attend conferences and networking events to broaden your knowledge and experience. To become a better project manager, you must constantly improve your skills by taking new courses.

To become a project manager, you must have strong organizational skills, including an ability to manage meetings and schedules. In addition, you should be able to communicate clearly with other people, so you can easily explain visions, goals, and issues to your team members. Your communication skills should include both verbal and written communication, as well as good listening skills.